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  1. Just add tempering/omega guestblooms You can also add Primal/DD/Kahrun/Steel Rose skin guestblooms too it would be awesome if they do this I'll get a studio on every alt lol
  2. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    Let me define what's a good instance. A good instance needs to have these following features. - Everyone can do it,what's the point of an instance if most players can't do them ? because it requires elite gears or need external programs to communicate look at instances that nyerked up like DLR,DD,AOE(Pre-Nerf),COE,TOE,BOS.FP,DL all required an external program to do the run while 3.0 which I considered the best patch RB,Raksang,AM/EF,Tiamat Stronghold all do able with random no need for a program. -Instances has a reward for a purpose to run them,Every 3.0 instances has a purpose to run,AM/EF people run for skins,inventory pet and kahrun symbols,RB people running for mounts and RB cleric shield.TS people running for attack speed tome/orb mounts,and skins even 4.0 they still have purpose EB for skins,ap,medals,SSB for skins,DR for skins,IS for gearing,skins still doable with random and basic gears like AC,kahrun even ORB is an instance for everybody got best weapons/armors for everybody even u don't need gears u still can get purple stones -They starting nyerk up with 5.0 what they gave everyone ? Just nyerking TL and Adma and gears is the worst of all archdaeva gears beyond that ? u need a legion u need a program, AC gears is merely better than TL/adma gears and u can't use them in AoE anymore,look back at 3.0 you can't run AM/EF ? u can't run TS ? u can't run RB it's okay we got alternate way you can farm kahrun first then come back to those instances later and kahrun gears is on par with AM/EF gears and still usable until 4.0.Back to 5.0 what the nyerk we got from TL/Adma ? nothing not even greater supplement. -Don't be surprise why we don't get new players and aion is dying when everything u did is driving them away.You want aion alive ? Stop professional gaming and start fun gaming instead make it everyone game make people happy not just elites. I really hope 6.0 will be reverse to 3.0 era if they continue to please pro gamers then I'm outta here I'm not pro I seeking for fun not competitive.
  3. I used to think attack speed without wow is useless and not noticeable Today I bought an Apollo orb and fuse with laby I test 2 orbs against each other in dummy the crit spell different between old ac orb and new Apollo orb is 200 crit spell You don't need to guess who wins the fight yes the attack speed ac orb won the fight even with less 220 crit spell It changed my viewing of stats priority and attack speed from now I'll choose BM orb even I'll lose 50 mbs 50 ma or even 100 crit spells in favor for attack speed. I haven't test this on SM and Bard but I made my decision already I'll pick attack speed over the stats,I'll farm BM weapons now so glad I did tested them Thank you for reading hope this info will help you cya
  4. Umm I don't think so o-o Anyway at that date I'm sure we will learn more about 6.0 it may be the launch date or just reveal info of 6.0
  5. Why they need to ask players again ? >_> when they already asked and got the answers.
  6. then it would be a big Christmas troll
  7. [Aion 5.8] New Shop Clothes

    Thank you for keep update us 5.8 contents I do appreciated
  8. Bring back 4.0 and 3.0 content like the way it was ? No more breaking gears,No more take years to level to 75,no more archdaeva ? and bring back old raksang,kahrun gears,old RB,old AM,EF,tia eye,katalam,darania Will anyone miss 5.0 ? We will find out in dec 20th 2017
  9. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    After 3.x contents got destroyed by 4.8 Now 5.8 people want 3.x contents back again Like I said we hate 5.0 we gotta wait and see what 6.0 will bring to us on 12/20/2017
  10. Auto attack cd ? what the hell is that @_@ ?

    Dmg/dps: Me 829.752 (4.769),DarkraiSlash 2.699 (2.699) The result with weaving with every 2 skill on ranger I'll try on chant,temp,glad and sin too however I doubt chant and temp will have enough skills ? x_x maybe I need to change rotation
  11. Auto attack cd ? what the hell is that @_@ ?

    It seems I need to relearn about weaving =.= I understand the meaning of auto attack cd now,and I understand u shouldn't weave every skill too. Well I might try to weave every 2 skill to see what's the result first Thank you chashu for clearing the issue
  12. Auto attack cd ? what the hell is that @_@ ?

    So I should weave every 1.2 seconds in this case ? @_@ Wtf human that can timing 1.2 seconds precisely https://taugrim.com/2009/09/26/aion-auto-attacking-weaving/ This is an old video that I'm talking about.
  13. Reroute Power worth to use it ?

    Btw I did def compare def reduction ur def will be reduced to ranger/sin level not sure how much def cleric has but I'm sure sin/ranger has it more cause powers. Chanter with full buff and power stones has def really close to Glad/Templar.
  14. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    I miss 3.0 it was the best time T-T
  15. Auto attack cd ? what the hell is that @_@ ?

    full weaving made me lost 100k dps =.= I guess it's for old time aion when people do not have a lot of skills to use.