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  1. Aion 7.2 arriving to mainland China service on 2019-09-19

    It seems I can't log into CN server. But CN having 5.8 surprised me because Gameforge asked NCsoft KR if they could run older version of Aion server and answer they received is they can't and will not support such as server.That's how Aion EU classic server ends. So I think it's just they launched classic sometimes in the past or they didn't updated their exisiting 5.8 server to version 6.2 like everywhere else. It just get me thinking how powerful CN publisher to defy NCsoft Korea to do such thing as running 5.8 server.
  2. Aion 7.2 arriving to mainland China service on 2019-09-19

    Moomoo can you post direct link to 5.8 download ? and registration please ? I wanna check if 5.8 server has a lot of people
  3. Do you want to change to Aion ?

    First there's no evidence that Einstein has spoken that sentence. Second I have my right to post anything I like or do not like same as you do. And Aly if the game won't be bored just whales the game won't be F2P in the first place.
  4. We all want cheap transparent scrolls,luna craft skins,more skins in GST,All skins in BCM and much more that we want but you know what I can tell none of that will ever happen. I saw many politicians behave being a good child hoping they will give them minister positions but that's never happened,nobody will give you anything just because you being good.Everything need an effort and you need to fight for yourself. So how we fight as free to play players ? without money ? just average person without anything ? Some people believed this game running by whales because they paid most they owned the game. We can do protest every weekend by not going siege not going PvP instances not going outside town to be targets of the whales.That's all you have to do you can do everything such as going instances,craft,event anything excepted PvP activity this will cause whales a trouble because they can't play without F2P players and money from whales will stop then NCwest have to find out what's wrong with Aion and they will listen to us what we want. If you do believed you can change Aion F2P or not just copy this thread link and post in LFG in your server to let everybody join in this protest. Tell your friends about this.
  5. Going instances as second cleric

    Sorc with dispel ? o_o Isn't SW better at it ?
  6. This thread is just for fun and speculation. Ok first we know master server is based on 2.x with skills and stigmas from 4.8+. So if NC do this type of classic they have to copy skills and stigma from 7.0 here's the list what will happen. -Everyone will be very strong against monsters because skills and stigmas in 7.0 is based on new formula from 6.0 everyone will got huge HP and very high damage against monsters people can solo or duo most instances.The game become easy as a pie,to make game fun monsters HP defense attack need to be x2 x3 of their normal stats. -There might still need for weaving if we weapon/armors stats didn't updated to 6.0 since in the old patch normal attacks could be stronger than skill attacks. -Depend on which patch we're talking about if 5.6 some class like Templar could be extremely OP because base skill attack of slash wind. -If daevanion skills included some classes will reach their attack/cast speed capped easily since we still got 8% gloves + 19% weapon speed +9% attack speed from scrolls -If we decided to bring transformation from currently patch to classic,everyone will be able to reach cap from the start. So you see it's not that easy to port update skills to classic without adapt it,it's just easier to bring stuff they deleted from the past to current patch than port our current system back into classic Yahoo weaving is dead if it wants to come back I hope it come back as passive auto attack lol.
  7. Ofc this means they ain't confident in their main cleric that's why they accepting the second. So I thought if I'm going to support/dps too support with main dps only wouldn't be enough. So I'm going to input ripple of purification into my stigma build with summon noble energy and SP. Why ? In holy cheese moment splendor of recovery won't be fast enough and it needs a lot of buff to be effective . But I also worry about SC deactivate time before I can use RoP so maybe going for CL,RoP,Summon better ? If you asking me why I don't be a main cleric myself because I don't confident as a main cleric either Thanks for reading
  8. A game for DevilNest

    @DevilNest-KT I've found a game that you're looking for Don't forget to get it,free ofc
  9. Can we vote what we want like in the past ?

    4-They're cute skins,hell if you don't know what it's then don't mind me who wanting them back 6.They removed from world drop in 7.0 so they need to sell on NPCs 8.Ok at 6.0 Ancient transform was rare as much as legendary now but they eventually make it craftable at 6.5 so what's the big deal for giving legendary transform who supporting the game ? o_o.There're a lot of things that NC can making money from not just transformation contact you know Thank you for first reply @DevilNest-KT
  10. Can we vote what we want like in the past ?

    And can prestige pack users getting random costume boxes of new skins upon sub too ?
  11. I remembered back in 4.x there was a survey to every player in game we can vote what we wished most to implement in game. Can we just do that again if you do not believed forums represented majority of players then let everyone in game voting for it. -Can we have cheap transparent scrolls like every region ? -Can we have luna craft skins and mounts back ? and put kinah boxes into special craft ? -Can we have all NPCs that got deleted in 6.0 back ? like petals NPC,emote NPC,weapons and armors NPC,Clothing NPC,Dye NPC,guestbloom NPC -Can we have daevanion skins lv 30 - lv50 back ? make them side quests and give skins -Can we have dye petal NPC selling that used to drop from gathering ? -Can we have NPCs selling forturneer skins and mentor skins with kinah ? -Can we have white gears - ancient gears brokerable tradable ? -Can prestige pack users getting a legendary contact every week ? -Can we have old instances that deleted during 4.8-6.0 back as events ? solo or group I don't mind as long as it dropping skins of that instances. If everything is yes then you don't need classic server,the calling for classic will stop and a lot of people will sub your prestige pack for legendary contact.
  12. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    I don't think a lot of players are from sea and oceanic(present btw),There used to be a sea p server 4.x and it die out very quickly,about EU p server I never saw one o_o So I can't help but thinking if NA closed down and NC managing EU themselves as global server it will be profiting as much as Gameforge running ? You know US ain't center of everything EU could be the global server too o_o Maybe if nobody playing from NA better shut down NA and open in AU or SEA and EU instead ? Or according to @DevilNest-KT opens a server in Dubai cause heavy wallet there
  13. I believed that Aion NA could try relaunch as subscription model again if changes following by 5$ a month -Default 12 max characters without prestige pack -Reintroduce luna craft skins and mount from 5.8 day -Give 3 Ancient Transformation Scrolls every week -Replaced transformation scrolls with transparent scrolls in GST. -Reintroduce NPCs that deleted during 6.0 such as emote NPC,Dye NPC,Clothing NPC -Reintroduce old instances and up mobs level to 80 and coins NPCs that got deleted and no skins from them in world drops such as AM/EF,Rentus Base (old) and Linkgate for farming AC skins -Make everything from white gears until ancient gears brokerable and tradable -Move craft kinah box to special craft that you can craft anytime and minimal money you get from it 10kk -Reintroduce guestblooms that buyable with kinah and NPCs that you can use guest petals to buy items and remove guestbloom CD That's all nothing changes to the core of the game no need classic I believed if NCwest goes by this method 80% of players ready to pay for 5$ Nobody will complain about 6.0 7.0 anymore
  14. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    I think the problem with aion classic p servers are mostly they're not native English servers,most if not all are RU based with minority of English players base. I said many times that concept of PvPvE has failed nobody wanna do PvE and PvP in same time.3.0 understands this and separated PvP map and PvE map that's why 3.0 was popular.(Free 2 play can't save a patch if that patch is bad look at Korea 6.0 F2P) Classic server is not a good idea in the long term because it will eventually run out of updates and full of bugs during old software.(See RO classic being shut down because lack of updates and old software) I'd rather they reintroduce stuff that they deleted back to current version.Because in an online game choices are very important a game that lacking of choices like 6.0 and 7.0 is not a good one.