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  1. Save elementary school for yourself,I only stated that they're not my friends simple fact because I have no idea and I don't care who they're. If you can't understand simple facts then probably you weren't mature enough.
  2. I have friends and you're not one of them.
  3. Because in 6.2 kinah is more important than it was in 5.x or 4.x It's very hard to come by I'll not surprised if everyone roll on everything because it can sell for great kinah. Or I have to leader loot and give people who won the roll the item ?
  4. I just checked aionpowerbook https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/100050030 https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/100050029 and it showing they can be selling at 55kk and 14kk to shop. I'm worrying this will lead to ninja looter fest can we change sell price to 1 kinah ? or you already have counter measure to this ?
  5. New Server 6.0

    Have to login to reply regarding Kahrun issue Ok kahrun might be good thing that they setup that server but it was horrible mistake when they block creation of elyos characters when in that time asmo numbers are higher than elyos I don't know what were they thinking that point is the turning point leading to kahrun downfall as together people get bored of elyos side and everyone just jumped down together on asmo make asmo super strong.If they didn't block elyos characters and stop creation of asmo characters kahrun won't be dead too soon. Abit about new server.New server whatever name will be ASMO dominated just like nergal on EU.They will all follow kahrun and berita fate.New server is possible but it needs intensive care and monitor and keep adding adjust according to the population.But as you know about NC they will just open it and do nothing until server merge
  6. Next event needs to hand out plastic surgery tickets thank you
  7. Will there be a public test server before live 6.2 ?
  8. Gunslinger few questions

    There're 2 gunner threads and this may seem unrelated to your questions. But stigma hp/mp regen help a lot I'm very noticeable when I firstly got this stigma I use gunshot more and less mana chain that means more dps. I kinda happy with gunner it's not good to use sole pistols but it's good to use pistols and switch to cannon when all gunshot cd.
  9. Wouldn't be this amazing? Aion 6.5 :)

    For anyone who still staying with NA
  10. Just a suit I hope no copyright problem ? ._.
  11. https://www.daevasreport.com/2012/06/05/3-0-shugo-merchants/ English version map,I don't know how long they going to keep this site but you better save the map now o_o
  12. Not everything about 6.2 patch is terrible It's true that transformation is terrible and it shouldn't replace our scrolls system but a lot of people like me waiting for skills change,goodbye to weaving and a chance to try nerfed BoS. Those things never happened in 5.8 and I want them dearly from 6.2 Aion keep changing you can't stop it and you will hear a big news in November from gstar 2018 I hope Aion 2 will be announce there.
  13. They're not going to change a major feature of 6.0 like transform into something else. We can expected something tiny changes like front change,little free stuff items or take more exp to level but no they ain't going to change anything that's the core of the system.
  14. Bless Online another failure game ._. https://mmoculture.com/2018/09/bless-online-neowiz-assures-global-server-will-not-be-affected-by-closure-of-korean-server/