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  1. https://www.businessinsider.com/british-dont-think-they-are-european-2016-4 Is this why all game servers in Europe is based in Frankfurt,Germany despite English servers ?
  2. Well feedback is basically we need a lot more skins in luna and GST and cheaper transparent scrolls ty.
  3. Now what they need to do next is put all skins in BCM and sell like mad
  4. Will we have another update to skins in 7.0 ? Or this is it ?
  5. Skins in luna only found 2 so far Dark followers and Light followers (Kaisinel skins I think ) The price in transparent scroll is too high I just wish we had more skins but only 2 that's sad
  6. Partnership with 3rd parties

    Thank you @Aly-DN I hope they really implement this because it will help them with maint cost of the server and reduce price of BCM. There're many good things coming if they put on effort.
  7. I wondering what functional items could be ? Mount,Housing or even real gears ? o_o Anyway I hope transparent scrolls will be common along with more skins in both GST and Luna. I still doubting in word several too. https://www.myenglishteacher.eu/blog/how-many-is-several/ Usually, several means about 3 – 5. When you have less than that, it would be better to say one, two, or a couple. Even though a couple does not always strictly mean that there is only two, most of the time that is how it is used. A little bit more than that and you can say several.
  8. My 1000 luna materials won't be wasted now thank you for your work +1 like
  9. Bye bye Bless Online

    People in Korea like transforming ? Have you even check their site ? I checked and none of people took screenshot while they transformed ._. https://aion.plaync.com/board/image/list
  10. Partnership with 3rd parties

    I know you guys gave up,I do too but at least I think to myself I already show them a way out and do not regret when server close down. I really believed 3rd party partnership will solving high price bcm (because of high maint cost whatever) because they got income from advertising for 3rd party. I believed if this success this system will be even better than Gameforge's goldpack. First step is simple they just need to talk with ExitLag and partnership with them and do promotion.
  11. Partnership with 3rd parties

    Here some more ideas. -Discount for all ExitLag subscribers -20% when buy bcm items. -Make skins base on partner products such as Intel,Nvidia,AMD such as race queen/racer skins with partner logo on it(Blue,Green,Red version).They're US companies only NCwest can do this.(Just ask Korea to make skins for us if they can create skins based on user contest I don't see why they can't make this)
  12. Partnership with 3rd parties

    Ofc everything take effort if you don't try anything at all how you going to make money and keep your jobs ? I hope at least @Cyan pass this to someone who can grant greenlight.
  13. Partnership with 3rd parties

    Maybe they can't find the way that worked yet,I believe this will work by starting partnership with ExitLag first. ARM do it,Aiondatabase,Aioncodex do it,so why not ? o_o
  14. One of the problems of Aion NA you trying to pay everything with your own or forcing more p2w to players which cause more players to leave. Think outside the boxes people rarely pay for items in Aion because it can be use with Aion only once they bored or changed game those items are useless. That's why we should partnership with 3rd party such as ExitLag or WTFast by advertise them in game by broker,GST or even in Sanctum I don't mind them and add promotion such as download and login Aion free ExitLag for 7 days it will cause massive download of Aion and people will try the game,this effect will be even better than stream. Try to sell aion theme items such as cups,glasses,t-shirt,bag via amazon everyone in the world can buy them. When you gains popularity try to partnership even bigger company such as Intel,AMD,Nvidia,Logitech,Asus,Acer and advertise their products in game try to sell keyboard or mouse aion edition. Lower price of BCM items skins should be remodel many times as player want not one time,make toggle hide transformation,bring luna skins back or anything that players want make everyone happy. We both win so why not ?
  15. I can ping to the server low ping and stable but when ping in game the ping appears much higher than ARM's ping ?