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  1. Well log in rewards and exp buffs are surely welcomed. Now depends, if the rewards are 1/account or 1/toon and if they are brokerable of course. When i saw it i instantly heard the "$cha ching$" noise in my head 👍 Manastones should be selectable tho, missing there holy waters and passive daevanion skills and of course, if the last login reward isn't 50/50 chance than its sad. They could've expand the contract for all legendaries including apostles too. I know you guys are used on higher event standards but some things are and will be (as it seems from NC actions) hard to ge
  2. This should be like priority no. 1 in their "to do" list, hope they are working on it, right @Kibbelz ? You forwarded the message, many people lost their progress thus disadvantaged and demotivated to continue. Please reply with status report on this issue. Thank you❤️
  3. Aaaaw man, i'm always reading mtns notes in the morning at work, this just seem too much "0 nyerks given" where's the prepared meme!!? 😁 @Kibbelze we hope that you will share some info with us, like about the game events and another maintenence. Thank you for the Christmas event, did not farmed anything and still, got many good candy transforms 🥳this is a friendly reminder, that deactivating event does not strip us from accesing the area via event item, that suppose to be deleted, but we all know this Is not goin to happen. If, by chance i'll be banned for exploiting 750k EXP here and the
  4. Timed spawn can be a problem, but as someone pointed in that locked thread, the will and commitment is what Asmos lacking now, i know there are multiple things that has to be taken into consideration, gear, skill, timezones, language barriers, lots of it. Even well geared group has a problem to take down two boosted keds from oposite faction, but hacking is not making people immortal, its annoying obstacle, but it can be worked with, if you know what i mean 😉 Wish i could be more of a help for faction, cause i too care about the game, sadly as real life comes always first, i'm not spendin
  5. Modding is not about locking threads @WaceMinduobviously did what he was told to. Once again, bad approach towards playerbase, move it to appropriate section next time perhaps. - personal opinion. Topic was, Ely complain over new WB, one person, not whole faction.. Some reactions were made, some personal attacks, had to be stopped, got that. Without this unfortunately, we wouldn't know. Thank you all that spoke up. Also thank you, NCSOFT west 1 man game team, for listening, i know some are hard to swallow pils, but it won't dissapear by covering your eyes. Sadly i also am a
  6. Yea, if they can, wich they prolly not, cuz nobody goin to be online 24/7 during christmas to watch over bots, its one man show melon event would be nice. If only they'd use brain, considering all provided feedback, locking rewards 1/week, xy/account so ppl won't get advantage with their bot armies. But guess its easier to avoid potential exploits by doing nothig, wich will punish bot users as well as rest of the comunity. Hanbok is coming, most likely 1/2022, you will insta return NCsoon!😁 @Kibbelznothing coming this x-mass besides winter funpark and some disturbingly creepy ko
  7. Missed your memes, wb! Prolly thats why he said "us" Just a suggestion, keep it "transparent" post full pictures, provide accurate info and most importantly, keep it goin. This hilarious wall of shame deserves much more! Theese incredibly good people (hype dose of irony) are going places Can't be good enough with regular means, lets add some vanila V6 engine to spice the race 👏
  8. NCSOFT, NCSOFT never changes. Glad i´ve made this thread. Still two weeks to Christmas, i know nothing will happen but still, SURPRISE US! ^^ So far, i´m 100% not surprised^^
  9. Not sure why, but i have a feeling they want us to have a surprise and figure in game. Wich will probably lead for another flame wall of enraged posts i've been warning few days ago. Hope i'm wrong and this will furn out as "yayyyy" then "neiiiii"... X doubt q.q Anyway, don't forget to take regular breaks and stretch time to time guys. See you in game. (rather chat with comunity than staff, cuz they busy) Happy holidays AION comunity!❤️
  10. I'm here to appeal on you devs from NC, avoid any old content, copy+paste, first come first serve based events or outdated rewards. Christmas time is about beeing toghether, relax and having fun. Please keep that in mind and do everything towards it. If you can recall fiasco with spawning shugos, where lowest ping won, same ppl with proper macros winning same rewards again, well players do remember that, no need for more toxic related stuff happening this end of year. Also would be nice to count with us EU minority, but i know its NA server, just saying^^ If you can, bring event
  11. Finally some action has been taken. I was using shugo console as well but if it stops hackers and bots + vanila users, then its great ^^! Never used any reducers, so dunno how much that affects gameplay, usually playing with 150-300ms (EU player) and i have 0 PVP skill or goals, most instances are still playable. Hope they'll fix theese so PVPers can jump around with "???" Nobody seems to care anymore 😢 Happy NC stepped in, its long overdue but still great, thank you!
  12. Well i hope yall ready for upcoming ultimate transformation event thats coming, Its called patch 7.9 part2 and it will last several months. @Kibbelz wake thoose NC masterbrains up or you will be merging KT into BNS soon lol. Every1 should own 1 ulti by now w/o need to save legendaries for months, exclude rng and launch event that awards guarantee ulti by the end. You know i was joking bout that 7.9. part2 thingy, right? RIGHT?!
  13. Thank you for updating the mtn notes, could you also update the rewards list description, you have [random/guarantee] collum missing on Poppy's gift (idk bout others) and also, drop chances would be nice, if you can share thoose too, please @Kibbelz
  14. So the merge is goin to happen on next Wed, 99,9%. Patch notes and info will be shared like Mon/Tue next week as usual cuz why would we need to "be ready" for it. Every1 got the info and +- knows what to expect unless they new to this game and its lvl dificulty, #nosilverplatesneeded. Names goin to reset for unlogged characters, names collision will be most likely dealt with (older toon wins) wich is fair and if you by chance loose your name just add like o,x,i, in front^^ housing will reset with a chance to majority compete in "regaining" the new accomidation. This part is hurtfull, since i k
  15. Thank you! Speculations: the merge will happen next mtn 4/8/2021, followed with new patch updates and good events with updated rewards. This mtn tomorrow, we will get classic 3h downtime with 0 event just so we have time to read patchnotes and prep for the merge. Thats my guess^^
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