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  1. They deserved but I think skins are more important that's all
  2. You don't have to do all of this shit. If you want people back just bring old luna skin crafting back you don't sell old skins anyway and add Kinah boxes to a special craft. Change Gold Sand Traders to sell skins that were available on NPCs such as Sanctum NPCs, Crucible NPCs, Fortuneers NPCs, etc. It's not that hard.
  3. Skins on bcm

    Yes go save your money and buy yourself a 2080ti for this holiday.
  4. What happened to our skin rotations?

    Staff is taking a vacation Like they always do entire year.
  5. Can we expect any 7.2 announcement soon?

    22th January 2020 or whatever.
  6. Hongmoon training room

    Pretty sure we're talking differently arena. Training would contains bosses and loaded with dummy to tank it,in here you can learn boss mechanics and stuff. If we apply to Aion we can loaded PF SL and whatever bosses with 5 bots in it and you choose what role you wanna be healer,tank or just a dps. Pretty useful for newbies to train themselves to be ready for real instances.
  7. Hongmoon training room

    https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/228947-what-is-the-hongmoon-training-room-for/ It seems pretty useful can we have something like that in Aion ? Everyone will glad about it.
  8. What keeps you going?

    Sorry Unbeatable but I'm strongly disagreed Aion in 2009 was like BDO in 2015 problem with Aion was not amazing graphics but it's the engine itself,it does use only single core and CPU changes way to develop instead keep rising Ghz they added multi cores instead.If Aion updated engine to use multi cores,A lot of people would be able to play Aion. Internet Connection was not also a problem,did you know online games using as low as 1 mbps internet o_o
  9. Let us create a char on the event server. -level cap lv 55 based on current version of Aion.(Give full legendary transform for everyone including 100kk kinah) -Collect scores for pvp kills in inggison/gelk each faction will reward to main server at the end of the event. -More higher scores more rewards for each faction. -Last one month. -At the end of the reward chars got deleted. Can we have that ? Cheers.
  10. Is this part of 7.2 update or EU customize ?
  11. https://gameforge.com/en-US/play/aion I thought they limited their service to only Europe region. This means NCwest going to give up soon ?
  12. Now the biggest question for me is does hourglass counts though all characters that you logged or you need to log single one character for 6 hours because for me that's kinda sadistic to forced to log only one character for 6 hours and can't do anything else.
  13. Make more skins available in GST,Luna and BCM. And more events that giving legendary xform,daevanion skills,+12 stigmas please ty.
  14. Make all items can brokerable only once if it sold via broker. No more resell items,broker bots gone
  15. Mobile games sale is lower. Unbelievable but I guess your Aion will live a bit longer DevilNest It's seem BnS is not really a top performer anymore