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  1. One of the biggest mistake made in AION was the "Transformation scrolls"....that not many liked at the beginning and now it seems nobody can do without them!
  2. It is happening "again" to me too after a while where I did not get it. Every time I logon now I need to do it again because of that bug, I do not think it would be so hard to finally get rid of it!
  3. There are many bugs to be fixed in this game and what do we get? A new launcher! So happy that is just what I wanted the most.
  4. I do not care anymore about AION, I just play a few hours a week to relax and that is it. Really how can I trust NCSoft anymore? I think they are just waiting the right moment to let AION go, the way they treat the players is unbelievable. Pity because Aion was one of the best game I have ever played, well this is my own opinion. Take care, ciao.
  5. I really, really hate the RNG with all my heart!!!! Okay, some players are very lucky but me I think I'm cursed! I am the last one left on my legion, sad but true. I wish I could transfer items and kinah to my "own" characters and not through the brokers which charge really too much! Also, I would like to get a better price when we sell to the NCP merchants and not a pitiful "One Kinah" for old items from who we paid much more! And we really get almost nothing selling items dropped by mobs to NCP, when we start a new character, that we cannot trade to our own accounts.
  6. Thank you, thank you! <3 I tried Exitlag and it is wonderful! I will leave Battleping, which is useless now and a lot more expensive than Exitlag. I have never been able to play with a ping of only 200. Thanks again for telling me about Exitlag.
  7. Okay, I live in Australia too and my lag is unbelievable! It starts from 2000 and sometimes it gets to a 100.000 and I get disconnected! I am used to playing with a ping of 300/400 and with the use of Battleping but now I cannot play at all. So, if what you say it's true to tell me where in Australia you live and which is your ISP, for sure not the NBN. I do not believe you, sorry.
  8. Lakrum map is full of grouped elyos and they usually all belong to the same legion. I almost never see a single elyos walk alone, they are always in a group or even 2 groups. Not a single Asmodian around (like does anyone do the weeklies?). Lol, you do not see any Elyos alone because you Asmos kill them with 2 shots. I play alone all the time and I do not do anything anymore in Lakrum because as soon I leave the town I get killed, it is almost impossible for me to do any quests or BS without being killed even before I can enter the instance! So do not complain it's the same for both
  9. I logged in too just to say farewell, wish you the best and I hope all you will do next to be very good. I hope you will.....occasionally still play Aion, ciao Cyan.
  10. What happened to the Pandora repeatable quests? All my characters do not have the quests reset! I cannot complete them to get the items I was going to get if the quests are not there.
  11. I would like to know how can players sell items that are: "Untradeable and Cannnot be Broked". I do not want to do that but it would be nice if I could give items that I get but cannot use to my other account characters.
  12. P.S. I'm sorry I was in a hurry and I missed the can-not!
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