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  1. Aion CN announced Refly patch

    Thank to you guys I don't feel anything to dogs barking anymore I post what I want if you want to stop me then report me to Cyan or Hime or else just shut up.
  2. http://act.aion.sdo.com/20180613refly/page2.aspx 2018/6/30 I'm not really sure of refly date since there's another date said 2018/7/4 Anyway can anyone translate ?
  3. I would... -Not roll at Kahrun no matter what people said but roll at Siel Elyos instead. -Buy battleping since first day. -Collect money and buy an estate for me and buy a lot of mansions and resell later for greater price. -Roll sorc/sm/ranger/sin/cleric/chanter and do AM/EF everyday until I got enough hats/clothes for me and save it until 4.8 and resell for greater price -Ignore Tia Eye completely and ignore Tiamat stronghold and +10 kahrun weapon ready for IS -At launch of 4.0 roll gunner make pvp pistols also roll SW and +10 AC weapon and farm skins in IS and sell for great money -Buy skins from EB and resell when nobody do EB anymore -Buy dream fairie and bolero skins and don't buy any skins that going to included in Luna at 5.0 launch. -Ignore shugo Indiana jones event just waste of time and take too much time. -Not roll AT at 4.5 launch. -Keep doing plastic surgery quest on every char and buy all plastic surgery before they removed ateria atlas and save for 5.0 launch then sell. -Buy cloth/leather BT headgears and stromwing chain skins from broker. -Not fully char slot in my account make only 7 chars and leave one for amulet in 5.0 -Once they launched 4.8 keep doing ORB for purple stones on all chars with AC gears. -Not getting Archdaeva AC gears at 5.0 launch but keep using AC gears until 5.8.And then buy Apollo gears for exping in adma/ttc/DL/FP -Not bothering with FoO boring and wasting of time instances. -Keep doing luna daily/weekly on all chars and save bundles and sell omega/+6 manastones at 5.6 launch.
  4. You know Heihachi Mishima,Cloud,Elsa. You could have their hair styles but NC afraid to get lawsuit from Hello Kitty ? o_O
  5. Costume Rotation

    I mean skins preview in BCM made it looks horrible. Anyway can we have abyss lv 55 skins on BCM ? I want to wear asmo armors on elyos side It would look great on elyos
  6. It doesn't have everything at least it can tell some price u wondering http://aion.plaync.com/live/vendor/index?serverID=54&race=0
  7. Costume Rotation

    I'm sorry pic in BCM and real armor is totally different the veille skins do not suck =_= Stromwing ain't ugly When I saw skins in BCM it's just pissed me off
  8. First we all know ping is determine how fast you can using skills. Wouldn't it be better if you can skills as fast as you want but let it registered hit on mob/boss by our ping. For example I got ping 200ms that's 0.2 second delayed let give an example as soul torrent repeatable x5 I spam it as fast as I could then 0.2 seconds later it registered on the mob and cause damage.I think it's better than I wait 0.2 second each time I want to use soul torrent. NA is international server and should implement this.
  9. Nostalgia event ! Please

    Bring back old RB old raksang old AM/EF If they can bring back old Tiamatranta's eye then those instances shouldn't be a problem.
  10. Weaving and physical weapons

    OK I got results On both chars DW sin and glad weaving every 2 skill = resulted lose of DPS lol.Glad just horrible it worse than you do nothing on glad and let your char auto attack. Conclusion: Even it seems fast and you use skill non stop (look like spamming) but 2 hits from dual wield deals greater damage than a skill.So yep you should let auto attack happens as much as possible instead using skills which I think for DW you should weave for every skill. I don't know how this works for 6.2 but I guess as long as 2x of normal attack still do damage more than a skill,it will not change anything but if skill deals more dmg than 2x DW then you can weave for every 2 skill. Temp,Spear,Ranger,Chanter can get away with 2 skills/weave because their auto attacks deal less damage than their skills per hit.
  11. Costume Rotation

    Also world cup pack for Costa Rica,Mexico,Argentina,Brazil and more? o_O
  12. Costume Rotation

    http://act.aion.sdo.com/worldcup/index/index.aspx Does this cheer leader skin existed ? o_O or it's just artwork ?
  13. Weaving and physical weapons

    Ok I try to weaving in instances templar,glad(spear),ranger,chanter passed easily and no problem at all. Now I got troubles with sin,glad(dw) sin because there's an attack speed buff when this buff is up everything is mess up,I tried with 2 skill/an auto attack but it doesn't work good I end up spamming skills more.Glad(dw) is same as sin but worse because weaving is stopped my motion I feel like glad is not meant to use dual wield or greatsword they meant to use spears. First I guess I gotta learn rhythm with sin I'll play glad with spear for now.Once I getting used to sin weaving I'll try glad(dw) later.
  14. Updates Schedule

    Remind me of our producer's letter that server merge will happen in spring 2017 o_o
  15. Well today I remembered one thing I quoted from EU forum long time ago attack speed is define how much time before each auto attack will hit. Let's start with ranger I believed most ranger got capped attack speed at 1.2 which means auto attack will happen every 1.2 seconds so what I do is use 2 skills per one weaving (sometimes it's 1 skill).I'm impressed with this because it look like I was spamming skills and I hardly see my auto attack(I know because I set combat chatlog showing normal and crit attack green) dps increased abit too I almost reached 6k dps. So I use this knowledge with other classes such as chanter,glad(spear),templar it worked fine and I never run out of skills but problem occurred when I use this on sin,glad(dw),I lose dps with use 2 skills per auto attack.I analyzed and found out sin animation just too fast I should weave with every skill.Glad animation just too dam slow I haven't found a solution with glad yet.I noticed I can weaving with spear easier maybe because glad was meant to use spear because slow skill animation when I use DW it seems like skills slowed me down even when I use body smash chain (fastest animation short cd skill) it feels like the skill animation stopped my auto attack.It doesn't feel same with ranger who has higher animation time and attack speed. I'm thinking to invest my essence points into pressure wave and abosorbing fury to see if I got more dps than DW if I do this.(server down before I get a chance to test it),my other option is let glad auto attack and see dps I saw other people let their char auto attack without using any skills and their dps still great. Well I don't know if this thread is a question or not but if anyone got a tip about glad's DW I'm ready to listen