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  1. There is nothing wrong with Pledge of Earth the damage was increased from 508 at a 10% chance to 1016 at a 10% chance, (ie. 100% increased additional damage) It is working as it should.
  2. How did you get enough materials? The quests don't give enough materials to complete 7/7/7 in one week.
  3. Chanter Skill bugged after 6.7

    If you are going by Casting Speed stat then you are doing it wrong. When Sorcs use Vaizel's Wisdom/Magic Assist/Boon of Quickness the casting speed in the stats menu doesn't change either, that doesn't mean the skills aren't working. You need to test using your skills, like healing light or Recovery Spell. Like I said in another thread I did PF with my SM and the Roaring buff worked fine.
  4. I did PF with a chanter using Roaring and the casting speed buff worked just fine. What skills are you using as a test for this, because Light of Resurrection/Loci doesn't seem to work with Sages Wisdom/Word of Quickness anymore.
  5. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    Uhh... I'm hoping this is a mistake. All the other physical classes got their buffs balanced to a static number Why is Glad still getting the % buff increase , plus all the skill damage increases?! That will be super broken, rerolling glad.
  6. PVP stone BCM pricing

    One of the biggest community complaints in past patches is the rampant p2w. They mostly remedied this by excluding pvp upgrade stones from the BCM. Seeing pvp stones pop up on the BCM now is upsetting. I rather they didn't add pvp related items to the BCM at all, but if they feel the need they should keep the price high.
  7. For your own sake stay away from this NPC !!

    The rewards are the same in Korea, but the difference is that with 5 Quna you can actually do some tuning in the Korean servers. Retunes cost 1-3 Quna (depending on grade). 5 Luna gets you nothing here.
  8. New Prestige Pass 6.2

    This is also not working. Energy of repose remains the same no matter if you have Prestige or not.
  9. ABSURD retune prices

    I'm not sure how much cash points (Korean cash shop currency) go for, but if my research is correct, in Korea the largest bundle of Cuna you can purchase is around 100 dollars and contains 4320 Cuna. Each try at selective retuning costs 3 cuna for an Ultimate piece. That comes out to around 7 cents per retune try.
  10. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    The gear sets available via quests in 6.5 aren't as good as the gear you get from drops currently in FM/BoS/PF/IDD, so it isn't a waste enchanting 6.2 sets. The quest sets have the same base stats as Craftable PvE gear with even lower base PvE attack/defense and lower re-rollable optional stats. The sets will be good for unlucky people or gearing alts, but you will still want to upgrade with instance drops.
  11. https://aiondb.ru/items/188071041.html It contains 1 stone. Also let's take a look at one of the possible rewards already in the game files, but nowhere to be found in our "rewards" list.
  12. "Lowered" sounds like the price will be dropped to 3.7mil from 3.8mil. We dont want the price "lowered" we want.... "Please don't power-shard-picture-spam the forums" You are no fun. Can you at least tell us what the lowered price will be, because if it isn't 16k you know there will be a riot.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    For the love of Nyerk, fix the important things first.
  14. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    Some stigma grades have been changed. Cleric Sacrificial Power is now a Greater Stigma (lvl 45) Enfeebling Burst is now a Normal Stigma (lvl 20) Songweaver Hymn of Rejuvanation is now a Greater Stigma (lvl 45) Soothing Hymn is now a Normal Stigma (lvl 20)
  15. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    Update 11/26/18 A number of skills can now be dispelled using a Greater Healing Potion Ankle Snare Chain of Suffering Judge's Edict Debilitating Incantation Mountain Crash Venomous Strike Shackle Arrow Curse of Weakness Infernal Blight Full Patch Notes can be found here