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  1. Hi Kibbelz, regarding to the cost of the Siel Aura suscription, the team may notice that servers has a considerable amount of players from latin countries where the dollar has a really high currency change. Have you ever consider to sell this suscription in a different currency that can equilibrate the dollar change or maybe to decrease the costs so you can have this population and higher numbers in the servers? I think that many players would like to see if this is possible since the move to classic deppends of it. Think it well... less cost but more users to profit... Thanks...
  2. Sir when i read the patch notes of this maintenance i was kind... how can i say... dissapointed... lately wednesday became a "bad aion news train".. i tough it was a personal feeling but then i start to hear more users with same feeling... why? Every reset on wednesday we recieve: A boring farming event, example... the garden.. now Fissure... and when i tough on the rewards.... well.... dont motivate me at all IDD, yeah we had 100 entrance now (after 2 weeks of the main scheduled) but the drop... cant be sold... cant be broken for manastone socketing... ho yeah! we have the "c
  3. i hide the name of the GM because i think the problem is the criteria by the whole staff
  4. But what you said???? NCSoft support team say that is legal!!!! the world turned around were the bots are legal... hahahahaha Hello, Thank you for reporting this incident. We have investigated your report and determined that this is not sanctionable based on our policies since the player legitimately made some +15 Stigmas. Thank you for understanding. Regards, GM XXXXX NCSOFT Support Team I was many days reporting this sellers and that was the answer... they are legal somehow... questions to the Community Manager he has alooooot explanations to tell community, this smel
  5. You forgot something really important dear... Elys visit asmos every day at Gelkmaros to check if they are looting flowers due long boring period due the last event. Im still trying to understand how you became so strong in the last months :´(
  6. @Kibbelz I think the option to open/close details are up of the user is correct, honestly i loved this feature per the years. But what i think is that GMs should be more aware of what happens in the game, idk if they have enought tools to investigate or not, but sometimes they look a bit fool in the support platform when they have to face a report of a player who isnt doing fairplay. Isnt possible that took 1 month to be aware this were happening and deppend of the users to get a report. What i mean? every maintenance the staff MUST be aware of the changes and test it in live serv
  7. ty for the fast attention! and yes... many we didnt use garden instance due lack of extractors... 25/account... it was lack
  8. i will test this... indeed i had the Windows 10 versions KB5001330 atm im uninstalling, lets see if the game become better, ty! ❤️ Aion Team saw that? users helping users... and most of the time this happen like this
  9. Thanks... Im sorry Kibbelz, but sometimes looks intentional from this side.. tell QA that they NEED to check all the NPCs involved in a event BEFORE they put the patch in live servers, what kind of ppl you have working in that area? ok, i will calm down now. These days i had been blaming NCSoft due the non-stability of the servers due lag+disconnections and even when i sent many tickets in support with many test from them without successfull results (they just love to use the automatic copy-paste answer and dont read the messages well), and im not the only one who suffers t
  10. And now the experience extractors needs 30 flowers each one? com on!!!!
  11. Actually they dont have fresh ideas about how to take users back, after years of "ideas" of devs.. and never listening community... the end ofc is riot.
  12. Im not mean, they complained because they are in red numbers... okay! coronavirus is 1 factor... but BEFORE covid we already had problems.. and im not crucifying Kibbelz and Loki,... but people that should support them... are not working well... the result: Red numbers and less users every day... because someone in NCSoft is procrastinating... Would you pay money for this?
  13. Ho GOD! @Kibbelz What isnt clear for this guys of NCSoft? The Aion proyect is near dead and red numbers because all the team that manage Aion NA had been procrastinating per years! posting .gifs every week with cheap excuses and "bug fixes" that really dont fix anything. The 2, 3 and 4 resets that katalam server recieve is a proof of their lack effort trying to fix it.. im sorry but reseting the server many times per week wont fix any problem this is a "cheap" way to "solve" something. Even the event has problems... They still dont understand that red numbers means COMMUNITY IS TIRED OF T
  14. The problem of every wrong desition of NCSoft is more easier than they think. They just think on numbers and dont see the main reasons that users leave the game: Fix major bugs that affects performance of the game (crash with send-log, PIN bug, lag peaks, graphic crash, etc), upgrade the graphic motor! Make it simple and if works... dont move it!. Every time u upgrade a content is more complicated. For old school players (2012 and before) this game became like an obligation and stopped to be fun... Content. when i arrived near 8-9 years ago i was impresed on history of aion, the
  15. After been near 8 years here, thats exactly my current feeling, i dont spect many understand my current life between hospital (with all drama it contains due COVID) and then... arrive to do the quest for the nyerking title... then the nyerking siege at midnight to keep a General Rank... and is one of the strongest reason i stoped playing aion few days ago (Im so sorry, my body just cant continue with this insane life style). To this nightmare we add the people who is cheating that is not correctly punished (example: Kinah customers) who are still playing with the dirty kinah... or people
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