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  1. https://mmoculture.com/2019/02/arenanet-guild-wars-2-studio-confirms-staff-layoff-and-cancels-secret-project/ According to various sources, Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 studio ArenaNet is preparing to layoff staff soon. This is due to parent company, Korean gaming giant NCsoft restructuring as well, which is affecting all subsidiaries. An unannounced game project from ArenaNet is also cancelled. According to tweets from a current staff, management has yet to confirmed who are being cut, but has been transparent with the news. Last month, NCsoft also laid off staff from another subsidiary, Iron Tiger Studios. The studio was formed to lead NCsoft’s charge into the western mobile gaming market, but it has failed to launch a single game.
  2. Just planning if I have to design 4.8 alternate and so on until 6.2 alternate Starting out from 4.8 I would still remove 4 maps but I'll keep original (add them as a portal in Cygnea)AM/EF instead of SAM,original Raksang with more kahrun coin rewards and original RB so everyone can farm skins as they were in 4.7 and remove level limit on those instances. When 5.3 hits I'll not deactived inggison/gelk forts and keep it on so players can keep farming skins. When 6.2 I'll keep all maps excepted Levinshor and Kaldor but reduced size map like Sanctum in current 6.2,I'll keep all crafting and gathering there keeping all instances but remove level limit cap.Remove transformation system.Abyss and instances can be gone.Maybe will make leveling a bit longer but more rewarding with skins,wings from quest,Ofc I'm keeping luna and all white must be tradable.Kinah trade or not I don't mind o_o That's my plan with alt 4.8
  3. 6.5 Hello is anyone there?

    Can you give me link where it said Russia getting 7.0 in a month ?
  4. Revive the 4.6 Feeling

    You just suicided your account by advertising a private server on retail forums ._. Anyway 3.0 was the best
  5. Are you Dario Rosso type person ? Watch the video from 1:10 and judge it yourself
  6. With respect Konkers but how exactly keeping 3 servers will make Aion more alive ? o_O Aion pop shrink down everyday.If we do nothing then closing server is await at the end. Classic server may be not the best idea or maybe it will shrink down other servers but would you rather do nothing and wait all servers close itself by doing nothing? o_o I believed you saw Q4 of how Aion doing ? they doing worst.
  7. Well they giving NCwest freedom enough to make a mobile game based on Aion IP so classic server is just easy as pie for them to do if they want I really hope it happens Just a video I'll play when classic server happens ;D
  8. Yep that's right I think of good times and want that to return to me.I'm not sure what're astronauts in your meaning if you don't mind to explain ?
  9. That's a good question Well few of my friends did quitted because hard leveling in 5.x and some quitted during 6.2 but they never stated why they quitted tho.
  10. Oh I forgot to add,add loser siege buffs too.So no side can dominate forever
  11. I believed most of classic players will be old players who quitted Aion during 3.0 til 4.7
  12. Here I'll list questions I can think of ? -Why they should do it how classic server be good to NCwest ? Honestly this is a tough question because if the answer is it's what players wanted it's not enough.The closest answer I can get is because Lineage 2 did it so we should do it too and it will get a lot of players to play which is good to NCwest. -If they plan a classic server which version they should base on ? We all know 4.7 is the last version that most people accept was the best before they destroyed 4 maps and replaced it with abysmal Cygnea/Enshar but I think we should start out at 3.0 because we won't run out of update before 4.7 so soon. -Any special implement or add-ons on classic server ? or just port directly from that era ? I think if we based on 3.0 we should have skills renewal from 6.2 custom chain skills and manastones not destroy all from 4.7,BM camp spawn time(I believed I'm not so sure) and update the game every 3 month release a new class once per update(SW,GUNNER,AT) maybe luna from 5.0 with skins,mounts,pets too -How we ensure people will come to play on classic server? How we make sure server will not just die like Berita and EK ? Because people who will play classic will be old players back from early day of Aion,at this point we should admit Aion will not attract new players anymore.So the best we can do is giving old players with the best memories of Aion from 3.0 days,that will get them to come back.I'm sure Aion classic won't failed like Berita or EK because it offers something totally different from main server. -Classic server will dead end on update,how we can keep this server running and update ? That's the biggest problem isn't it ? Once we reached 4.7 and what next ? To be honest this progress requires Korea help what I would do is what if Berita never destroyed maps,Keep 4 maps and update with 4.8 and go on maybe Cygnea never happened .It's really depend how classic server success at this point. -What items in BCM that NCwest should sell on classic server ? Ok I think they should sell skins from 6.2 and so on in classic server and 7 days amulet that prevent soul sickness effect when die sell medals (sorry pvpers I think u will upset :o) limited 1 medal per day per account (40 ncoin or something).Try to sell lucky wings at affordable price not 1920 ncoin but at 320 ncoins.No point to sell beautiful wings at crazy price if nobody buy. That's all questions I can think for now please comment down below ;D
  13. Transparent Scrolls (yet again)

    One, two, three & four Count what you have now, don't count what you don't have Count what you have now, don't count what you don't have Find that you have so much Transparent Scrolls are legend
  14. Same here The biggest mistake is transformation system,it ruined the biggest sell point of the Aion in the first place,Aion has one of the best character creation system,Alot of hairs,freely to change face,body I want to say if we can add make up it would be perfect but it's good enough for now.Luna skins from 5.0 made Aion was a heaven for a skin freak like me and 6.2 removed the best system that Aion offers to players ? By introduced stupid transformation system and removed luna skins ? I can't see anything worse than this anymore it's purely disaster plus removed tradable white make Aion right now so lame. I found out that Aion before 6.2 is perfect combination of gameplay and graphics.I tried best graphics game like BDO but it's not fun at all.My friend said it's only good for taking screenshot.I still think we should roll back to 4.0 and restart everything there by first stop Berita destroyed maps. I demand 2 things default transparent scrolls and luna skins must be in game.
  15. haha hey boiz

    I disagreed with you on some topics Azzmaria. First not everyone on EK were old players from KT and DN.SOme are new people too I remembered when I got into Kahrun without knowing it was asmo dominated server.I was a new player totally not know anything about Aion before I was following some friends who want to settle on Kahrun.So yep I think EK got new players too we shouldn't let them stuck in hell forever just because they made a wrong choice. I'm one of people that very please that they starting giving IS gears on event back in 4.0 because in that time you need IS gears to run IS if you remembered lol I want them to starting giving BoS gears at very least because soon all top gears now will be tier 1 in 7.0 I want event like joker card and alchemy to come back and maybe tree event too and more important luna skins and mounts back. Well I accidently press enter while typing I wish I could type more but forgot everything I want to say.I guess this is it for now thank you