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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 4, 2020

    Not unexpected maintenance.
  2. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    After I saw February and March items in the store. I knew that all of this feedback is just a lie. You didn't change anything. You still the same as you were in 2018 when 6.2 launched PHUC JOO

    At this point of time, everybody realized including me that Aion classic won't be back. If they wanna do it they already did it. I supported the idea of Aion classic but it's time to accept it won't come back. And Aion won't be better if you can't accept this stage of Aion it's time to move to another game. Save your memories and move on.
  4. NC Soft at 3E 2020

    They're only here to promote Lineage II M and BnS console(Developing by NCwest). They will have no comment about Aion. @Gideon is currently in another universe we might see him again in next couple years.
  5. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    @Gideon @Cyan You need to look at your neighbor Aion, Aion EU why they have a much higher population than NA. Getting transforms are easier in NA, more character slots. Here I tell you the difference between you and the EU are events and the shop. Events in the EU don't nerf rewards like NA and they usually have more than 1 event running in that week. Shop selection is a lot wider than NA they have a lot more skins to buy, it's true some skins that NA selected were good but why nobody buys? Then you should consider discounting those not permanent discount but as a week or 2 weeks. A gold pack is much cheaper than a prestige pack in NA. They also have feedback on the shop and events. Fix the shop and events at least to match the EU's version first. These are simple things to do.
  6. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    Actually, after I saw the February items store. I'm thinking if you're taking this feedback seriously. If you can't please people with just put items on the store. How we can expect you to do anything seriously when simple things such as shop you can't even make it good. Your actions are louder than words. @Gideon @Cyan
  7. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    Update about Luna's ideas. Ok maybe speed up luna instance isn't needed. All they needed to do to increase rewards by 12x exp 12x ap 12x of EU AP(240,000ap) for one account one character and making all luna materials storable in the account warehouse. All luna crafts are shared between characters. This will save a lot of time on luna and people can do something else such as events, instances or crafts. This game is not meant for people to stuck in Luna all day.
  8. Q42019

    Sorry I have no idea much about GW2. Anyway, I hope Q4 is proven that current 6.x 7.x is failed. I hope they will change the direction of the game and get rid of all the massive p2w they doing. More shops more p2w more RNG =/= more money it's opposite. Stop being greedy and the money will flow again. I hope this is the lowest point of Aion, please learn this lesson.
  9. Q42019

    It seems p2w patch isn't happening to Aion only. It also happened with BnS,GW2 it's just sad that Aion got hit the hardest. I have no idea about Lineage1 why it's the most profitable and Lineage2 income probably coming from classic. I believed NCwest foreseen Aion's sale before us, that's why there's Aion 7.2 feedback thread.(They never care about us like this before) Anyway I hope this result will change their direction if not well you know what happened with Wildstar right?
  10. Q42019

    I'll not even comment about it...
  11. Just 4 days before the Q4 earnings announcement. I wondering the charts hit 672k https://www.reuters.com/companies/036570.KS/charts Something about mobile titles? or PC titles?
  12. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    I'm going to talk about housing. Housing should serve a purpose in making people spend more time in the game and buy more skins from BCM. Adding mannequins for housing would be not the only way to promote their homes for house owners but also making people buy lastest skins from BCM to dressing their mannequins beside their own characters. Every house should have a separate farming area beside the garden, garden and housing shouldn't be mixing together, farming should be looking pretty as well as useful should giving items such as transparent scrolls, random daevanion skills, random transformation contact bundle that has a chance for legendary to drop, enchant stigma stones. Guest blooms and Guest petals I already talked in my other post. I might as well add cubic too. I'm thinking about the guest book and rate the house system, People should be given like to the house that they like also comment in guest book and house owner with enough likes they will have a discount on housing/guest bloom items with a reset likes every 2 months while visitors who gave likes will receive some guest petals in return. Each account can have 30 max likes each month. Most importantly each account should be locked with 1 house/account only not including the studio. Since we have so many things to do already we shouldn't be stuck with farming housing and luna like all days long cd on guest bloom should be reduced to 1 second only. Increasing furniture limits by 10 to studio/house/mansion/estate/palace and not includes guest blooms in it.
  13. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    I'm going to talk about Luna. Since the latest update from Korea introduced auto hunting for Aion I don't see why we can't have automated for Luna, Luna is time-wasting and not fun we shouldn't waste time all day in Luna I suggest we should have auto hunting in Luna and speed up time that should spend in these instances max should be 5 mins Another point is we should add AP to Luna's both weekly and daily instances EU have it why we can't have it too? and despawn mobs in weekly after instances finished these mobs are not fun and serve no purpose other than time-wasting. All NPCs including treasure boxes inside Luna instances should be removed and instead we add NPCs outside Luna that we can buy items from them with items we got from Luna instances, talking to NPCs is time-consuming and serves no purpose other than just wasting time. Luna skins should be back, reasons I said in my other post. Besides armors, we should be able to skin weapon/shield into the Luna wardrobe and expand the room. In my opinion, we should remove Kinah boxes from Luna craft with tradable craft materials, tradable skins and everything I've suggested in my previous post. This Kinah box is no longer relevant it should be removed it will do nothing but only rises the price in broker up. I only suggest only if all of my other suggestion applies. Thank you.
  14. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    I'm going to talk about skills. Ok since the goal now is +15 stigma now we should narrow the difference between rich people and poor people by unlocking 1x blue and 2x green stigmas by default. Of course, there's still needing to +15 stigma for gold stigma. The second one I would suggest is giving selectable daevanion skill quests that giving selectable daevanion skills like stigmas to all players(including old players). And of course, daevanion skills should be tradable and brokerable like stigmas too since the goal is like stigma now which is +15. The third one we should have auto changing weapon according to which skill we're using to remove switch weapon delay, all skills would be a weapon assigned to it to tell which weapon using with this skill. The 4th about charging skills, it should change all to casting or auto-assigned to use when charging certain levels whatever instant, fully lv1 charged or lv2 charged. You can change auto or manual and set which charge lv auto use or instant of each skill. The 5th lets people freely choose vision stigma skill we feel limited more than before 4.8 because of vision stigma now it's not free extra now but kinda a requirement let us choose this freely let people enjoy their choices and upgrade certain vision skills to match their counterparts. The 6th making weaving auto/manual when it's the auto mode it has a chance like the blessing of wind skill(Chanter) or Aion's favor skill(Gunner) to deal extra damage based on your weapon damage when it's in manual mode you just weaving yourself. You can't do weaving in auto mode. Thank you.
  15. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    @Gideon You know right that it's going to take a lot of changes to bring people back? First how about changing about yourself to check and talk in forums with the community regularly? Not once a year you know? The second question is are you or are you not planning to launch a classic server? If you do will it update with current mechanics? If not what's your reason to stopping you to do that?