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  1. The age of Asmo ?

    Ishraphel Asmo..... Former Zikel Asmo here to say "Hold my beer!"
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 13, 2019

    This event again. Snowball event version 2..0 Mechanics just like the snowball event and let me guess. The same rng the snowball event we had not too long ago where +10s were basically a dream and you ended up with the minimal rewards. Nifty
  3. Let's not talk about cleric stigmas please. I also play a cleric and all my stigmas refused to get to even +5. Finally after getting them all to +7 I tired to +9. 23 stigmas later it was still +7 and never went to +8. I didn't even want to enchant my dps stigmas after that.
  4. Regarding Server Transfers

    I feel for EK not being able to transfer but think it's a good idea. Why? Because we know very well both factions will choose the server their race is winning more on and rush to that server for further imbalance. Yeah no thank you..
  5. I wasn't planning on logging in for a very long time to post on here but here I am. After a blundered "event" as an apology we got 2.... "2" Hearts on which I foolishly decided to open and got a major minion contract that you can get from instances and a stigma box which then if I proceed to try to +8 my stigma it will fail reducing my stigma back to 0.. Meanwhile watched KR have some event where the sm clicked on a cake and was getting numerous bundles. He opened them and got tons of daveion boxes which you can choose the skill and ultimate gear. Yes I know that's KR and yes I know this is NA. Still didn't make opening 2 hearts and receiving that crap any better.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 13, 2019

    When Cyan comes to post events or news that are not so good every week I picture him as being that guy in a horror movie where his friends tell him to go see if the monster is outside and that they will be right behind him. When he sees the monster he turns around and all his friends are all gone.
  7. Aion 7.2: First Info

    Er... I am confused. In the beginning we had 12 stigma slots. They removed 6 to give us less skills. Then you got 2 more if you enchanted all stigmas to +9 and now you get 1 more if you enchant them all to +12 but the catch is the only way to effectively achieve this is you use real money. So basically we are paying, well some of us are paying for mechanics etc we had use of before??? *mind explodes*
  8. New Enchanting System Changes

    What alternate dimension are you posting from? I can't and won't speak for everyone playing this game but before this patch enchanting was literally one if not the most awful experiences in this game. Along with it being hard for me to enchant my items let me recall the worst experience I had. I tried for 3 weeks to enchant a plume on my cleric. Yes 3 whole weeks. The first week the plume wouldn't even go to +12 and used all my stones I had from doing camps and instances. Second week it failed at getting to +13 and +14 multiple times. The 3rd week when I finally got it enchanted I had 84 stones and 7 legendary stones and it still failed going from +12 to +13 and +13 to +14 and finally got to +15. It left me with 0 legendary stones and 7 ancient stones. In all I used near 400 stones to get it to +15. If I understand your post correctly you had incredible luck because you are stating you +15 every piece of gear with 50 stones each???
  9. Daeva skills are a joke

    I run BOS on my Chanter, Cleric, Bard and SM. The week before last I had the trial prestige pass so they all had 5 entries and of course after that was out I was back to my 4 entries last week. In the 1st week of the 2 weeks I got the shugo twice but both times it was the troll shugo. Surprisingly though one of the troll shugos dropped the box but it was a repeat skill. Last week I got the shugo twice again but one was the troll shugo so I got nothing and one was the gold shugo and I got a repeat skill. Again I only have 3 skills on my sm and everytime I do get the shugo which isn't much I get repeat skills. I also run FM in a group and everytime the shugo spawned it was the troll shugo and we got nothing.
  10. Daeva skills are a joke

    I honestly don't think it should be this hard to get skills. You have to hope for the shugo to spawn, then you have to hope it's not the "troll" shugo because it seems the chance to get a skill from it is very low, then when you get the shugo you have to hope it's a skill you don't have.. Meanwhile I only have 3 skills on my sm and the few times I've gotten the shugo I have gotten repeat skills. This game is like going to school and attending your favorite class only to hear your teacher tell you that you'll always be a failure and will never amount to anything.. (insert tears here)
  11. When you are that bored

    I found this thread a coincidence because last week I decided to level my temp from 76-80 in Cygnea in +13 rank 1 pvp gear from last patch and ran into 2 asmos. A sin and a glad. The glad started attacking me while the sin watched and after he killed me proceeded to do the apologize and comfort emote. Unfortunately for the both of them I have a cleric in compensation gear and my sm is in a mix of proc crafted items and npc gear. I didn't get on my cleric though. In hindsight I should of. I got on my sm killed the glad and the sin got away. I laughed because they felt so very good taking advantage of people who can't kill them. Never saw them again. It was also kind of silly because instead of doing that they could be farming for gear to actually pvp people who can fight back. Some people's mentality are just so puzzling..
  12. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    Well sorcs just moved up the food chain. As a past sorc main it was so horrible fighting rangers and sins. Unless you outplayed them you lost that match up. Especially if they were as geared as you and a decent player. Although I would have to say that if they don't lower the damage of some of the sorc skills melee might be in trouble. My first love was and will always be sm but I chose to main cleric this patch due to a stupid bet I made with myself and lost All in all though some of the skill changes puzzles me. Just hope they don't break the game more and if I am still playing this 1000% will be playing the new class.
  13. nice new paint squirt class

    And this was just posted. It was to show case a new transform but I couldn't help noticing all the aoe...
  14. nice new paint squirt class

    This was posted 2 hrs ago.
  15. Crucible Spire seems a bit... hard

    I ran out of time at the vampire boss. For me though the damage the mobs inflicted on me up to then wasn't anything alarming. I didn't have to panic or flash heal myself because I thought I was going to die on my cleric. I went into this instance on the first week of 6.2. I understand it's a lot less floors now but dear gawd why is this place so hard. To make matters worse I went and bought the enchanting bundle I think it's called from the vendor npc just to see what I got. I opened it and got............................. a stigma bundle.. Wait hold on.. Best part to come. The stigma was for a gunner. So I am guessing this bundle gives anything to do with enchanting and it might not even give enchantment stones (speculating on this point). So is this place even worth running?