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  1. Question about Crimson Katalam

    Not related to the mechanics itself, but is the music used in Crimson Katalam the same as the old Katalam from 4.0 to 4.7? Was quite curious and I don't have the game installed at the moment.
  2. Scheduled Game Update - January 29, 2020

    OwO what's this?
  3. So I've just been cruising through the forums and dang, this has indeed got annoying. I've already jumped off ship of 6.2 as soon as it launched, but I still have to completely agree with Cheesecake here. Please get your facts straight before you attack someone who has knowledge and logic. Yes, I'm still lurking around.
  4. [Updated] Aion Equipment System Update - 8/29

    Still getting nothing besides my Weapon, Plume, and Bracelet lol At least give compensation for people that have +15 75 ap / +10 Master harvesters
  5. [Updated] Aion Equipment System Update - 8/29

    Woo, due to my rubbish luck at not getting any 80 ap/Master Harvester's +15 I will get literally jack all from this. Sigh
  6. Gray Wolf Accessory NPC Name bugged

    Her name is "???" along with her subtitle also being "???". She retains her functionality but it's pretty funny.
  7. If you could bring back Tamatantra's Eye then ?

  8. Plumes... Wait a minute...

    Display bug.
  9. Nergal's boss fight poorly designed

    You're not helping...sarcastic man.
  10. Nergal's boss fight poorly designed

    Thanks for the suggestion. We'll try it out next time. I already have all Master Harvester's. Aethertechs don't really have consistent DPS but rather just burst. It's not really a DPS problem though.
  11. Like seriously, I've been in the instance for 2 1/2 hours, couldn't kill Nergal and we decided to call it in the end. Every time when he's low and he gets to about 25% he always uses Mark of Ascension and summons the stupid Harvester. Why does this crap have to be RNG reliant? Smh this is why I can't get my purification materials faster than other people.
  12. Client Auto Repairs when clicking the Play button

    I'm using that already.. client auto repairs anyway
  13. Client Auto Repairs when clicking the Play button

    Sorry for double posting here, but I just really hate the English voice. No one's been talking about it so... yeah.
  14. Because of this, I don't have the Korean voice pack anymore. I don't like the English voice pack. Please fix.
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 24, 2018

    Client auto repairs files again after clicking "Play Now". RIP my Korean Voice Pack >.>