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  1. Actually they dont have fresh ideas about how to take users back, after years of "ideas" of devs.. and never listening community... the end ofc is riot.
  2. Im not mean, they complained because they are in red numbers... okay! coronavirus is 1 factor... but BEFORE covid we already had problems.. and im not crucifying Kibbelz and Loki,... but people that should support them... are not working well... the result: Red numbers and less users every day... because someone in NCSoft is procrastinating... Would you pay money for this?
  3. Ho GOD! @Kibbelz What isnt clear for this guys of NCSoft? The Aion proyect is near dead and red numbers because all the team that manage Aion NA had been procrastinating per years! posting .gifs every week with cheap excuses and "bug fixes" that really dont fix anything. The 2, 3 and 4 resets that katalam server recieve is a proof of their lack effort trying to fix it.. im sorry but reseting the server many times per week wont fix any problem this is a "cheap" way to "solve" something. Even the event has problems... They still dont understand that red numbers means COMMUNITY IS TIRED OF T
  4. The problem of every wrong desition of NCSoft is more easier than they think. They just think on numbers and dont see the main reasons that users leave the game: Fix major bugs that affects performance of the game (crash with send-log, PIN bug, lag peaks, graphic crash, etc), upgrade the graphic motor! Make it simple and if works... dont move it!. Every time u upgrade a content is more complicated. For old school players (2012 and before) this game became like an obligation and stopped to be fun... Content. when i arrived near 8-9 years ago i was impresed on history of aion, the
  5. After been near 8 years here, thats exactly my current feeling, i dont spect many understand my current life between hospital (with all drama it contains due COVID) and then... arrive to do the quest for the nyerking title... then the nyerking siege at midnight to keep a General Rank... and is one of the strongest reason i stoped playing aion few days ago (Im so sorry, my body just cant continue with this insane life style). To this nightmare we add the people who is cheating that is not correctly punished (example: Kinah customers) who are still playing with the dirty kinah... or people
  6. Okaaaaay, finally someone who wants to read community STAFF issues: GM´s answers tickets with feet, they show us many times that has no interest to help community.. their answer are like answering machine. This behavior made that most of users refuses to submit a ticket because they dont use to solve problems. Illegal behaviors Hacks, most of them top ranked Kinah sellors... also top ranked involved, baned temporally (... ok) and staff curiously forgot to remove the ilegal kinah Kinah bots Rates Success on encha
  7. if i felt per alot time that sieges were late... now... impossible to attend... not all ppl can wake up late on next day... even in coronavirus pandemia I really try to dont be nonrespect with the staff, but they focus to do stupid choices every week, looks is the goal ... to show us how to kill a community faster than the last who quit. welcome stranger new admin to the aion ncwest community... we hope you change ur goals pls
  8. I got dc from the game, then i cant login in anymore :C After i login with email and password, i choose the server... window is frozen and i got the message "Cannot connect to the server" RIP
  9. I would like to know who the hell decide about the nerf/buff class because indeed has something against the songweavers... 5 patch nerfed, one after other... now in the bottom! Maybe is time to say good bye ncshit!
  10. @Cyan im sure im not the only one with this kind of problems but lately we had falls of fps and send logs... simultaneously ppl of different countries. Do sieges is near a nightmare. Can u tell the devs to fix that?
  11. Ok, i will say something that maybe ppl wont like at all: 1. After all the drama by Aly-DN in the past when the exploit were public and now how she defend ncsoft actions, i ask myself if she get some... invoice or something from NCSoft, isnt a natural normal user behavior that most has. 2. Even when NCSoft has in their policies that the use of a bug or exploit can give u a perma or temp ban, everyone is responsable of his/her account behavior... but at the same time i think is a co-responsability from NCSoft-users to give us a product with less bugs or exploits made by them... so...
  12. Finally the QA learned the lesson! gratz! its better to delay something 1 week than made a .... (u know what) in the game and be fired. Smart guys!
  13. We kisked inside the fort, but after the siege start the kisk dissapeared as divine. @Cyan knowledge: Now.. if we want to talk about Fair-Play between players, NCSoft has to work with the QA personel and stop doing rubbish in the live-server. Believe me u looks like a cheap company. 1st. As QA u should test ALL BEFORE u launch some content in live servers 2nd if the content is already launched, DO NOT manipulate the results. Yes! im asmo and im complaining.. isnt fair for all to win a siege that we dont deserve.. 3rd. If something fails... well you have to check what
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