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  1. Honestly hats off to the team. I'm sure going through 300 accounts and individually removing these things isn't an easy task, so it is obvious that this decision was made in order to make it fair for everyone.
  2. You need a minimum of 100 Pine Needles to craft 50 Songpyeons, if you fail none. Its more like 150-200 with the fail rate. Only way to farm needles is to farm Moons during the 2 hour spawn time daily. There are already a handful of topics explaining how its nearly impossible to get 10 kills for the daily. How exactly are you farming this in 2 days?
  3. This needs to be updated. This event originally ran during 7.2 in Korea, so Katalam was available every day. Same reason the quest window shows Demaha as the spawn point for the Moon mobs, the mobs spawned around altars, thankfully that was updated to Gelk/Ingg for us. The daily kill quest should also be changed to Gelkmaros/Inggisson.
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