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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 2, 2019

    Finally the QA learned the lesson! gratz! its better to delay something 1 week than made a .... (u know what) in the game and be fired. Smart guys!
  2. Demaha Siege

  3. Demaha Siege

    We kisked inside the fort, but after the siege start the kisk dissapeared as divine. @Cyan knowledge: Now.. if we want to talk about Fair-Play between players, NCSoft has to work with the QA personel and stop doing rubbish in the live-server. Believe me u looks like a cheap company. 1st. As QA u should test ALL BEFORE u launch some content in live servers 2nd if the content is already launched, DO NOT manipulate the results. Yes! im asmo and im complaining.. isnt fair for all to win a siege that we dont deserve.. 3rd. If something fails... well you have to check what happened and ofc... u played with our time If after all u continue doing rubbish... u can quit this job. After all, this manipulation to give a fort to 1 faction... is corruption! Can someone tell me how can i upload a image here?, ty!
  4. Thank you Ncsoft

    I supposed u have a quality assurance team... once again you show how non-professional ncsoft are... fixing with delay and doing all with the feet.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    After all the changes (most of them negative) u made on this patch, i just hope you stop doing mistakes... but after all, you love to be in the hole the hurricane irritating the community... and showing to us that devs has NO limit of how to nyerk the game off, indeed u have no idea about how to make happy ur customers, the people who pay ur invoices. (dont forget that!) If i have to value the company in NA ... support sucks... devs sucks more, the little try to give bad news @Cyan also... sucks Aion is on intensive care atm... ty ncsoft team.. u made it awesome ¬¬"
  6. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - August 21, 2019

    After many hours waiting... and REVERTED!
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    This announce dont made us less mad.. btw...
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    Ok, then i can cancel my prestige suscription and ask for refund of this month. Why? because u decrease in every maintenance the benefits instead increase it to the general community... Indeed you forgot something that is not related to pay-to-win..... no mather ... more users.. u will have a job.. less users.. ofc less pay-to-win and someone will loose their jobs.
  9. EU Cares About His Community

    in my own experience... Getting a patch first isnt sinonim im better than others.. because maybe you can get those patchs fast.. but what about the bugs? i prefer to wait a bit and get a stable version.
  10. Songweaver PVE

    The info i gonna give is related to the last patch (6.2) not the current... A) Retune all your items until you get in this order, try to find the highest stats: Magical Acc , Magic Crit, Magical Attack... for supporting healing boost (remember in this patch sw heal less) B) Enchant all the gear (includes jewelry)... at the beggining... +5, then +10, then +13... from +13 to +15 is really important to use the next class of enchant to do this 2 last steps, can fail but it has less chanse to fail it (13-15). For COE gear... +10 is ok to do BOS and FM so you can get the Legendary gear. C) add magical acc manastones to your set, on last patch it was intended to compensate the need D) Skill Rotation, there are several rotations that some sw uses... all this need time on the doomies In last patch the stats required for FM / IDD were: 13k mag attack, 13k mag acc, 2.5k mag crit, 2.2k pve ... @Cyan in this patch is still unknown the stats for highest instances, the info we know is that dps is too low for geared ppl (all classes) so most of players are stucked because the nerfed and the rebuff on the bosses. We hope ncsoft employees are aware of this big mistake since alot ppl are considering to quit after this changes
  11. Aion Music

    Hi, as you should know some daevas appreciate the music of the game to enjoy outside the game in real life. In past updates those material were uploaded to different platforms such as spotify by the authors. Daevas should aprreciate if someone poke KR ppl to upload the last patches, since the last album in spotify is "This is our destiny". Im sure im not the only who enjoy it.. For those who use spotify and loves this music, here is a playlist of the Aion Music since Annales of Atreia to This is our destiny, i hope you can enjoy such as me Greetings to all!
  12. Danaria needs elyos incentive?

    Elysean-DN cant improve since they had alot internal problems due leadership (many wants to be the king of the montain, but only can be the king), like all the time happens... if they dont agree with current lead... the easy way to "solve" the "problem of lead" is to get the attitute of naughty little kids and do nothing for their faction... they got what they spread, nothing more, nothing less. I appreciate alot of their players that try to push every day, but until this attitute stay in their leads... nothing will change even with incentives. The only incentive they deserve is maturity and consideration for their faction mates.