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  1. Is it fun to do all this sh*t on 12 chars? For me it’s not, that’s why I’m only logging to do things I think that is fun, than going back to other games.
  2. Wow, I killed 11, I consider that a win. Real 40x40 is in Alterac Valley in WoW, if you’re not there, you a missing, and you can do it all day long....
  3. We could at least try, if there's enough people maybe we can make it. What about 6pm every day? Spam on LFG, people will join I think.
  4. We know Luna instance causes server crash if a lot of users enter at the same time. What if we agree to enter at same time every day at a certain time?
  5. @Kibbelz궁극적 인 변신 이벤트가 필요합니다. 당신이 커뮤니티의 말을 듣지 않기 때문에 우리는 플레이어들에게 많은 것을 잃고 있습니다. — We need an ultimate transformation event. We are losing a lot for players because you are not listening to the community.
  6. I just love Tuesday nights. @Kibbelz 궁극적 인 변신 촉진
  7. Mikey spent like 2k usd in contracts from BCM to get 2 reapeated legendary and got lucky combining them. For a guaranteed ulti, i’d day you need 10k, but you must be insane to spend that much in a game.
  8. This is what pisses me off the most... i’m in full +15 bitterhorn, pop the 1000pvp damage reducition + 20k shield, comes a CLERIC and kill me under 1 second..... and if I try to deal damage, it’s HP doesn’t even move before i’m dead!
  9. It happened to me in ID, lost one, but the next we were lucky to have the other 5 people geared, so we won. Now I never do quick entry anymore, just post it and avoid these stupid names.
  10. I’m not attacking anyone. I’m just saying there’s no people in NA administration who can speak English other than translators they hire. All the staff that is supposed to be working in NA are in Korea, and the vast majority of the Koreans do not speak English and they don’t care for it! Wake up!
  11. Guys, @Kibbelz is Korean, he’s not answering because he can’t read English. Translate it to Korean before posting in the forums.
  12. I agree... private servers have better administration, Seriously guys, go play any other non Korean mmo. I’m playing WoW Shadowlands and I’m having a lot of fun. Or if you don’t like wow, try gw2, good graphics and pvp is interesting. Or keep playing Aion, getting steamrolled by p2w rich people pressing 1 until your’re dead and begging for crumbs to this troll administration.
  13. Aion is beyond dead, here’s a picture of a not dead game! Aion during sieges has 100ish players/faction. Thats 400 players total, if we assume we have 50% that can’t siege, we have a total of 600 distinct players, most of these people don’t spend a dime on BCM. Servers and people are not cheap, ncsoft Korea is probably not profiting from NA servers, that’s why they don’t have people on NA anymore. Staff is all Korean just executing scripts on dockerized servers. 600 free players don’t pay off servers expenses.
  14. You can play freely to level 20 and game time is very cheap compared to Aion’s prestige. I created a char and initial quests are evolving, I’m liking what I’m seeing, I highly suggest you try it to. I’m tired of begging for crumbs to this Korean administration.
  15. @Kibbelz I loved that change, but I think it’s better to move the Luna reward to the lugbug daily when all 8 quests are done. People will still afk hunt in 12 chars, specially when they don’t need to buy vanilla to do it.
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