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  1. So umm why does it say my position in queue is 26999? What kinda bs is this.
  2. I have made both Asmo and Elyos characters on both servers, so I have that covered. Ok ty about the Siel's Aura info. Good idea, thank you!!!
  3. Indecisive me don't know which server to play on. I want to be an elyos and enjoy both pve and pvp (even if my comp is shitty). I don't know anyone in game anymore so I don't know where anyone I use to play with is going. Also, Will we be able to buy the Siel's Aura on Wednesday or do we have to buy one the preorder packs?
  4. Um how do I get to the game settings in Aion Classic? I was just making my character so I figured I wouldn't be able to have the option to that.
  5. Yes, I had forgot they updated the launcher and thankfully Aion Classic has its own desktop icon but it was a bit glitchy making my character because the screen was flickering. Any who, thank yall l for all the help.
  6. Am I able to send a ticket in to support and they delete my accounts, or do I have to delete my accounts myself?
  7. Which patch is coming out May 27th? Is it 7.5? I lost count on the patches, or the names that is. Is this patch going to a bit better than the last patch. Have they paid a little more attention to this game since they are closing their mobile game. I am probably going to start playing again today and if anyone can link me some forums or videos I can read for more information please do. I don't want to come back complaining this time lol.
  8. Naw I didn't just quit because I couldn't jump a toon. Was moreso that I knew that my love for the game just isn't there anymore. I dont know it just doesnt seem right for me. However, I hope yall have fun in game and keep yall selves safe and same during this pandemic.
  9. Hi yall, sorry if I was not more specific. I did not know it was an event. I quickly figured out I could not after I logged in the other day. It was my quickest quitting time yet 15 minutes online and I am done lol. Thank you for the information though! Yall have a blessed day and stay safe.
  10. I am going to come back to the game today (I am tf bored) is the option of jumping a toon available. I saw the information a month or so ago and wanted to maybe jump a toon from DN to KT. Does the toon have to be fresh or can it be any level? Is it one toon per account?
  11. Hey people's children! Hope everyone is doing swell. I am just wondering if now is a good time to come back to the game? I am curious about the new patch. I kind of want to pvp more so than pve. However, I know my gear for pvp will be rubbish if I come back but I am willing to put in the effort to get pvp gear. Have the events gotten better? I got tired of the afk events I like the events that you actually actively play to receive a reward. Not just login afk and toon hop. What's the highlight of the current patch? Are the servers active?
  12. Hey yall so how is the new patch so far?
  13. So this new little update is going to be like the olden days? I do miss Katalam I am not going to lie, but you know ncsoft are the biggest trolls. I feel like if I log in on January 29th, if we are able to log in that day *rolls eyes*, that I will log out after 2 hours. Is this patch worth logging in?
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