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  1. Then perhaps you could bring back AM/EF with updated mobs and updated rewards ? Just add entrance to instances in Sanctum as an event ofc. Bring back NPC that selling kahrun gears but instead buy with AC ? Bring NPC that selling ville gears buy with AP ? I know some will say I'm dreaming but I think it wouldn't hurt someone to ask this.
  2. I just checked gears and many buffing skills for each class it seems all weapons in 6.0 same MA,Magic Damage and Crit Sepll,only difference is attack (auto attack) and direction of cannon gunners (less cannon skills increase cd forcing full charge to use cannon) and buffs that increase magic damage with other classes yes I agreed they really nyerked gunners up (sorc got a quite of nerf too) However I got a question regarding magic sin does magic sin is a thing in 6.0 ? Spear is now better than dual wield in pve ? Sorry I know u're not playing those classes but I don't know who else I could ask.
  3. I want to use cloth skins to remodel on leathers or this only possible by buying bcm items only ?
  4. I think we shouldn't judge the program until it's implemented. About spying don't website like youtube,google already spy your computer ? or else how it choose advertisement according to your location and site surfing habit ?
  5. I checked AT and Gunner skills and I didn't see clearly how gunners will be super weak and AT is superior would you please kindly to explain ? o_O
  6. I think BP should work with Xigncode3 just fine,Logged BnS with BP long time ago and it worked flawlessly. @Gideon the biggest question about NA 6.0 is will Luna remove ? or modified in some way ? What about the new website eh ?
  7. Aion February Preview

    btw just remembered we had a promise from the producer from the previous letter that they working on some aion project ? what's that project ? is it being work on ? or already canceled ?
  8. Aion : Refly patch NA naming

    I've got another name Aion : Come Fly With Me
  9. Before you said Korea's decision I would like to point out many things like luna system and prestige system are not in Korea version of Aion. So yep I believed NCwest can do something ok let's start -Add stigma guestbloom : the reason why nobody doing housing anymore beside soul sickness because it's not worth doing anything or farm anything if we add stigma guestbloom it will lead people to to visit their house and farming more. -Add no sickness scroll guestbloom : so people won't have to buy mansion and estate to get this effect. -Add untradeable supplement/omega/tempering guesblooms : I know this get remove in 6.0 but meanwhile why not add them ? you can change it into pve/pvp enchantment stones later -Remove CD of guestbloom : it's not fun to wait 3 mins to use guestbloom again remove the CD. -Add training dummy that gives exp : we already have luna that gives free exp daily so why not add it in house. -Furniture set buff effects : You need to put a requirement of a furniture set to get special buff such as pve dmg 5% you need 1 Table 2 Chairs 1 Windows 1 Bed 2 Cabinets 1 Rug it make you want to decorate your house for set effects. -Add guest petals vendor that selling all furniture from crafting : since all crafts got removed from 6.0 this is a good idea to add them. -Add mannequins of yourself with your own choice of clothing display in the house : some people want to turn their house into fashion show so let them.You can give emotes to mannequins by capture emotes you do with your characters. Well I can think for now.
  10. I guess I've missed some info about clerics. Yes Amp,Blessing Shield,Sage's Wisdom cd 1 mins however I'm feeling healing light,healing grace are outdated because cast time + heal amount is not worth it just like healing burst (still healing burst is better than healing grace).Anyway since clerics got 4 healing short cd left (Ripple,Healing Grace,Healing Light,Light of Recovery),what we going to do while ripple buff up beside using them o_o still I prefer AoE Recovery Spell because the skill is strong by itself no need to use buff or anything plus u can put it in ur dps rotation and auto heal every 10 sec that's neat
  11. Every class got their damage buffed but who's the best here's my analyze -Sorc : Sorc cast time got no reduce at all but vaizel wisdom will cast 20 sec instead 15 sec now.We lose ice chain and freeze is chained with frozen shock 30 sec cd since basic weapons/gloves got no cast speed at all I feel like sorc going to be miserable until they got decent xform and weapons with cast speed. -SM : SM OP at 6.0 launch with 30k servant and buffed summon servant but few weeks later they got damage nerfed not feeling good or bad about them just thinking they will be less affected by no cast gears than Sorc,oh right great buff with spirit empowered cd 1 min duration 2 mins and passive sympathetic mind and infernal bright 1 min cd duration 30 sec still they wish they could do something with pet stigma but they didn't. SW : SW just buffed normally but nothing special about them or I don't have information. Assassin : They got reduce cd of main chains but that's about them not sure how I feel about dual wield now since removed of power shard which means dual wield going to be less powerful. Ranger : Feel positive about them all skills now ranged 25m and bestical only reduced 5m instead 10m strong shots got buffed to 2%(5% in 5.8so 2% in 6.0 would equal 10% in 5.8) dmg and focus shots is 6%(30% in 5.8) 1000ma 10000 acc no pdef reduced if u can get kaisinel xform remove attack speed cap,your attack going to be crazy (BF+Mauform+WoW). Gunner : Felt mad about increasing cd on snowshell and frozen blitz,lose all cannon skillbook AoEs well I think we can't spam cannon skills with instantly use anymore we have to charge it to lv 3 then shot I think this is how they intended maybe I'm going to replace frozen blitz with missile guide. Cleric : I feel they nerfed a cleric big time first nerfed servant dmg from OP to stupid damage,they also nerf earth wrarth not useable on boss by adding slow effect on the skill,punisher cd reduced to 2 sec with cast 1.5 sec but they nerfed dmg by a lot too,not sure about healing roles of cleric in 6.0 since chanter's heal are surpassed cleric (15k heal AoE) I feel like cleric roles will be secondary heals and dispels don't be too happy with bene 700 heal boost they nerfed it to 400 already and there's no healing boost gears in 6.0. Chanter : I think this is the best class of 6.0,15k AoE hot or 9k with dispel is killer skill,with removal of rage spell make heal and dps in same time possible(cleric can't dps and heal in same time even they wished).Mantras got merged together now u can have all needed mantras in single chanter speed merged with revival,hit merged with IM and u can just use shield mantra as 3rd. AT : I see they only got buffed dmg but nothing really changes no comment. Templar : Another OP class from 5.8 that nerfed to stupid level in 6.0 blood pact dmg got nerf half and only repeatable twice,still main dps skills got reduced cd,punishment repeatable twice,break power become a normal skill.so it's just from OP become somewhat normal now. Glad : Spear stigmas and chain got buffed I wonder if spear surpassed dual wield dmg now never llike the idea of Glad being Sin wannabe. Well please exchange ur information here I wish to know what everybody think
  12. 6.0 - Gunner Changes

    Since u're playing a gunner in 6.0 ? Is sole dps cannon still possible ? or we have to mixing switch pistols/cannon to make effective dps ?
  13. Aion February Preview

    Is the brand new event this ? https://en.aion.gameforge.com/website/news/events/IDRun_Instance_Event/;jsessionid=8d5dfb5d5707cdc04d9d5209b319
  14. We already know NA version of Aion got their own name instead Korean one so why don't we name it and vote it to be official NA name of 6.0 ? Here's what I think Aion : Reloaded Aion : Revolution (yes both names come from The Matrix lol) Aion : Renaissance (After Dark Age 5.x Aion) Well add here if you got some ideas
  15. Hi this is all based on assumptions I made from rumors,parts of news,update and guesses This is my prediction Check this for details https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vTyx2VlKmk3ntaEIzOFJTkHLs5mcB7uI2AvFaNRjRwh3Z-ugvQJ8t0k5w-6WSD1nrBfE9RnCYD174aM/pub -I assuming you should be able to get both version A and B of new skills,so version A is heal 9k instantly + dispel every 3 sec single target,version B is aoe heal you about 15k.by this I assuming you heal AoE mainly and switch to dispel heal sometimes,healing burst is healing about 4k which made this stigma useless during cast time 2 sec and heal amount I think they trying to get chanter to dps and support in the same time because removing of rage spell.WoP now duration is 1 min but I'm not sure how 100 eva 100 parry 100 block going to work but stun resist 250 seems help so I think new stigma for support should WoP,Blessing Stone,ES (goodbye cast mace and cast gloves the max cast time 1 sec,assuming u don't use healing light at all) note -forgot to check shield mantra it seems it buff 400ish of block eva and parry and deletion of hp mantra so I think WoP going to be important stigma. -For DPS stigma I assuming there won't be weaving as chanter at all because decrease cd of main dps skills,I assuming blessing of wind going to important stigma since duration is up to 1 min.Chain Crushed version A and B,First B low dmg but repeatable twice and version B stronger and AoE.If my assuming is right I think version A is going to stronger than B because skill dmg + ur dmg so in this case version A going to be stronger.Word of Life is buffed I think good but shouldn't be need if u can get recovery spell version B,so I think green stigma should be leap flash(1sec cast time now),soul lock(no longer condition) and annihilation. I don't know if new instances in 6.0 going to need AoE heals or Dispel tank but I think we should leave dispel job to clerics send out aoe heal when needs (u can aoe heal and keep dps without switching target),however it's just guesses