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  1. I was totally expecting it to be elyos that were full 😮 Neat.
  2. Nm I found it! Is there a screenshot thread where we can show off our characters and skins because people make some truly amazing toons in this game and I love looking at them. If we don't have one then I totally will start one
  3. That makes sense, but from what I could see before the emergency mat there were no actually changes to loot in the Underpath either. Does collecting both mean we would be exploiting a glitch? I suppose I can also wait and see if the changes went live after the e-mat.
  4. I am confused. The Instance was never down. It is still up and giving people the same bundle. Normally I would not post but this is so weird that I am now intrigued. lol Do the official people on the forums not actually login to the NA servers? Also please stop killing the game. I just came back. I have spent a lot in this game over the 10+ years I have had my account. On many things that are now obsolete and useless might I add, yet I still play and put my money into it because I genuinely love so many aspects of the game. Including all my very pretty skins. I am tryin
  5. Like another poster I saw here recently I am just returning and have not played since 65 pre 6.0. I have figured out how to get the full Ultimate PVE set & accessories from renown and experience marks. anyways.... Are most easy mode dungeons noob friendly? I have never played most of them and can't seem to find much up to date information online on strategy or walkthroughs. I see people posting a lot for SL easy and I really want to join, but also don't want to ruin a run for anyone 🙃
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