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  1. New Server 6.0

    Long time no see @Unbeatable-KT "I am still rooting for an expansion where NCsoft hopefully won't implement as bad of a P2W system as they have in the past few years" I am sadly not as optimistic about 6.2 as you are; quite the opposite in fact. Aside from the fact that I absolutely hate what they did to chanters this patch, it's the worst ever patch for f2pers because of transformation contracts. At least in this current patch and previous patches, you could be a f2per and still have p2w-level +25 gear just by grinding on alts. You don't have that luxury anymore in 6.2 on top of the fact that the contracts cost 12mil and can only be purchased once a week. Steel shared a video clip on facebook showing a guy opening 200 contracts and only getting 4 yellows out of it; it seems like getting a red transformation will take thousands of contracts to get, and it's basically mandatory to get this transformation to stay competitive considering how much run/attack/cast speed it gives. In other words, for a f2per, getting a red transformation through grinding will take years. I guess the point I'm trying to make is: what good is having a bottlenecked open world experience when the stat disparity between p2winners and f2pers is bigger than ever? Seems like the f2pers will just be easy fodder for the Marchutan/Kaisinel xforms. "The grinding of the game at its release made this game's population stable and strong, and it has been that way until NCsoft started deviating from that model and how Korean's continued to run the game, to their own means of screwing it up." I completely agree that NCSoft's decision to deviate from the old grind model helped accelerate the game's decline. I just want to add to that the horrible decision to implement fast-track, which killed off rift PvP, and the fact that we've been getting new gear at a much faster rate, incentivizing people to spend more on the cash shop to keep up with every gear reset.
  2. Weaving for chanter in Adma/TTC need ?

    Do you mean that you use DPS stigmas when you say that you're "in full DPS mode"?
  3. Weaving for chanter in Adma/TTC need ?

    I personally weave in every situation. The whole point of weaving is to maximize hits/second and let some of your attack skills cool down. Spamming skills will give you more DPS than weaving until you run out of attack skills to use, which will happen unless you weave. If you group is actually relying on your healing skills, then there lies the problem because the biggest threat in PvE nowadays is AOE damage. Your protective ward, block curtain, and elemental screen are game-changing in PvE. Recovery spell and healing burst on the other hand are just luxuries meant for very specific situations where one person is getting significantly more damage than everyone else (e.g. a cleric pulling a bunch of mobs because of heal aggro). Healing light is plain garbage. So if you've timed your group shields properly and the group is still dying, you might want to take a closer look at your cleric's heal rotations since there are plenty of clerics who randomly pop big cd's like splendor, ripple, sage's wisdom, and amplification during the easy auto-attack phases.
  4. Shugos, Elyos, Asmos, and 62%

    It will be a combo of DPS and small heals. Chanters are NOT a healing class, nor are they a DPS class. We're a burst-support crowd-control class. If you've ever played a templar or a songweaver competitively, you'll pick up support chanter pretty quickly. On the other hand, if you used to play a cleric or a DPS class, the transition to support chanter might be a bit rough.
  5. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    I have to disagree with this: "If all they wanted was money and didn't care about the health of the game, they would lower the price a bit and keep them on the BCM year round. Money would roll in continuously". The entire point of "limited time offers" is to pressure people into spending more than they normally would for a period of time.. If they extended that window to the whole year, there wouldn't be as much of an incentive for people to buy shugo arcade coins or shugo vault keys. Being overall-competitive isn't the same as being competitive against the previously mentioned p2w hackers though. The game has unfortunately become more money/gear-dependent than ever. Match-up knowledge and reaction time don't affect the outcome of a fight as much as they used to. You can be a clueless sorcerer who breaks crowd control with glacial shard in 1v1's and still win just because you had a lvl 4 sheba and the other guy didn't. I personally think hackers were much easier to beat in 4.8 than 5.8 because at least the gear gap wasn't unbearable. There are games out there that have good f2p models. I'm personally playing a game with a pretty good f2p model right now; it's a mixed f2p-subscription model where you can play for free with about a fifth of the game's content or pay real money to subscribe and get access to the other 80% of the game OR grind in-game cash for 2-3 days to buy a tradable subscription pack. The only p2w microtransaction you can do is buy those subscription packs and sell them on the broker, but the game is centered around skill levels and exp anyway, so even p2winners have no choice but to grind with barely any advantages against some who go the f2p route and buy the subscription pack from the broker. Whereas Aion's f2p model can strip away all the work and progress from grinding/spending on gear or exp with one update, the exp you earn in this game is eternally valuable on top of the fact that gear is unenchantable and tradable here so you're not stuck with it forever if an update decreases its value. tl;dr: There are viable, rewarding f2p models out there that don't have the ability to scam you out of all the hard work or money you put into the game with one update like Aion's f2p model.
  6. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    I just want to point out that the community did keep the criticism professional and constructive for a while. Satyx and a couple others gathered opinions from the community and organized them into a community letter to NCWest a long time ago, and there was absolutely zero response from the company.
  7. Chanter stigma planning for 6.0

    You will have to choose between the two heals. Basically, how the new skill system works for all classes is that 3 existing skills that we currently have (for example, recovery spell, inescapable judgment, and chained crush) are replaceable, and you have 2 other new skills to choose from to replace each of those 3 skills. So basically you can replace recovery spell with 1 of the 2 new green skills (AKA the two healing skills); you can replace inescapable judgement with 1 of the 2 new blue skills; and you can replace chained crush with 1 of the 2 new orange skills. Also, I'd argue that healing chanters are (or at least were) extremely overrated; for the past 2+ years, full-healing chanters were the norm despite how inefficient it was the moment Aion 4.8 came out. We are decent burst healers, but we are terrible long-term healers. I hope nobody discriminates against you for full-healing in laughably easy, almost non-competitive instances like AOE, but for the competitive player, I really think being a tunnel-vision chanter - whether it's full healing or full DPSing - doesn't cut it anymore in today's meta. It's just as bad as a templar going into IDL in an HP set thinking that his/her only job is to tank damage.
  8. 6.0 info

    What do the Korean players think of the minion update?
  9. 6.0 info

    100% agree with this. Aion grinding was so much harder back then, but it was so much more immersive and fun than 5.X. Fast track servers and the exp nerf that we got in 4.X was a huge blow on early-content immersion.
  10. 6.0 info

    I don't think your psychology argument holds up in a game whose gear progression system was, is, and will be centered on psychological manipulation; more specifically, the idea that dopamine gets released NOT when you get the reward, but when you do something that you anticipate will get you a reward (i.e. clicking that 'enchant' button and watching the bar go up sets off your dopamine pathway, NOT getting a +1 or +2 enchant on your armor) as evident in BF Skinner's research on variable-ratio reinforcement scheduling. At least in 6.0, there will be a cap to the company's ability to exploit our neural circuitry. So to answer your question, YES, dopamine intake has been and will be NCSoft's priority since that is what they fundamentally profit from. However, NO, it won't be a bigger problem than it is now thanks to the cap, and NO, 6.0 will still allow for generosity, compassion, and selflessness because you can still TEACH people. Teaching someone how to make money is far more selfless than giving that person money.
  11. Clerics will still BY FAR be the king of healing. Even though benevolence got changed to 400 HB, their temporary healing buffs (e.g. amplification) got huge CD reductions; amplification, sage's wisdom, and that one blue shield that gives HB now have 1 minute CDs compared to the previous 3 minute/2 minute CDs. Chanters on the other hand got an AOE recovery spell that can only be casted every 10 seconds and a decent healing buff to a previously almost-negligible AOE heal that still has a 1min CD. There aren't really any other noteworthy healing spells; in fact, I'm surprised they didn't even scale up healing burst to fit the higher-damage-higher-HP environment. As you mentioned, chanters will still be burst-healing and dpsing like they are today, but clerics will still be the primary healing class.
  12. Power up Event

    Interesting. The opposite happened to me; took me about 63 stigmas to get 3 stigmas to +9 (although a few of my stigmas were downgraded in the process), whereas with 12 tempering solutions, I actually ended up downgrading
  13. Power up Event

    Absolutely; we now know that our past efforts will be wasted within months because NCSoft is pumping up the gear turnover rate AKA shortening the expiration date on our current gear. It's not very rewarding farming for that +15 75AP gear with +9/+10 manastones when you know that you'll toss it aside half a year from now. Speaking of which, could someone actually confirm whether the stigma/tempering rates were nerfed for this event?
  14. Power up Event

    I realize that we're both working with anecdotal evidence with varying levels of sample size, but this is the first time I've heard of such a low rate since a couple of friends who told me about omegas dropping from luna a few days after the patch launched claimed that they were getting omegas almost every run. For me personally, my rate across all of my alts was roughly a little more than 50%
  15. Power up Event

    This was what was said in the Aion 5.6 patch notes regarding the enchantment system. "1. Updated and simplified the Enchantment System. - Enchantment rates will now only depend on the enchantment stone used, whether or not the target item is above its max enchantment level, and the type of Supplements being used. - Using an Omega Enchantment Stone and Superior Supplements will guarantee a success rate of 100%. - Greatly increased the success rate above maximum level." There is absolutely no mention of the nerf to enchantment procs.