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  1. @Kibbelz so are we getting our ulti today? uwu
  2. Congratz on getting the award for the most toxic and annoying guy in forums
  3. is not worth since i can only get around 30 coins per day (if u win), that is 1200 coins in 40 days aprox, its not worth going 10 min every day for 40 days just to get an ancient transformation or anything close to 1k
  4. we got it for free on a survey i think
  5. can we make a single post where we all complain and hope that they change rewards?
  6. Please don't ruin a good event with bad rewards please
  7. that's n why you need to learn how to manage resources, if u see that a box cost arround 1m ap (if u buy the 150k ap box) then u wont reroll the 3m and 9m rerolls, because is not worth it, i never reroll those, i started farming with almost 100m ap (95m aprox) and i have 30m left (doing siege everytime and altars in the morning, hm 3-4 times per week) and now I have 4 pieces and 1 weapon so i dont think is that hard to get the new gear.
  8. That was just bad luck, i have a video where i open 22 contracts i think and got 5 or 6 legendaries
  9. Please, change this again, we need stones and ap desperately
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