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  1. All the name calling and at a glance you could see it was bugged ... I feel that you have animosity regardless if you bought the pass or not. Your insults aren't witty but keep trying maybe you will come up with something good kid.
  2. Kib said when asked about the deva pass it would be some what similar ..not exact. The date on the bottom still said june 23 ..it obviously wasn't updated not one example you bothered to type is relevant. Imagine not reading before buying and just glancing and assuming.
  3. imagine reading before buying something or checking the forums to see if there is a bug going on ...quit getting your information from /3 ..the outrage is comical
  4. So funny everyone is always so angry I wonder if they ever had fun in an mmorpg "GRRRR p2w GRRRR not p2w enough GRRRR ncsoft doesnt listen GRRRR they seen the out rage and are scrambling to change it GGGGGRRRR they make me so mad I contradict myself GGRRRR
  5. I would love Aion classic in NA when can I plan on giving nc soft monies? -after launch you made some mistakes I forgive you I miss what your game was please bring it back.
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