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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 5, 2020

    @Kibbelz We still don't know when the Ice Cream Event is ending.
  2. Could someone explain this?

    That damage log is from a Spirit Master, not a Chanter. You can be killed while teleporting this isn't odd or anything to be suspicious of. Like it has been said already without the full damage log your word is all we can go on, and sorry to say, considering you can't tell the difference between a Chanter and an SM it's more then likely you read it wrong.
  3. Introducing Kibbelz

  4. pin

    I never had this issue, until the last 2 weeks before 7.5. Prior to this I also figured people were just doing something wrong. After the update it hasn't happened once.
  5. Lunamin's cheer issue

    Magic Boost = Magic Attack, they are the same. 6.0 only gave it a name change. You can easily confirm this in your stat window when using the buff. The text does need to be fixed.
  6. Chaotic Vale is not balanced

    Well I think your, and OPs, assumption that Equalized Stats = Balanced is the main reason you are so disappointed. CV was never advertised as being a "balanced PvP" instance, all they said about it is that the stats are equalized. I never went in thinking it was balanced, I went in thinking I was going to 2 shot people on my naked SW and boy did I.
  7. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Legendary Shining Elaborate Legendary Shining Sharp Legendary Shining Tough Those are 3 different items, and they each stack up to 100.
  8. Chaotic Vale is not balanced

    I did CV on my ranger, and you are right nothing increases their attack speed. Transformations do work for casters though. In the end it really doesn't matter, CV doesn't give anything important. I just do it for the Lugbug quest, and you don't even have to stay there the whole way through for that.
  9. Bonus Collector Community Reward

    This is all we wanted anyway, and we got it super quick!
  10. Chaotic Vale is not balanced

    Have you bothered using a transformation potion? Your casting speed/attack speed are increased even if the stats remain unchanged in the stat screen. Since your stats are equalized this also means you can use gear from pre 6.0 like casting/attack speed gloves, as well Executioner/WoW/SoD to increase your attack/casting speed like normal. Everyone has 20k active magic/physical attack, so everyone is capable of 2 shotting their opponent.
  11. Celestial Weapons?

    What's not to like, a knowledgeable NC team member that actually takes the time to answer questions/concerns. Something we've been missing/begging for, for years now. Honestly I feel spoiled and I'm afraid they will disappear like Buster did all those years ago.
  12. Chaotic Vale is not balanced

    You can use transformation potions in this instance. Problem solved.
  13. Celestial Weapons?

    Were these added in by mistake? Are we finally getting the event associated with these? If so we are in trouble since the recipes use tradeable enchantment stones and there is no way of farming these outside of game of fate.
  14. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    The raging version only appear if the nearby Garrison is controlled by the proper faction, so in Gelkmaros needs to be Asmo and Inggisson needs to be Elyos. If you, as the opposing faction, kill the Garrison the Raging monsters disappear.
  15. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Logging in/out, switching to BG server or vice versa, while wearing a set of new wings (from 7.5) resets your flight time to 1 minute. This doesn't occur when wearing wings from before 7.5, like Dark Talon. This also doesn't happen on the Korean Server so I know there is a fix. Having to regen 8.5 minutes of flight time each time you switch servers is a pain.