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  1. For your own sake stay away from this NPC !!

    The rewards are the same in Korea, but the difference is that with 5 Quna you can actually do some tuning in the Korean servers. Retunes cost 1-3 Quna (depending on grade). 5 Luna gets you nothing here.
  2. New Prestige Pass 6.2

    This is also not working. Energy of repose remains the same no matter if you have Prestige or not.
  3. ABSURD retune prices

    I'm not sure how much cash points (Korean cash shop currency) go for, but if my research is correct, in Korea the largest bundle of Cuna you can purchase is around 100 dollars and contains 4320 Cuna. Each try at selective retuning costs 3 cuna for an Ultimate piece. That comes out to around 7 cents per retune try.
  4. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    The gear sets available via quests in 6.5 aren't as good as the gear you get from drops currently in FM/BoS/PF/IDD, so it isn't a waste enchanting 6.2 sets. The quest sets have the same base stats as Craftable PvE gear with even lower base PvE attack/defense and lower re-rollable optional stats. The sets will be good for unlucky people or gearing alts, but you will still want to upgrade with instance drops.
  5. https://aiondb.ru/items/188071041.html It contains 1 stone. Also let's take a look at one of the possible rewards already in the game files, but nowhere to be found in our "rewards" list.
  6. "Lowered" sounds like the price will be dropped to 3.7mil from 3.8mil. We dont want the price "lowered" we want.... "Please don't power-shard-picture-spam the forums" You are no fun. Can you at least tell us what the lowered price will be, because if it isn't 16k you know there will be a riot.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    For the love of Nyerk, fix the important things first.
  8. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    Some stigma grades have been changed. Cleric Sacrificial Power is now a Greater Stigma (lvl 45) Enfeebling Burst is now a Normal Stigma (lvl 20) Songweaver Hymn of Rejuvanation is now a Greater Stigma (lvl 45) Soothing Hymn is now a Normal Stigma (lvl 20)
  9. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    Update 11/26/18 A number of skills can now be dispelled using a Greater Healing Potion Ankle Snare Chain of Suffering Judge's Edict Debilitating Incantation Mountain Crash Venomous Strike Shackle Arrow Curse of Weakness Infernal Blight Full Patch Notes can be found here
  10. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    Yes, SoD is still a party skill. IMO the changes to Exultation/Impassion and Sacrificial Power/Benevolence aren't harsh enough. They are only on a 10sec CD so worse case you shut off the skill do your healing/attacking and turn it back on in 10sec. The CD should be higher so both classes really have to make a choice between attacking or healing. SW heals are way too strong and are instant cast while moving with the Daevanion skill, it's pretty broken for a class to do so much damage while being able to heal itself so easily.
  11. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    If you haven't noticed already, the Powerbook was updated with range and target information for each skill. Rejuvenating Spell is still a group heal.
  12. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    Update Sorcerer Soul Freeze: Silences and Binds for 5sec Chanter Word of Wind: Now specifies it buffs party members
  13. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    There are quite a few skill changes coming for all existing classes. Many have returning DP skills, CC skills like sleep and silence have been evened out in pvp across all classes. You can check all changes over at the Powerbook, but these are some notable changes from classes I play. Songweaver Exultaion: Heal Boost+500, HP+ 2000, Magic Attack -500 Impassion: Magic Attack +500, Magic Accuracy +2000, Heal Boost -800 Hymn of Rejuvenation: HoT greatly increased to 1370/2sec Symphony of Destruction: No longer a DP skill, 250mp, 15min CD Minstrel's Flair: Returns as a 2k DP skill. Quaver: Only 3sec silence/bind * Purification Melody is showing as a single Target skill instead of party, not sure if this is true or not. There are a lot of skills that were once party skills that are showing as single target now (SoD is another one) so I'm going to assume for now that it is a bug in the database/descriptions still haven't been finalized. Spiritmaster Fear: Duration 10sec, lasts 50% on PCs Fear Shriek/Nightmare Scream/Nightmarish Shriek: Duration 13-14sec, lasts 50% on PCs Nightmarish Lament: Duration 9-10sec, lasts 50% on PCs Curse of Fire/Water: Duration 8 sec, lasts 50% on PCs Flames of Anguish: Duration 10sec, lasts 50% on PCs Summon Lava/Tempest: No longer requires DP, 5min CD Disenchant: Returns as 2k DP skill, removes 2 buffs, no damage, 10min CD Magic Implosion: Now only removes 1 buff, DoT greatly increased 1086/4sec for 31sec Aegis Breaker: No longer removes buffs. Instantly Inflicts 1132 earth damage, DoT greatly increased 1317/3sec for 15sec, 10sec CD. Infernal Pain: Can no longer be cleansed. Damage Increased. Dispel Magic: No Longer causes damage, instant cast. Sigil of Silence: Binds/Silences for 5 sec Sorcerer Vaizel's Wisdom: Now Increase PvE attack by 500 Soul Freeze: Silences for 5sec Summon Rock: CD reduced to 18sec, Damage reduced Illusion Storm: Stun reduced to 3sec Boon of Quickness: CD reduced to 2min Sleep: Scarecrow: Duration 12sec, lasts 50% on PCs, CD 11sec Curse of Old Roots: Duration 10sec, lasts 50% on PCs Curse of Roots: Duration 12sec, lasts 50% on PCs Sleeping Storm/Slumberswept Wind: Duration 16sec, lasts 50% on PCs Storm Strike/Glacial Shard: Damage reduced Magic Rush: Magic Accuracy Increase removed, Magic Attack/Magic Crit increased to 1200 * Ranger will no longer be able to Sleep Arrow Sleeping Storm, since their Sleep Arrow only lasts 6sec on PCs. Cleric Prayer of Focus/Resistance: CD reduced to 30sec Splendor of Recovery: Heal decreased, removed HoT (it gets added to Ripple of Purification) Healing Light/Grace, Flash of Recovery: Heal increased Enfeebling Burst: Reduces Physical/Magical Attack by 500 for 15sec, no longer does damage Resurrection Loci: CD Increased to 2min Ripple of Purification: Heal reduced, added HoT 1383/2sec for 15sec Splendor of Rebirth: Removed Defense Increases Chain of Suffering: removed Magic Resist decrease Judges Edict: Reduces Magic resist by 3000, Magic defense by 1000 Restoration Relief: Increased heal to 10000 Saving Grace: For 30sec Increases the targets Physical/Magic defense by 500, no longer heals. 1min CD Benevolence: Heal Boost +400, Magic Attack -300. No longer consume additional MP. 10sec CD Sacrificial Power: Magic Accuracy +1500, Magic Attack +1000, Magic Crit +1000, Heal Boost -1000. 10sec CD Word Of destruction: No longer requires DP. Inflicts 980 Fire damage and inflicts additional 980/2sec for 30sec. Removed decrease healing. 2min CD Salvation: Returns as a 2k DP skill. Summon Noble Energy/Punishment Energy: Damage increased Cleanse: 0sec CD Festering Wound: No longer does damage, removed MR reduction. Chanter Word of Wind: No longer requires DP. Description doesn't specify it is a party skill, will have to check when update drops. Protective/Protection Ward: Becomes Chanter's new 2k DP. Block Curtain: Instantly Heals for 4000 hp. Shield Increased to 30000. 1m30sec CD. Stamina Restoration: Heal is the same, Increases Heal Boost by 300 for 10sec, 40sec CD Debilitating Incantation: Reduces Accuracy/Magic Accuracy by 1000, Reduces Physical/Magic Defense by 500. Word of Instigation: No longer increases Magic Attack Healing Conduit: Increased heal to 500/hit (hilarious that they finally decided to buff this) Winter Circle: Increases Physical Attack by 2000, Speed by 20%, Attack Speed by 20% for 30sec. Word of Inspiration: Increases Physical Attack/Accuracy/Crit/Heal Boost by 500 for 15sec. * Chanters no longer buff magic attack, wtf. Lots of these changes might be wrong/will change as this is still from an early build of 7.0. @Lapis-DN made a thread on Cleric/Chanter changes I only noticed after I wrote this up. What are your favorite/concerning changes?
  14. Ek Server and GM Hacks

    Probably won't get any explanation till after the Holiday. We Americans are stuffing our faces for the next few days.
  15. nice new paint squirt class

    New Update Info Major update coming (7.0?) New Sub Class to Muse confirmed New Class possibly wears plate robes (?) New Map New Fort New Gear Further Skill Reorganization There is some mention of making Aion easier... More information coming everyday till 11/28