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  1. Well to boost popularity of AT,everyone know that robot is ugly and prevent u to see skins on your char. NA should have AT redesign contest I can't draw but what I got in my head is remove robot and turn both robot hands into dual rifles Idium Strike turn into short ranged charged bomb skill. Punchs turn into shot gun style skill. Ravager Cannon combined both rifles into single cannon and shoot. I believe popularity of the class will boost if we redesign into something like this.
  2. 1.Will we have 11 char slots like users with goldpack in EU ? https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/3708-AION-6-0-Announcement-regarding-gold-packs-and-the-re-designed-veteran-system/?postID=67074#post67074 2.Will we have updated luna like RU version or completely removed ? 3.Can we still dual clients or limited to one client for each computer like KR ? 4.Will prestige pack for Aion redesign ? 5.Will houses reset for 6.0 launch ? 6.Will we have a new website for 6.0 launch ? Thank you I hope Cyan can answer them now since it's pretty close the launch of 6.0 already
  3. Aion 6.0 Gear exchange table

    I'll give my opinion too. 6.0 supposedly to be a new start for everybody you're not suppose to carry everything to 6.0 if they want you to keep every progress they won't design new gears new system and kinah exchange to goldbar.If we let +15 people have exchange then people with +10 or even +0 Harvester will start complain. Just my opinion even I don't agree with you but I support you to voice your opinion to NC.
  4. Costume Rotation

    If you wondered why BnS sell more than Aion look how awesome their designs are Give us something like this not crap swimsuit. I know you can copy BnS skins like you did with ORB leather skins.
  5. Taiwan bringing the smack down NA soon to follow?

    I talked to a Taiwanese player they said the biggest problem with TW is BIG p2w for them 6.0 on tw is nothing more than a test server until NA release of 6.0 However before hope get bots ban ? Do we get a new website yet ?
  6. About the possibility of a new server for 6.0

    Just nope. Anybody who played at Kahrun would say no to this. I only agree a new server if old servers have something to keep people playing on them otherwise then NO
  7. I know RU updated their luna but is it possible for us to get updated luna and specify custom luna items just for NA region ?
  8. Handicap attack speed for higher ping ?

    Whoa whoa why what things that happened in other thread long time ago related to this ? I don't even remembered I dismissed your whole statement about next patch.Is this some kind of revenge ? yes I'm a good friend with him but we play on different side he's playing asmo I'm playing elyos he offers me hack but I refused.Anyway since other statement of yours made no sense I'll reply to only thing that related to handicap. Let me ask one simple question ? Is hacking still rampage as we speak now ? You said everything bypassed xigncode then it made no different if we going to implement handicap majority of people shouldn't be punish because some handful of hackers. If you so against handicap then I suggest global cool down. Anyway I'm sorry about what happened in the past if I did it I didn't mean to.I'm not mean to embarrassed you or anything.If there's anything I can do tell me I'll do it for you.
  9. Handicap attack speed for higher ping ?

    Europe isn't only continent in the world we have Africa,Asia,Middle East there're people who playing from far east Russia with 300 ping and a ping reducer barely help him get ping below 300.There's someone who playing from Singapore and get ping 300 with battleping.I didn't research hack nor I'm an expert as you do.I only said I talked to a hacker and he claimed that only paid hack working.I don't know why you trying to change topic to hacking but core content should be about handicap to help everyone enjoy game more. Stop being aggressive it doesn't make u smarter.
  10. Handicap attack speed for higher ping ?

    I'm not a hacker myself but I talked to a hacker and he said only paid hack can bypass xigncode. I'm happy that xigncode is here much happier than when we had nothing. You don't understand ping advantage ? try to play at 200 ping with wow and attack speed weapon and compare with ping 50 without attack speed weapon and wow you will see hugh different. Or you want everyone lag equally like some games added global cool down ?
  11. Handicap attack speed for higher ping ?

    I don't know why you think I'm encouraged hacking ever since implemented of xigncode all non pay hacks stopped working already. Even in a sport like golf there's a handicap for weak players. I just want everyone can play aion that how it meant to be play.Since there's no technology that make information travels faster than light.There should be a handicap with bad ping players to help them compete with other players.Because for some people being closer to the server is just legal hacking. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faster-than-light In case you interesting.
  12. Handicap attack speed for higher ping ?

    I talked to a hacker how does a hack works.I didn't use it.
  13. I got this idea from a hack,hack does not reduced ping but actually lower attack speed animation. Isn't it nice if we can add handicap for high ping by increase attack speed for them ? So they can spam skills weave like ping 50. Sure those low ping doesn't like but this will make game fair and fun for everyone else in the world especially NA is an international server not just USA or North America.
  14. Chanter pure dps,pure support or both ?

    I don't quite understand your point but WoI is useful or else nobody would use slaughter bestial's fury or deadly abandon buffs right ?