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  1. If you're struggling to do all that, you can gather your materials to craft potions and scrolls and food. again, 11m isn't that bad; just prioritize getting your taha weapon
  2. Is the daily turkey coins per account or per character? Does this mean I have to get them on my main that I want them on first before I can get them on my alt? If so, can they be account tradable so I'm not punished for playing another character?
  3. 11m is feasible for the week to acquire easily. if you're running DP every day to get the mark, and hitting kinah cap, you're getting at 7m just from cap, then whatever you casually loot throughout the week. Sell some items on the broker
  4. Any additional changes happening such as dux/stallari HP reduction or boiling blood drop rate increase?
  5. I can't read - but still no need to be so upset. a single piece of 30 acc won't make or break anyone
  6. The wording on the website says "get information about special offers, promotions, and in-game items LIKE.." They didn't say they WOULD give you anything, just that it MIGHT happen in the future. It wasn't worded in a way to say "IF you sign up you WILL get this"
  7. You mean like the current event that is going on still? There is clearly a lot they don't tell us how operations works. Unless you work for this particular publisher it's hard to gauge what they require when doing maint. It could be their time to review logs, or set all the bans if there isn't an automatic process that's in place.
  8. are you daft? I didn't say you BUYING BLOODS OFF THE BROKER was giving it for free, if NCsoft gave it to you it'd be for free. Is reading that hard?
  9. I don't think it should be given for free, but they should buff balic items drops so we can acquire more of them
  10. With the release of 1.5, I'm really hoping they bring back the retail patch they did where they increased drop rate of balic materials. Back in the day before this, the drop rate was abysmal, much like it is currently. If they could bring that, or an event for it, I think that would be amazing. Also, who's choice was it to roll out the loot nerf for Brusthonin / Theobomos when we have to farm the items for Miragents/fenris? Makes it even more painful that we can't make some kinah while farming for this.
  11. Imagine people can do more than one thing at a time?
  12. I hope whatever announcement is made names and shames those who did it. Also - griffon still broken for lots. this event is really going as planned.
  13. This isn't suspicious at all, considering most have never seen them out and about.
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