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  1. Just had to login to ask.. What exactly was wrong with Guild Wars that your wife said that. I mean other than at that point Guild Wars was out for 8 years and was dying? But Guild Wars was still a far better game compared to Aion. I've played both. My opinion of course. Unlimited skill options, you could be 2 classes, pve was excellent, pvp was fun.
  2. In 7.8 the auto hunt feature gets updated. It also gets slots for buffs. I currently play on EU.
  3. Well the people as you said "shield" for what they are doing have 2 reasons. They know the guys from Ncwest have little say over what's given to us or lately "not given" to us more accurately. Kibbez etc can only do so much and it's sad. 2 They hope these band-aid fixes lead to bigger fixes. Problem with that is that Korea has shown this region is little more than an after thought for them now. We're basically their starving pet dog who hope to be fed some Pedigree dog food to stay healthy but instead just get one dry bone thrown to us every few months, if that much. Even I have stopped loggin
  4. Thought I was going crazy. When the server location switched my ping was a little lower. Now since last week some days my ping is normal and other days it's over 200 and 300. I mean I've already lost a lot of interest in logging in everyday. I've only been to the new map once and now these ping issues.
  5. Thanks for "listening" but I'd have to agree with the some of the players in here. The rewards still aren't good and the limit on not good rewards still makes this event not worth it. Hopefully there's another event going along with this or this will be the least populated the server has been during Christmas.
  6. Pretty sure they will never make a f2p event to get a guarantee ultimate. They have said it in undercover terms and have shown their intentions many times.. If they do okay but I doubt it.
  7. Sorry for the people about to roll their eyes because I repeat stuff. You do know these promotions aren't very good right? We could be grinding these "promotions" for the next 3 years and still not get any ultimate transformations. Hell only reason why we are getting these promotions are because of the one where people complained about spending thousands of dollars and getting nothing and now they all have ultimate transformations.
  8. Yes I know it wouldn't do that amount of damage on a player. From videos that I saw colour monster does a lot of damage and I thought that additional strike just did a little more to help it get to 50k. Malachyte already posted it. Sorry I didn't see this in time. There are still some good NA streamers. You can also check out https://www.twitch.tv/bl00dpaste. He is a ranger and after seeing him play.. Dear god Rangers seem pretty strong this patch..
  9. Did you send in a ticket to support?? I received my reward.. Might be a mixup..
  10. I watch Hoarror. He actually streams. The skill I think Malachyte is referring to is one that does extra attack. He told me on stream a while ago it does either 25k or 50 extra attack on mobs. So I am guessing Arhangelos got any unlucky proc hit. I think Hoarror has that skill at +10 too.
  11. This guy is good but the other sorc guy I think is better because of his judgement.
  12. Yes I combined 4 greens instead of 6, 4 or 5 times and every result was an Ancient transformation.
  13. I had 106 contracts. Only received one Ancient transformation. I was annoyed. Then every 4 green transformations I combined gave me an Ancient transformation.. RNG is this game is so baffling..
  14. Personally for me I didn't "waste" any of the little time I spend on this game on the Anniversary "events" lol. First week on the anniversary I went to the machine to see what I would get and received 100 socketing stones, said "Nah" and only ran the instance 4 times for the duration of the event. I did no quests for extra coins nor did I bother to afk on my main or any alts. I am curious why people thought they would put Ancient or Legendary transformation contracts as a rewards seeing as how they have another event if you consume 12 Ancient or 2 Legendary transformations you will get a box t
  15. Thank you very much for the change/compensation. Have a great week!
  16. I am wondering this as well. It was a poorly planned event as per usual and I go to the place where you can farm but not only are the people better geared in pve, they are classes like Painter, Sins etc where I can't do enough damage in time. One bright spot is a nice sin who was farming told me he was going to leave the spot and give it to me.
  17. This and you don't need to do the living world stuff.. Personally Gw1 story is far better so when episodes go live I am like "Meh". Maybe Gw1 spoiled me. They better bring back Ritualist or I am booking a flight and bringing a large pitch fork and torch to Anet's head quarters.. Sorry to see you go because I remembered I tried to save you in Lakrum once from that DN ranger who recently got Marchutan in the other p2w transformation event. Couldn't save you because you weren't that geared and then I ran around, kept healing myself and it took him 5-10 mins to kill me in full heal spec. I wa
  18. Let me state this is my opinion. Showing another Anniversary event from another game as a "At least this wasn't what we got" doesn't help the fact that he/she is kind of right. The Anniversary events are not good. It was rushed with little thought. All that picture says to me is that Astellia had a worse Anniversary event but ours is still bad. At this point why should Ncsoft even try. This community has already shown that they will huff and puff until individuals get what they need, then they are happy. We all stated the game needed some changes and as soon as the event before these ones was
  19. I wouldn't mind all of that nonsense if there were equal opportunity to get those items as a free to play player but Korea is not budging when it comes to NA. I don't expect things to get better since they had to give people ultimate transformations last week due to complaining. I expect things to get tighter. Like other regions letting you have ultimate transformation after 6 months of work is fine for me. I don't want to be given stuff freely but they are not even willing to budge on that. You can get +15 daeva skills as a free to play person. It would just take very very long. Not sure +15
  20. I can relate to these comments. I was out doing the caps in Lakrum. Sin with Marchutan popped out of hide and my HP was at 35%. I popped my remove shock shield, he stunned me, he destroyed my shield with no effort and I was dead. Went back later the camp and a glad with Kaisinel knocked me down, had me at 50% and the same sin came out of hide. Not even acquittal could help me. Came back to that camp again, the same glad was there, knockdown, 50% hp, remove shock shield, was gone in like 2 hits? Knockdown dead. Went back to see what the sin's damage was and advanced feral slash crit for 30k. Bo
  21. Question then. At a 13% chance when you fuse 6 of them, how many do you suggest we get from events? Considering most of the events we got did not give a legendary contract as a reward.
  22. I don't have much luck with anything in this game. I had 4 A rank minions and 2 at max level. Fused them and got S rank Viola. Very first try.. Go figure..
  23. Dunn is um... a bit harsh on that reply but he/she is still very much correct. You said But your suggestion had in none.... Pretty odd if I do say so. Some of you can just say what you really mean. A lot of you that paid for your ultimate transformation do not want f2p people to get one because you spent tons of money on yours. Others actually have no problem with f2p people getting it. Personally I still read and take other people's opinions into consideration but it's clear who wants to actually make the game better for everyone, others who just go "I got my stuff so who cares" and t
  24. Legit my last post. My question to all the people who spent ridiculous amounts of money to get an ultimate transformation and are now listing the ways us free to play players can try to get it is, why didn't you try those many ways instead of spending hundreds, thousands of dollars on the first try? Why didn't do you those many ways after you repeated the amount you spent before on a second and third try? Apparently those ways are easy and we are here complaining because we can, why did you know take those many avenues and try to get an ultimate transformation?
  25. I have logged into these forums more than I wanted to. I'll make this my last post for a bit because it seems to me I keep arguing the same points with different people. Splinter legendary contract costs 8k. You get 25 for getting the highest score. That's 320 days on one toon or you can farm it on multiple accounts. If you have multiple accounts congrats to you. If you have +15 stigma, daeva skills, the sun or moon weapon, plused up gemstones and rune stones, again congrats to you.If you don't have a lot of those items like the majority of us f2p people do not have, well you must have a lot o
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