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  1. Yeah.. Don't get get me wrong I understand the income from retail is not what they want it to be.. Ncsoft wants money and lots of it.. Hence why make classic to try to gain income off the same franchise but an older version. They have to make income to justify keeping the servers open but you can see they put little thought it any into people who want to play free.. 1 hour is laughable. You literally have no reason to play just for 1 hr every day, other than with friends. I am happy for classic because I myself do not in any way like the current updated version but this company... THIS COMPANY
  2. I am a f2p and won't be playing classic. I am not speaking for any of the other f2p people but as I understand after the 1 hr is up you do not recieve anything but white drops etc. So it's not worth playing if you are only going to play for 1 hr everyday. Calculations for leveling up and attaining items that would be greatly needed would probably bring tears to our eyes in how long it would take to reach the people who are paying for subscription. A lot of f2p people probably won't bother with it and they are probably the majority of the population as well.
  3. Just had to login to ask.. What exactly was wrong with Guild Wars that your wife said that. I mean other than at that point Guild Wars was out for 8 years and was dying? But Guild Wars was still a far better game compared to Aion. I've played both. My opinion of course. Unlimited skill options, you could be 2 classes, pve was excellent, pvp was fun.
  4. In 7.8 the auto hunt feature gets updated. It also gets slots for buffs. I currently play on EU.
  5. Well the people as you said "shield" for what they are doing have 2 reasons. They know the guys from Ncwest have little say over what's given to us or lately "not given" to us more accurately. Kibbez etc can only do so much and it's sad. 2 They hope these band-aid fixes lead to bigger fixes. Problem with that is that Korea has shown this region is little more than an after thought for them now. We're basically their starving pet dog who hope to be fed some Pedigree dog food to stay healthy but instead just get one dry bone thrown to us every few months, if that much. Even I have stopped loggin
  6. Thought I was going crazy. When the server location switched my ping was a little lower. Now since last week some days my ping is normal and other days it's over 200 and 300. I mean I've already lost a lot of interest in logging in everyday. I've only been to the new map once and now these ping issues.
  7. Thanks for "listening" but I'd have to agree with the some of the players in here. The rewards still aren't good and the limit on not good rewards still makes this event not worth it. Hopefully there's another event going along with this or this will be the least populated the server has been during Christmas.
  8. Pretty sure they will never make a f2p event to get a guarantee ultimate. They have said it in undercover terms and have shown their intentions many times.. If they do okay but I doubt it.
  9. Sorry for the people about to roll their eyes because I repeat stuff. You do know these promotions aren't very good right? We could be grinding these "promotions" for the next 3 years and still not get any ultimate transformations. Hell only reason why we are getting these promotions are because of the one where people complained about spending thousands of dollars and getting nothing and now they all have ultimate transformations.
  10. Yes I know it wouldn't do that amount of damage on a player. From videos that I saw colour monster does a lot of damage and I thought that additional strike just did a little more to help it get to 50k. Malachyte already posted it. Sorry I didn't see this in time. There are still some good NA streamers. You can also check out https://www.twitch.tv/bl00dpaste. He is a ranger and after seeing him play.. Dear god Rangers seem pretty strong this patch..
  11. Did you send in a ticket to support?? I received my reward.. Might be a mixup..
  12. I watch Hoarror. He actually streams. The skill I think Malachyte is referring to is one that does extra attack. He told me on stream a while ago it does either 25k or 50 extra attack on mobs. So I am guessing Arhangelos got any unlucky proc hit. I think Hoarror has that skill at +10 too.
  13. This guy is good but the other sorc guy I think is better because of his judgement.
  14. Yes I combined 4 greens instead of 6, 4 or 5 times and every result was an Ancient transformation.
  15. I had 106 contracts. Only received one Ancient transformation. I was annoyed. Then every 4 green transformations I combined gave me an Ancient transformation.. RNG is this game is so baffling..
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