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  1. I'd like clarification on what you consider a "free fort", because there was a shiton of asmos pvping us. Sure IT WAS NOT the entire force, but we have less people at lvl 50, and due to that, less geared (pve, pvp, you name it). We had to have half of our force pvp and half on deity to try and hold the asmos, and even then we couldn't. So no, it was not free. lol
  2. It shouldn't block tbh. It should only block bot spams. I've updated mine too: https://github.com/loadrng/aion-classic-mods If you like you can open the .dat file in any text editor, add the WTB and WTS lines, then make a zip file with the .dat file inside it, and then rename the .zip file to .pak. 😃
  3. The thing is even if you have a backup and replace it, it no longer works as of today! I'm getting spams that are in the filter. Check: https://github.com/loadrng/aion-classic-mods
  4. Chat filter is no longer working!!! FFS!! Even if you edit it again after maintenance it still doesn't filter bots. You can check mine here @Kibbelz https://github.com/loadrng/aion-classic-mods
  5. I've put together a repository with a few mods, it includes a chat filter made by myself. Yet to see a single kinah spam in 7+ days. https://github.com/loadrng/aion-classic-mods 😃
  6. While this is not the solution we would like you can edit the filter file to avoid the spam messages in /3 or whisper (can't avoid mails). I've put together a github repository with a few "mods" that won't get you banned, including my own chat filter (no bot spam messages for 6+ days so far). You can check the entire code here: https://github.com/loadrng/aion-classic-mods GLHF!
  7. We already got a R$ payment method by Level UP Games via Hype Games. Link: https://hype.games/br/aion-classic Don't expect lower values, though. It is what it is.
  8. Awesome news Kibbz. I've already purchased my Daeva Pass, but it would be awesome to be able to buy on Level UP (hype.games) like the NCoins I used to buy. Thank you.
  9. Yes I'm sure. But oh well, it's still NCsoft hahaha.
  10. Will they release it though? It seems not. Idk, Galeas responses are weird.
  11. Except that the classic client already has the enchanced graphics... but yes, not optimized. =/ We can only hope for a Aion Remastered for 3.0+ content (new 3.0 content, not what we got before).
  12. Why don't you just ... pay the subscription? I'm tired of those F2P games infested with P2W and bots. (Sure P2P games also have bots but not nearly as many and if they have, at least they are also paying the sub and somwhat helping to maintain the server. I'd rather have them banned ofc.)
  13. NO. YOU DON'T NEED TO. Anyone with an active NCsoft account will be able to download the Aion Classic client and create a character. Be careful with misinformation.
  14. NCWest publishes it in NA. Gameforge publishes Aion RETAIL in EU, but not Classic. Not yet anyways. Maybe they will.
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