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  1. I just wished back 3.0 time that's all however the reason I posted this because I checked Lineage1 profit they generated most money of all games despite not having NA and EU servers and they still sub.I didn't expected you agreed everything but the most importantly delicate staffs,fast update and east and west coast servers. Even we don't go sub we still can be B2P like Black Desert Online that game successfully too. F2P I think it's a failure for both players and developers sub or b2p will be both winning.
  2. I'll aboslutely pay if they ban bot ban hackers better and delicated support staff for us.Instances that can do by everybody not just elites.All old luna skins back to gold sand shop + new one monthly.Make transparent transform as default scrolls.Bring safe zone and tiamatrantra map like back again.Make pvp map separated from pve map.Have updates after korea within a month not 6 or 10 months like this.Give us a free plastic surgery every month per char.The point is make us pay for only once and don't need to keep paying again and again. I'll pay for an account with 12 chars max on new server and restart everything I'm all for subscribe base again if they could make this happened. Oh yes delicated servers on west coast and east coast best for people from Asia and Europe in same time.
  3. Lineage Remastered

    I just checked 3Q18 earning and found out in Lineage1(the one that got remastered) got highest earning even more than BnS and more than Linage 2 which made profit less than half of Lineage1.Aion just abit better than Lineage2 so chance we will see Lineage2 or Aion remaster is 0 lol I wonder if they going to reintroduce Lineage 1 back to US and Europe since earning in this game is so good and don't forget lineage 1 still sub based
  4. Lineage Remastered

    https://mmoculture.com/2018/11/lineage-classic-mmorpg-celebrates-20th-anniversary-with-remastered-update/ They updated graphics engine in lineage after 20 years,if aion needs 20 years too it would be 2028 before we get UE5 or 6 engine Still need to wait 5 more years for lineage 2 to updated their engine then another 5 years for aion turn
  5. AIon 7.0

    -Berita resurrected her but newly born Aspu doesn't have past life memories she doesn't remember Berita.Berita tearfully watching her from faraway. -Sanctum/Pada ordered daevas to assassinate newly born Aspu before she gets stronger and gets back of her memories -A group of daevas confront Aspu who had no idea why a group of people hunting her meanwhile Berita rushed to Aspu to save her from murderous daevas. -It was too late daevas fatal wounded Apsu Berita broke down and cry and screaming "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????? SHE DOESNT REMEMBER ANYTHIG WHY U HAVE TO KILL HER" -On final moment Aspu looks at Berita's face and says "Berita? My l...." and died -Berita declared full scale war against Elyos and Asmo and he won't ever forgive human. Think this OST will playing while you killing her too
  6. AIon 7.0

    I guess hooded figure with odd eyes is Aspu,Berita resurrected her Just my guess tho.
  7. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    I really disliked how dps cleric/sw can't do any support to the group anymore.They have to full DPS especially SW case where it was unique for a SW can do support and dps in same time.
  8. *This is a work of fiction and not based on any true story use it for entertainment only* I reported a bot 8 times in Laklum and now 2 weeks has passed and that bot still there I wonder what happening. I read about some corrupted GM on forums and thinking what if GM botting themselves.Wouldn't that the safest position position to bot ? It would explained why some bots last 6 months without banning.It's not because support being lazy but because support themselves botting. Is that possible ? Can GMs in official server do something like this ? No they can't they're moral GMs they will never do something like this. Then I wake up and thanks god this is only a fiction it does not happening.
  9. HOLY F_ _ _ D: We can't support and dps in same time anymore that's suck
  10. P2W much?

    Off topic abit. For people who said an mmorpg is just a game they're so naïve when money involved it's not just a game it's a business. I see botters using "just a game" a lot so nobody will bother with their business.
  11. New Class is coming?

    https://mmoculture.com/2018/11/aion-ncsoft-reveals-colorful-new-class-arriving-next-week-in-south-korea/ new artwork feel better now ?
  12. nice new paint squirt class

    I use google translate on ur link @Violeta-KT and I found out they said they going to add a lot of new fields means it's not just one map o_o Elten back!! Sarpan back yay I know it's not but I can hope
  13. nice new paint squirt class

    new map ? desert area ?
  14. nice new paint squirt class

    I believe paint class isn't only new class for Aion but there's another class too If you checked Aion KR website you will see hooded figure with holding an orb image next to paint class. However why using orb is still a mystery to me but clearly it will be magic and using clothes.
  15. Greetings Daevas, With the Aion: Awakened Legacy update now live, I wanted to take some time to share some information about the future of Aion and the actions we are taking to address player feedback. First, you may have noticed that we’ve slowed down our cadence of events. This is deliberate – with the release of the new content, we wanted to ensure players are able to spend time engaging with the core of Aion’s gameplay instead of hopping from event to event. We think this slower event schedule will help boost the appeal of the core content of the game – with the brand new content introduced in the Aion: Awakened Legacy update, we want to make sure our events enhance the core game, not replace it. You’ll start to see these new events in early December. Another critical issue we’re working to address right now is faction imbalance. This week we released a fix to the faction buff applied when a fort is occupied by one side for too long. Rest assured, this is not the only change we have planned – we actually have a few lined up, and will roll them out as we continue to monitor the situation. We also want to make sure we are appropriately addressing the unique populations on each server, instead of handing down a blanket “one size fits all” solution that might only work for some cases. The other options we’re considering for this include incentives to roll characters on outnumbered factions, or adjustments directly to the balance of sieges. One awesome thing is the huge amount player feedback we’ve received in regards to the new game systems. Thanks to this feedback, we’re currently discussing our options with the development team to see what can be done to improve these experiences you’ve told us about. We’re looking to add new, engaging content to Aion as we move towards the next big update. I don’t want to spoil too much right now, as we’re still in the early planning phases, but we’ve got big plans in store for Aion’s future. Launching the Aion: Awakened Legacy update was a huge undertaking for us, and we’re happy to see so many new and old Daevas in the game. But with this new game update, getting all your feedback is a huge help for us to continually work on making sure that the game gets bigger and better. Sincerely, Michael Shreffler Aion Producer I see nobody talking about it so I thought I should post it here o-o