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  1. Eg.ice chain doing dmg more than flame bolt even tooltip said flamebolt has more dmg. I really don't know if I can believe tooltip anymore or I have to test every skills to see their real dmg ? The test were tested against a dummy. so nope it's nothing to do with pvp modifier.
  2. Overall DPS rankings by class

    But doesn't mean u just use dual wield and spam skills,u need to weaving with it too or else dw just suck.
  3. Overall DPS rankings by class

    For boss yes they should use dual wield
  4. Overall DPS rankings by class

    For me the second number in(__) is not accurated dps,I found out myself from gunner when I'm fully charged every cannon skill I got 10k dps when I spam cannon skills without charged dps is 6k-7k but over all dps is same. However the list of dps from highest to lowest Sorc Sin SM Gunner Cleric Glad (dual wield) SW Chanter Ranger AT Templar Note here the time I testing dps all of my chars lv 72 so dps might change when they got 5.5 skills,the different for each class is minor sure Sorc and Temp dps is hugh different but for some class like gunner and cleric the different is minor.
  5. More Class Selection Help please

    Do you rush to be good ? If you patient enough to watch your character grows to 75 then AT is worth it. If not then keep SW and Gunner but after lv 70 they got nothing to increase their dps anymore and it's very boring. Another plus for SW and Gunner you can farm IS/DR skins with the classes which skin itself is really cool.
  6. PIN needed

    You only required to input the PIN when u firstly login in game when you change the char u don't need to input the PIN again.Howwever if your characters are in fast track server or instance server it will require you to input the PIN. For short those problems won't occur so much after you lv 66+
  7. More Class Selection Help please

    Yes but that doesn't require you control pet all time,it's like u control pet every 16 sec(sorry if I timing cd wrong) then ur pet auto attack. SM is one of best solo class in game and to be honest one of the easiest class to play (like summoner in BnS)
  8. More Class Selection Help please

    You missed understood about ranger,ranger is not lowest dps class I just said it's lowest of all 4 classes u've listed. May I ask why you hate SM ? AT is low dps if not lowest with Templar until your AT is lv 74 (or buy essence cores you wouldn't like AT much before that) I suggest you should download aion rainmeter and try to dps urself,who can tell u better than yourself right ? However every class have their own fun there is no such as bad class every class is fun I recommended to play all
  9. HOLY BCM!!! O.O

    Thank you thank you thank you :DDDDDDD
  10. For a Sin 2 Daggers or Sword/Dagger or Dagger/Sword?

    I've bought AoE sword coupled with ac+5 sword and test against ac+5 dagger with AoE sword dagger/sword produces better result but not much duration test 3 mins against a dummy
  11. How to get people and keep them playing aion

    Basically u just tell them to join a legion o_o I never see anyone welcome newbies in game beside they told them to nyerking quit the game and uninstall aion =_= I still think giving gears according to level is properly way to keep newbies playing.
  12. Class selection questions

    A gunner has more dps than a ranger by a lot if u using a cannon and cannon stigma as your main dps. Cannon is not slow and boring as you think you can almost use it instantly (charging requires 0.4 sec charge time before it can release) If you using dual pistols u will find yourself do lower dps than a ranger. More answer to ur questions -Sorc has highest dps,next is SM with pet stigma if u can keep ur pet not die,then gunner,then sw and last is ranger. -Don't try to support and dps in same time as SW it's just too annoyed let it be cleric job and chanter job,you can try solo heal in an instance such as AF for fun but that's about it,however I think keeping group mp and throne song up and dps is more important than healing as SW.
  13. How to get people and keep them playing aion

    And how exactly people going to play with newbies if they don't have gears ? Before 5.6 everyone thinking mythic +10 gears is too OP for lv 55 it would be good if we continue this tradition with lv 66 70 and 75 gears
  14. Yes I know we will have something for returning user that called "new abbey* But the rewards ain't update game keep updating all time we need to give people new stuff not same stuff over and over. Here's some systems I think of -Class of the month *Example*level AT to lv 66 or higher get free +10 coe keyblade and +10 set of coe armors,level to or higher 70 get free FoO titles + coe accessories,level 72 or higher get free a untradeable pure plume +0,lv 74 or higher get 3x+5 untradeable essence core during 1st nov - 15th nov 2017 (Just example) Let's rotate every class for an entire year this will boost numbers of class that lacking of players. -Rewards for returning player for each month This will work after u got class of the month running,give them some fancy stuff each month that keep updating like skins,skill skins,motion,titles,wings ah yes I know there're events for this but a lot of events u need a lot of chars or gears or knowledge how to do the event.Just not for everyone. -EXPing This is the boring part,I say shugo pink quest for archdaeva instances was a good idea but exp is outdated they need to double or triple of exp even luna exp is updated u know and FoO exp going to update in 5.8 too why not shugo exp ? -Speical buff from a class u have in group Some class like sins,rangers,gunners,SMs are unwanted in group because of short range,melee or just low dps,I say we should add special buff when we have those classes in a group like SMs = exp 10% more,gunners = attack speed up 3%,rangers = 10% less boss dmg skills,sin = 10% more drop rate something like that. That's all ideas I got for now thank you for reading hope you enjoyed
  15. For a Sin 2 Daggers or Sword/Dagger or Dagger/Sword?

    I'm sorry but it's like being told to use Mace/Mace on dw glad o_o Mace is really slow even dagger/mace setup it's still slower than dagger/sword even it said same speed but u can notice it. Not like I'm totally rejected idea of S/S but I would buy some cheap sword to test speed first if I'm happy with it before do real investment.