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  1. We will wait for more info on that @Kibbelz Can you also give us some info or details on next patch 7.9 part 2 or we skipping that right into 8.0? Thank you!
  2. There has to be some problem from NC sice of implementing that recipe into morphing system, you can use BCM stones for morphing ultimate one, so there should be a way to do the same with paragon ones. Sadly, they have 0 clue of how things works and possible fix can come in like 3-6 months, you can still politely ask @Kibbelz @Loki to forward this to the development team so they might adress the issue. Wish you good luck!
  3. Well, there's pretty much like 2 scenarios after the event is done w/o NC fixing it. I'm pretty curious to see, how it will turn out. My feedback for this topic will go along with everyone else, reward players that did not used the "abuse" of restoration tickets to transfer the egg or reopen the transfers. Reversing on thoose that already transfered the egg is not the smartest but in order to treat people equally, this will work for me personally too. I hope at least you can do is to send it to them, do it. Well that was my feedback. Next text is ONLY for players, so you
  4. Yes, there were always favored and special players, but let them have what they deserve. Fairness in this game was used only when it was hurting them. This might fall on deaf ear, since there are players that profited od this, but if we, as comunity agree on not spending this April on BCM, it will send the message. If money is all they after then let's show how much we value this game. Since there will be 0 action taken otherwise. One month won't do much for us, since the grind takes several months if not year/s. I'm sorry @Kibbelz since i know it's not your fault,but this is,
  5. Well says AoGNM bt idk, might be some kind of a trick
  6. I'd like to ask, if there's posibility to add some weapon skins to the game from older patches? Like that NPC where you can buy whole sets of skins for gear and coresponding weapon. @Kibbelz can you ask the dev team please? I think many players would welcomed this. Thank you^^
  7. Thanks @Kibbelz make sure to spam your team because this feature is the best way to progress in gearing up, when there is no event that can provide such items. And we are still able to buy bobo coins (from GST in-game shop) so there should not be a reason to take this feature out of the game.
  8. Transparency isn't something you should brag about, he pointed out something that offended you? I can uderstand people hacking in PvP, that is often beyond their lvl of gameplay, but imagine you have to cheat in PvE, like what? Thoose guys defo knows their game *giggles*. Useless post but for nothing else to do, so lets "contribute".
  9. @Kibbelz Like i was saying in the other topic, here you go. You should change it for just the Simple reason to make everyone happy and people. I don't know if you guys have holidays already but all the rest of the stuff are OK but this is like..just watching it happening is painfull. And i'm not even participating cuz the 9pm is kinda zZZzzz for me (and many others) but lets fix it. You know this is not how it suppose to be *wink wink* OT: restoration tokens, since i'm here, lets make them around for 4x combines, if you guys don't wanna work extra during x-mass, that will lower the numb
  10. Thank you! @Kibbelz many people will enjoy the load of things you guys achieved! Many will also complain about the shugo reward keeper that spawns 9pm cuz only few with 3rd pt program, 5ms ping or best of luck will get hands on the items, wich i do NOT like but it's your call and you know best, why you did that. I will enjoy other extra things you guys gave us. RIP I know many of people like you will suffer this time, but AION is a game, not a job, not a real life thing or anything important enough to care much about. From that point the more events, content, rewards, interacti
  11. I agree, knew they are holding something back, minion promotion event is most welcomed! The rewards are not what ppl were hoping for, but it's like 3 events + promotion at same time. None of the event is crap, Daeva Dash reward were updated, they restored morphing stones, i can see a lot effort (more than we are use to) has been put into it. Most appreciated from me personally is the Winter scenery! Wish we could have some motion like painters have with a snowball!😊 I agree, there's a lot room for improvement no doubt. But with people posting hatefull posts rather than constructive sug
  12. @Kibbelz Dear CM, please hear our concerns and bring the issues on meeting today before event hits. This year was everything but good so far and the Event itself looks nice, but if the mechanics for loot will spread more toxicity among players (and everyone knows, that it's both sides) this will be trully the worst end of the Year (years).. Shareable loot (the basic guaranteed one) not only for groups but ally/league, so ppl can gather together and cooperate rather than fight over each other. I hope the reward table mentioned by @Unbuff-DN is just wrong description by translation
  13. Thank you @Kibbelz for your patience. CM post confirmed. I'm sure that most of the playerbase realises, that you can't reply on every post and possible issue/fix/update we "generate". It's only related to gameplay. It's hard for one who's not experienced with the game on daily basis to find out the real problems and possible solutions. And over the years and history AION has, it's a miracle there are still veterans/new people that posting constructive updates on the topic. Please, stay with us and continue, that's all i (personally) want for x-mass. *If i could wish such. We w
  14. @Kibbelz Hello there! Just more feedback Inc: 7.7 is exp marks driven thus please reconsider making the 100% exp permanent or (and that's more returning/new players friendly) make more ways to earn them (event rewards list is a good example - thank you) give us more daily/weekly quests that gives exp marks directly (like Lugbug quest) Daevaninon skill boxes: We have several ways to get thoose but add them as well on reward lists in upcoming events and you can "adjust" the shugo spawn in instances, it's always welcomed Maybe some weekly quest to get 1x Manastones:
  15. Hello @Kibbelz finally managed my account to work with forums ^^ big shout out to you and NC staff for making this event worth while! When i saw the original rewards i was rly sad cuz lot of players were looking forward for this event for over a year. Thank you and we, as comunity will try to provide the feedback you guys need to make this game playable again👍
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