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  1. Honestly not really classes that already strong like sorc still strong without 180cp skill,a class like ranger with new mauform still weak,a class like Templar that got huge boost with blood pact sounds great but still does not change my playstyle it's just more dps same as punishment energy of cleric just more dps. There're only 2 skills non 180cp that I feel changed my gameplay style are chain crushed and concentration fire. I feel like 180cp skills are just good addition but I can live without them. Well it's my personal opinion In the end I prefer Templar in 6.0 more than Templar in 5.8 even everyone said they nerfed.
  2. I grouped with a lv 73 glad and went to Adma and he doesn't have lag while we killing mobs at all our group got no cleric. I almost died from boss got like 1% hp left suddenly after boss died that glad is miracle moving like no lag at all and loot boss as first person. I think he intended to pretend to be lag so 2 of us could die so he can get huge exp for himself. If you saw anyone not moving at boss just kick him don't let him fool you.Toxic players like this needs to be punish.
  3. Costume Rotation

    I wanna dig in aionpowerbook too but I don't have that much of free time But I'm pretty sure weekly instance from luna is getting removed (because they use it for a normal instance instead in 6.2 )
  4. Costume Rotation

    Would you please tell me where you got news that luna getting full rework ? I would like to know it too.
  5. Primal Hats on BCM

    The actual item ? it can put in account warehouse and legion warehouse ? the actual item can't do that.
  6. Costume Rotation

    It's not a rotation,it's permanent added in BCM
  7. Primal Hats on BCM

    The item is untradeable but it doesn't say one time remodel ? can anyone confirm if u can keep repeating remodel without a limit ? o-o
  8. Costume Rotation

    We would be lucky if it didn't get removed entirely
  9. Character Creation Contest ?

    No need to insult other people tastes. There're a lot of characters in Post your Aion character! thread that I didn't like but I never post my negative thinking to ruin their imagination and creativity. Same character in one eye could be beautiful like an angel while other one thinking it's ugly. It's all up to your mind.
  10. 5.8 bard pve

    Here's a guide how to pve as a bard from EU forum I think it's very good and should be share to everyone https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/3225-PvE-Bard-in-5-8/?postID=60686#post60686 I'm also using this guide to improve my pve rotation,I completely abandoned all charging skills excepted using sonic splash from no charge fiery descant. My DPS didn't improved but I can using everything instantly without a chance to interrupt. However since I don't have a chance to use frog with this rotation at all I'm thinking to swap impassion out and put heal boost instead. So I can doing both healing and dps in same time. Hope you enjoy the guide
  11. My main concern is bad clerics we have to group in 6.0 and shield recovery hp skill *forgot name sorry* Most of Templar skills dealing from 10k-20k damage even with sword and shield so 20% hp from shield skill = 2000-4000 hp that's huge for every 24 second skill but you will also lost punishment which will buff in 6.0 with multiple hit x2.About damage between sword/shield and greatsword thery doing nearly same damage if not identical. I don't know if 6.0 instances will be like 5.8 adma/ttc/dl/fp or not but I'm prefer not to dying and not get quest/loot more than doing great dps with greatsword and I need to plan out my stigmas.
  12. I wanna assign left and right click to skill binds and I want to use of alt+right mouse click to move camera like BnS,is it possible ?
  13. http://aion.plaync.com/board/notice/view?articleID=5888&page=1 I'm not sure if it's a character creation contest or not but it seems most likely o_o Wonder how it's decide winners though.
  14. Costume Rotation

    Ville/Mas lv 55 skins and weekly rotation not bi weekly
  15. Aion JP preparing for 6.0 ?

    I really wonder what going to happened to luna in 6.0 in other regions beside KR (KR don't have luna from begin) I have some predictations. -They going to remove luna completely this is highly unlikely since luna is main attraction people to coming NA/EU -They going to remove weekly but keep daily (more possible than first but still with removal of dual client ability,I don't think this option will be ideal either) -They going to make daily into weekly and x7 rewards or lower mats requirement 7 times (highly possible but there's another option that possible) -They going to remove luna instaces completely and addd rewards to luna material box daily instead (Since exp isn't need this option would be best and not sucking people time with luna instances and actually leveling instead afk luna) My wish list that thing should happen with luna -Add old skins to luna NCsoft shouldn't milk with old skins.Make money with new skins in BCM not old skins over and over. -Add titles to luna craft recipes -Add all old housing stuff to luna -Add deleted or impossible to get skins from old contents to luna. Thank you for reading maybe I should make a new thread but still think this is related to 6.0