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  1. Feedback: Event Thread

    if u think u cant play without ultimate xform, u should consider on getting better at the game, yea its a pretty good boost in all your stats, but that doesnt mean you instantly become a beast at the game and can outplay anyone, i've beat many ulti xform players and i dont even have full advance/minion/+15, and that thing about the "girl" transformation its just bs, there is literally no difference between a male and a female xform, its just a placebo and you can use transparent scrolls if u dont want to look like a girl (:
  2. Outdated rewards in Shugo Sweep.

    i dont think so, its so easy to get legendary manastones now
  3. sometimes i just think Valedia is trolling us
  4. Anniversary Lugbug autohunt quests and disabled autohunt system

    its says daily so idk
  5. Anniversary Lugbug autohunt quests and disabled autohunt system

    I agree with this, I need to farm like 3 and a half hours (im a sin) just to kill those 1500 mobs, and maybe another hour in Silentera, every day? you need to reduce the amount of mobs or change the quest
  6. i really hope you get junk, always complaining about everything
  7. I failed 4 minions fusion 3 times Still no minion S
  8. Expectancy X Reality (Aion birthday event)

    I agree with everything you said, idc if i need to grind the same instance even 2 or 3 hours as long as I get a GOOD REWARD, at least 2 or 3 legendary or maybe even an ultimate contract, other rewards could be dazzling gemstones or stigmas +15, that you can get grinding WITHOUT any rng (except ultimate contract maybe?)
  9. Ultimate Transforms

  10. Feedback: Event Thread

    I never said I do that, I respect class roll but they can't ban a guy who just rolled for something even if its not for his class lol
  11. Feedback: Event Thread

    its not YOURS just because is for your class, that's why /roll exist
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 9, 2020

    Nothing to do this past month, and still not a good event?? this is bs, I hope the next event is a good one
  13. Minion Rank S Rates

    Yea, I fused 4 minions 3 times and failed hahaha
  14. Feedback: Event Thread

    This is why I used to play in Not Aion, people think you need advance stigmas/ +15 dark talon gear with red manastones/ dazzling gemstone/ ulti xform/ advance daev to actually beat someone in the game.... But no, I can beat most players in the server (ofc I lose sometimes) and im using fierce weapons +15 and fierce gear +13/14 with no advance stigmas (just one) and 2 advance daevanions. I got that in just 6 months of non intensive farming (just doing daily stuff and 80% of the sieges) so no, u dont need the best gear to beat someone, you just need to get better at the game (:
  15. Vandal Skill Skin

    I just said that the skill skin is in broker....