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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    What I find interesting is an extremely p2w event comes with a change no one asked for. The sieges.. Someone in Ncsoft has a Masters in Marketing and specializes in damage control lol.
  2. Stigma enchant rates, I loled

    There is no trick to enchanting. You are at the mercy of rng. Some people will tell you enchant a lot at one time, I can assure you that doesn't work. Just like your scenario I had one of my one. Or should I say one of many. I had 200 stigma stones from the event and decided to see what enchanting was like.. Well... It was not pleasant. I got only 2 stones to +9. Healing Servant took the rest of my stones and remained at +7. When the event was done I only had 192 stones and was pretty sure I wouldn't get more than 2 to +9. I got 6 to +9. I bought +9s from the broker because I had no more stones. There is good rng on this game unfortunately it is suffocated by bad rng because the mechanics in the game push you towards either playing very long hours everyday, make multiple accounts or what Ncsoft really wants you to do which is spend money. Rng in this game is probably the worst I have seen. The stormwing event was okay and I am thankful for what it helped me achieved but I still couldn't be totally happy when on my main account I collected ultimate stones to enchant the few pieces of +13 gear I had to + 15 and almost every piece took 6 stones to enchant, one took 8 and only 1 piece used 4. At a rate of 52%. Hell I had 18 legendary stones and tried to get a +5 piece to +10 and it is at +5. Truly free my behind....
  3. Stigma Save spot +12

    This is so true.. Also imagine coming into a thread like the guy or gal in this thread assuming every free to play player had that many accounts to farm the stormwing event and then saying "If you didn't get your stigmas to +15 too bad". So completely obnoxious.
  4. @Vantheria-DNUpdate. I added in the "BitSize=8" value you have in your screenshot and that is in the file on my laptop and it doesn't load anymore.
  5. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    I can try to flip the camps but not sure how that is going to go. The war quests are most likely a no. The over geared people are usually the ones out pvping and even worse in groups. I am not as geared and I am 99.8% of the time alone. I once grouped with people from DN that I did stuff with and they are not over geared either and we couldn't kill 2 Chanters from KT with +15 daeva skills and Kaisnel and that was before the p2w transformation event, stormwing helping them to +15 their other skills and this stigma "event" where they have +15 stigmas now so I'll have to pass on that one. Thank you for the info. They don't have that in the description. Only you need 100 to get the new transformations.
  6. Thanks for the help but this doesn't work. Even after I deleted the file it still loads every time I start it up. Like the other guy stated in the thread it seems to be different for different machines. Probably has to do with various factors. On my laptop I get no load except after updates. On this desktop computer I just bought it loads even after it has updated every time. On my laptop Aion wouldn't start up until I added the .old on the end of the ISO file. On my desktop I had no such problem. Just noticed as well the values of some of the other items in the file of your image are different than mine. The values are not only different the new file created doesn't have the bitsize value in it at all but it is in your screenshot and in the file on my laptop.
  7. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    I've only been to Katalam a few times. As I understand it, to buy the title required to get into those sieges requires 20 ultimate blood marks not legendary which is what you get from the quests at the camp. I do not know how to get ultimate blood marks other than from mobs to get 10 fragments and combine into one or those chests you get various items from. Correct me if I am wrong. Already did that and even sent in extra information. This problem is so serious it's needs to be addressed more especially when people who seem to work in that field are on here telling them what to do and it's been over 1 week no. Siege is horrible to play in. The more longer this problem persists the more people will leave and not come back. This should have been solved within a week when they are so many complaints. Another 7.5 dislike is now with the transformations. After every 8 weeks (which is still way too long) you could get one before this update by completing the weekly lugbug quests. Apparently with 7.5 the system is changed and you need 100. The catch is though you can get 5-10 shards after finishing weekly lugbug quest. Even if you somehow got 10 every time you now earn one legendary contract every 10 weeks. So I guess it's time to forget lugbug.
  8. Stigma enchant rates, I loled

    Thanks for the info! I see why it is so hard to get from +7 to 9. I don't have 240 stones, I only have 2 accounts and my main account collected enchantment stones. My second account after getting daeva skills collected stigmas. So I guess R.I.P me. Like you said it's rng but personally I'd have to agree with not trying to 9 stigmas. I might s well be trying to get from +9 to 12 or even +12 to 15.
  9. Changes Routine website and server maintenance. Fixed an issue where Minium Vault NPCs were not responsive. Level 1-8 Stormwing Summon Sorbs and Storm Tokens will be removed from players' inventories. One free Advanced Stigma Promotion Scroll Selection Box per week per account in the store Increase the stones in the Stigma Enchantment Bundle from 35 --> 50 (the [BCM] stones are unaffected) Players who already purchased the Stigma Enchantment Bundle will be provided 15 additional stones after the maintenance on the character that claimed it from their mailbox. So let me get this right. Correct me if I am wrong. You are giving free promotion scrolls to people when the majority of the population can't achieve +15 stigmas and giving people who spent money on the ones on the bcm more stigma enchantment stones... Maybe the lag is good at this point to help us to quit. I can't wrap my head around this one. Not even if reality was wrapped and changed the composition of my body into a jelly like substance.
  10. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    So far I am not having fun with this patch. One major cause is the lag which should be addressed by someone from the company on what is being done. Last night in Siege I hit the boss at AOA fort 5 times due to the lag and when I died at Divine it kept lagging me back to the spot where I died, to ress up to die again. I don't like having to farm ultimate blood marks to get a title to get into a siege and the title only lasts 7 days. Forcing you to farm ultimate blood marks constantly or miss out on content. Tired of talking about the stigma "event" which is a mess. Not too sure about this renown system. Experience is non existent. To get contribution for sieges is more now. The AP I got before 7.5 gave me better rewards. They either give me nothing or only one legendary stone for doing what I did before. Someone please through some science fiction accident gain telepathy and project into the minds of the Korean devs that bringing back old content and dashing some salt on pepper on it doesn't make it new or even good content while also making those same things p2w.
  11. Stigma enchant rates, I loled

    What are the rates to get a stigma from +7 to 9? So far doing this makes me want to tear my eyes out. I have never seen something so difficult as a stigma that only needs 2 more success to get to 9 fail so much.
  12. Stigma enchant rates, I loled

    Well on Weds I watched a SW from KT on twitch with 2k stigma stones attempt to enchant his stigmas. In the end I think he got 9 +15. I watched for a bit, stopped and came back because that was extremely difficult to watch. His were all +12 already. The constant fails in a row were yikes. Meanwhile I just spoke to Squall from EU and he has 9 +15 stigmas. He said his friend made them for him and they have an event where the rate is 30% and apparently this is the 3rd time EU has had the event. He said his friend made those +15 stigmas with 500+ stigma enchantment stones. To be honest at this point even if we get said event most of us do not have any stigmas now so again that event would be p2w like this one is. GG.
  13. About the siege thing I can only say based on what I experienced last night and can only hope Loki has the answer. I attended 2 sieges last night. AOA fortress and Divine. When the rewards were given out, I got 560k abyss points, GP and 1 legendary enchantment stone from AOA fortress because I helped destroyed all the gates and also killed the DUX. Divine however when I got there all the gates were gone, so all I could do was get kills. I only got 200k AP from it, GP and I think 400k kinah. So I can only deduce that contribution for sieges has been nerfed. You need to do a lot more to get an enchantment stone bag. Before 200k AP reward from a fortress gave me 1 legendary enchantment stone and 560k AP gave me 2. I really hope I am wrong. Dredge also has been changed as you no longer get enchant stone bags etc from the mobs. You only get coins. 1 if you lose and 5 if you win. I was informed of the changed by someone who ran it with a premade before and won. I'll see what changes I.D has.
  14. @Hime Just a suggestion.

    Hello @Hime! Firstly welcome back to Aion forums.. Also my condolences. To quote that popular movie line "When I think I'm out, they keep pulling me back in". I don't know how long this stigma event is on for because to be honest I read some of the details and my eyes rolled so far back into my head I am now declared legally blind. I know what your next question is. "How are you typing on the forums?". Good question. I have that application that allows me to speak into a mic and my computer types for me. Very considerate of you to ask. Since this is day one of this event is it too much to ask that you guys had maybe given or give us a survey that allows us poor folk to at least get a box class specific with +9 stigmas and we could only choose one? It could be your way of saying to us "Sorry f2p players about you getting -5 shot after today so here's a token showing that we care!". I can hear you people repeating "It's a business and they don't have to give us anything. You can write that in posts below this one. Or just copy and paste mine to save energy. Just a question since the majority of us will not get +15 let alone +12 stigmas in this event. This small paragraph is dedicated to the server balance we all lost today as f2p players. Anyone reading please bow your head in silence in memory of the days when we use to die in 5 hits which is now probably going to be like 3 1/2. 3 for me because my character is max height so I take a little less damage. Have a great week all and remember even though we will die a lot we are helping the soul healer pay for little Becky and Ray to go to shugo college.
  15. Stigma event... but then again not?

    The least thing they could have done is give everyone a box of +9 stigmas where you could choose 1. This event is not an event. It's a sale.