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  1. https://gameforge.com/en-US/play/aion I thought they limited their service to only Europe region. This means NCwest going to give up soon ?
  2. Now the biggest question for me is does hourglass counts though all characters that you logged or you need to log single one character for 6 hours because for me that's kinda sadistic to forced to log only one character for 6 hours and can't do anything else.
  3. Make more skins available in GST,Luna and BCM. And more events that giving legendary xform,daevanion skills,+12 stigmas please ty.
  4. Make all items can brokerable only once if it sold via broker. No more resell items,broker bots gone
  5. Mobile games sale is lower. Unbelievable but I guess your Aion will live a bit longer DevilNest It's seem BnS is not really a top performer anymore
  6. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    If Aion has updated Graphics Engine....
  7. Sad Corner (For Banned players)

    Collection of sad videos
  8. Sad Corner (For Banned players)

    Keep hold on tight
  9. PINKY Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight? THE BRAIN The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world They're Pinky and The Brain Yes, Pinky and The Brain One is a genius The other's insane. They're laboratory mice Their genes have been spliced They're dinky They're Pinky and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain Brain. Before each night is done Their plan will be unfurled By the dawning of the sun They'll take over the world. They're Pinky and The Brain Yes, Pinky and The Brain Their twilight campaign Is easy to explain. To prove their mousey worth They'll overthrow the Earth They're dinky They're Pinky and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain Narf! For you moomoo
  10. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    Ninja broker bots get ready *-*
  11. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    Someone on KT got 14 days banned well lucky for him it's not perma I hope he learned his lesson
  12. Misconception about Aion

    I misunderstand Aion is meant about long term goal but no that's wrong.Aion meant everyone max geared equally +15 stigma +15 daevanion skills and go out pvp and have good time.It never meant some p2w godly gears killing rank 1 in 1-2 shots,it never meant for someone to farm in instances 6 months and not fully gears.Aion is designed with Korean shop and events in mild it meant to have 2-3 events every week.Transformation Contacts,Enchantment Stones,Stigma,Daevanion Skills suppose to rain down so everyone get +15 Not like NA where we have an event for 2 weeks then no event for another 2 weeks with bad rewards and the worst shop in all regions. We're playing Aion not meant for farming but actually to have fun. Give us Korean shop and events as the game was designed with from beginning.
  13. Sorry I never remember skill names ._. I only remembered the icons of skills and since I'm using EU version of stigma calculator so I use EU names and I don't main gunner too my apology. I know pressurized is good but that 6k aoe is good as well I can't make up my mind about it. I don't like stopping power as well long cd and stuff but as I said I only getting this because I want cannon vision(better than missile guide in term of damage and cd if you comparing to sorc it's even better than glacial shard).I thought somehow power grab can replaces MP chain and pulverizing vision However I tested pistols vs cannon even same magical attack the cannon is superior damage there's no doubt about it.
  14. Before 7.2 update please

    -Open 24/7 Red Katalam -Add 200 gold ingots selectable daevanion skill box to GST -Add all skins to BCM Thank you.
  15. After some testing damage I gotta admitted cannon stigma is superior damage than pistols (Even same magical attack) https://aiondb.ru/tools/stigmabuild/1753/ I'm thinking to replace entire MP chain with soulsucker shot.(50% of 20000ish damage should be 10k mp which I think enough and don't need mp chain) Trying to get cannon vision stigma because awesome buff it got in 7.2 however still unsure how gift of magic power works 10% of damage you make(which is suck) or 10% of your total magical attack you got (which is cool if later).