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  1. Where are the statues located at to get the buffs from?
  2. Post your Snow Bawlz rewards.

    IF they cost that much on KT I am happy for you all. I just logged in 2 mins ago to attend siege and they are currently 9 mil and dropping on DN.
  3. Post your Snow Bawlz rewards.

    Just opened 114 snowballs 0 +10. 2 made it to +9 then proceeded to blow up. Bought 10 more with the 116 wintry coin I had just to test the rng. Highest level reached was +7. Total icy shards 7. I am going to say this seems like the same rng of the snowballs since the 6.0 patches have been released and I expect to get nothing like I did the times before.
  4. No I actually didn't. I have a migraine right now and came to the forums to look for something and saw someone post and just posted in this thread. Squinty eyes and all.I even saw this thread and was like "Wow this is posted very early. This very odd.." lol. Thank you very much for pointing it out. Think it's time I stop holding out and go take some medication.
  5. Event Details Event participation is open to players level 76 or higher. The event will begin after maintenance on November 20 and ends when maintenance begins on December 11. Next week is December 11th. That's one week. Did the "event" get extended? Did I miss the announcement? @Cyan
  6. Yes but unlike Aion if you do not pay you are not left behind. I have a free account and an account with everything. You are only limited to one class which was introduced in the HOT expansion which is Revenant. Do you need to have that class? No you don't. During the many balance patches Guild Wars 2 has had a lot of the core professions that are now good against the elite specs which is what you get when you buy the HOT and POF expansions. Also due to the numerous balance updates some of the elite specs are now bad. Like Druid, Chronomancer, Tempest etc and more to come because some elite specs are getting gutted again in a soon to come balance patch. All those things you mentioned you do not need to get or use them. Unlike Aion where you need to have gear to pve and pvp and also transformation contracts. You can get the gear from not paying but it will take extremely long. Legendary and Ultimate contracts though is another story. The possible of getting any of those 2 is so low if you do happen to get one without paying I'd love some of your luck. My post was in regards to someone who was basically stating what we have in this game no other game has or does better and we should be quiet and happy with whatever we get. No game is perfect. Also most of the things you listen that they are restriction on are chat. You can still chat in team. In spvp people hardly talk in map chat. https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/230165307-Guild-Wars-2-Account-Types-Free-Core-HoT-PoF
  7. Um.. Excuse you? Guild Wars 2 would like to have a talk to you about your entire sentence. Only mode in Guild Wars 2 you need gear for is World versus World and you can get that gear from crafting or running pve instances called Fractals or just in general. So I don't know what you are on about making it seem like everyone should be grateful for a nerfed event compared to what EU got and yes I know this isn't EU. Guild Wars 2 mechanics for world bosses etc should be adapted to all games. You don't have to group up to get a drop. Once you are in the area of the boss and dps, everyone gets loot. Some of your are clearly delusional. And unlike Aion Guild Wars is actually free. Yes you don't need to spend money in Aion but you should or you will always be left far behind.

    Confused about that line there. Are you saying the 0.5 aoe fear is hard to resist because of how fast the cast is? That is why you mentioned ping? I would understand that because if you fight a Spiritmaster with a much lower ping than you have, it would be hard to time FE but I'll take a risk here and say unless you used all your resists, a Spiritmaster wouldn't randomly throw that fear out without burying silence first and then rooting you. The bolded area was confusing since that fear does not go through FE from any of the classes that have FE or AT. I had to ask other Spiritmasters on my server just in case there was some 7.0 change I didn't know about and they all said that the 0.5 aoe fear can be resisted. Only the longer cast Daevanion Skill cannot be resisted. I think you need to chat with Bighook who I think is stating Ranger doesn't not counter Spiritmaster.
  9. I hope we get an answer pretty soon about how often we can purchase that items. I am trying to do this event on 2 toons. Do something on my main, afk and do something on a toon I want to gear up and afk on it as well. 2 characters is as far as I am willing to go. So can we please get an answer on how many times we can purchase that item @Cyan

    I am going to go by what I see stated for your character here in the forums and assume you play Templar only. A ranger has 3 resists and sin has 5. The only fear a Spiritmaster can cast extremely fast is instant fear which can be resisted. Also the aoe 0.5 cast fear can be resisted. We can even add remove shock fear to the list as another fear with little or no casting time. A ranger can silence bury a Spiritmaster before he/she can get any of the very long fears out. The combo is usually stun (to bait remove shock) debuff, bury silence, burst, sleep arrow, sleep trap, bury silence and the Spiritmaster is usually talking to their soul healer about the last visit he or she just made there. Lets not even talk about fighting sins with 5 resists. You have to hope that you live through the silence buries and remove shock baits. I don't think you know how hard it is to maneuver around those resists of classes that are your actual counters. I am not going to sit here and say you can't beat a Ranger or Sin but it's pretty darn hard. So yes I thought the thread where the 2 of them complained about a class they counter very silly. The "strongest" skill in the game isn't so strong when you can resist 3 out of 4 of them and also 2 of them have a ridiculous long casting time.

    *rubs head* A Spiritmaster.. Complaining about another class. Is any other region forums like this? We are unnecessarily buffed this patch and will get stronger. Spiritmaster was supposed to be about damage over time and some genius decided to give us direct damage skills that do a ton of damage as well like stone scour. This is bringing me back bad memories of that thread a few months ago complaining about Spiritmasters by a Ranger and Sin... Ok I guess this is the time.. Let's get this over with. Aethertechs, Songweavers, Templars make threads while you can saying how overpowered another class is. This is seemly your time to shine. Hell we need a Painter in here talking about how hard their class actually is and how skillful they to play in order to kill people.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 13, 2019

    So let me get this right. A month of running sieges. 1 month of running that siege which seems to be the birthing place of balaurs by the amount that is at the fort and I am given 2 legendary stones that I can get as an award after siege is finished and that I can already craft and also get as a luna recipe. At least those 2 stones are 100% success rate and won't fail when I try to enchant my gear with them.. Oh wait..
  13. Fighting fragments

    Um.. Are you reading what you type or should I just assume you're just against giving fragments to the losing team which doesn't hurt anyone and doesn't give them as much. No it's not your fault if a team doesn't show as it's not anyone's fault if their application unexpectedly crashes or their teammate's internet drops out or whatever reason. Your logic is quite interesting. Your argument is helping my point unless now you are stating that your case is different and my numerous cases warrants me not getting anything while you still get rewards. There are people in this thread stating that if you are not geared use the auto group function which will most likely put them with people of their gear level. So is it their fault if they get paired against people in full ultimate gear get completely destroyed and get nothing? Or is it their fault for not being geared?
  14. Fighting fragments

    Let's examine this "logic"'. So you are stating because many people don't queue their alts so they can get free wins justifies not giving the disadvantaged team rewards for losing because of this situation. Is that correct? How about we use another example of "Since the majority doesn't do this". Ncsoft gives us back EC but states due to the majority of people abusing the bug we are going to punish everyone (I won't get an example of a punishment just make anything up). Am I correct in believing if you didn't abuse the EC bug you would be quite happy with Ncsoft's decision to punish you for those who did? Flawless logic to me. Since all of you are also using the excuse of afkers. How about Ncsoft changes the mechanics to every pvp instance to "If you queue to an instance even if you are a premade and you don't get any opponents you get no rewards". After all why should you be rewarded for not doing anything at all. It's close in definition to what afking is.