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  1. Abyssal Splinter for alts

    Just tested it on 2 alts. Sorc and Sw. Unless you get that +15 weapon, it's still nearly impossible to get S rank. The mobs that spawn decreases your run, attack and casting speed way too much and thus your dps goes down. On my Sorc I got C rank with the +10 weapon because I saw what the other person in this thread said about the pots. Problem was encountered when my dps with Veille wasn't fast enough to destroy the eggs, so when I went to start dpsing the boss, those mobs spawned instantly. I then reset it and got A. Still not enough dps with the +10 weapon to get to 1mil before the mobs spawned and trolled my dps with their skills. On my sw with Fridgia potion and I got a +5 weapon from the crystals. With dp still wasn't enough to get to S. I got an A. Again the mobs spawned and it went downhill from there. All Risnel gear not very good accessories.
  2. 7.3 top Korean pvp class rank list

    I've spoken to EU streamers. They have the exact same balance changes we have. It's just some of this patch they don't have. So his video still applies.
  3. I am among one of those people. I even use to craft the luna transformation boxes to try to get a legendary. Did it for weeks and nothing to show for it which wasn't surprising. The majority you get are white transformations, a few greens and ancient were almost non existent. In the consistently part though NcWest is killing it with another p2w event versus f2p events. Gotta keep that quota up an all.
  4. 7.3 top Korean pvp class rank list

    Like I said I don't agree with that list. The list is not 100% wrong but it isn't 100 right either. I mean look at the video of this guy who had a 7.0 tier list from EU and everyone, okay most people were taking it as a scripture taken from the Aion Bible. His list is funky as well.
  5. Technically the event page also stated it can also be removed at any point so saying it's permanent (for now) isn't quite correct. The prices are too high even if the fragments can be traded. People are reporting that with the free event gear we received with the quests is not a good way of doing the event and obtaining the highest rank. Thesecretcowlevel and others have a thread reporting the ranks they have gotten on their alts. You would still need to buy a lot of luna for the purpose of resetting the instance to get most of the goodies on the reward list. The pricing needs to be reduced drastically. After them nerfing the experience gain to the horrible level it is now, 600 fragments for 1 ultimate stone that will most likely fail is beyond a joke, let alone 8k for a legendary contract. I wouldn't even mind if they removed the ap you gain from completing the instance and turning that into more fragments.
  6. Q42019

    Went on last night and checked. It said 300 gems.
  7. 7.3 top Korean pvp class rank list

    This list is so different from Chovegeta's when he played this patch when I asked him during his streams on twitch and youtube.. His list was 1 Gunner, 2 SM, 3 Sw, 4 Painter, 5 Templar. He didn't place the rest. I more agree with his list than this one. Other koreans that I spoke to said they thought Gunner was the best class as well. I would also say that there is no C tier.
  8. Q42019

    So games 10 years and 5 years older than Aion are doing better. Well I am officially puzzled and intrigued at the same time. I will 100% watch more videos because this needs to be explained. Maybe it could be nostalgia? The same thing that keeps very old Aion players, playing? I was appalled. In a way it was insulting because like I said Gw1 had them for free. A guy who streamed Gw2 never played Gw1 and I told him about Gw1 having them and he was shocked. Maybe they thought all the Gw1 players stopped playing Gw2 and thus there wasn't anyone to recall Gw1 having it? Anyway the uproar it made was justified. I still play Gw2 as well. Hell I play it almost every day.
  9. Yes something is wrong with EC. When I queued there were 54 other people in the queue with me. When I got in, elyos had only 6 people and asmos had 7.
  10. Q42019

    Gw2 isn't p2w. It's more pay for convenience. It's not gear based nor do you have to enchant skills or anything as a matter of a fact. You can create a character and jump into pvp after a quick mission and have the same stats as a level 80 character. I myself don't know what is so fascinating about Lineage. Maybe I should watch more videos to see why a game that is older than Aion is doing much better. Is it older than Aion? I have no idea. Are you referring to the build templates?? I assume you are? My very first MMO was Gw1 and when you couldn't store builds in Gw2 I was surprised because Gw1 had that. How could an older game have something a new game didn't. It was so confusing. Then when I heard they were finally making build templates for Gw2 I was happy until they only gave you 6 free for every account and you had to pay for the rest which was not their best or brightest idea since like I said Gw1 had that and it was unlimited and free. I for one didn't spend any money on it. Was surprised some people did.
  11. Q42019

    You know what's so sad about those sales numbers for Aion? Is that I can see it, everyone who looks at it can see it and surely they can see but yet every patch has even more worse ideas than the one before. Every patch is recycled bad ideas. Not even good ones and every patch is designed to try to get deeper down into people's wallets. Ironic part is they are losing money. In all honesty though I think from those sales numbers it's time to start playing Aion like it is gone already. P.S Incoming more mobile games.
  12. Well as a totally free to play player I have a few problems. Firstly you said that with this new patch 6.0 you were not going to focus on events but yet if you spend tons of money you get the best rewards from events that can help with in game progression. With that being said you have now nerfed several things that help with progression like xp gain. How am I supposed to craft enchantment stones at a decent rate to enchant my gear seeing as I am not sitting afk in a town with full +15 ultimate gear? I failed 7 enchantment stones on 1 item which is 25 fighting fragments times 7 and 50 gems times 7 and I still have several more items to enchant. Not to mention how much kinah each try takes on ultimate gear. Secondly stigmas. How am I supposed to enchant them and complete with people who are already above +9 and also daevion skills? Now comes S rank minions. Where is our some what steady income of A rank minium? Also where is the item that you combine with the legendary item in the lugbug quest so I can get a legendary contract every 8 weeks. Are you guys adding that or planning to give us another event after 1 year after this patch where we log in for 6 hours to get a random one which probably might be one not for our class again? When you guys gave us free luna (and thank you very much again) I crafted several of the contract boxes and combined them for weeks unend and still haven't gotten a legendary transformation. I am not asking you to throw free items for us but there has to be some way we can get them with some work before another patch hits and we are still behind. Also like other people are requesting as a cleric please for the log of god return the transformations to their original unnerfed stats.
  13. Enchantment Rates

    I'll join this rant. It says an ultimate stone on ultimate gear is 52%. I don't know how because failing 7 ultimate stones on different occasions on one item certainly is not 52%. Nor is failing 4 on another item on different occasions. Now I am on my 3rd piece of gear and 1 has already failed. Nice way to award people's grind for materials that take extremely long to get.
  14. Where are the statues located at to get the buffs from?