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  1. Nothing was working on the game, so I decided to relog, now I can't pass the server selection screen, anyone else experiencing this?
  2. I think server time 17:00 is good for the majority of the players, why dont you make a survey ingame to decide it?
  3. Dude, I dont want to disapoint you, but, there's no developers in NCWest, they only publish the game. Publishers only copy and paste things from the developers. The korean developers don't give a nyerk for US servers, so.. people will still use Para tools and take a lot of advantage on it. The only thing NCWest can do is take a look at logs and ban these people, but I highly believe they wont do it, even if you report them, they have better things to do with YOUR money.
  4. Wrathchild-KT


    shard wars will probably be 24/7 in the first weeks.
  5. Lol man, srsly? Some people on the thread got the joke, you didn’t.
  6. Me and my friends will rush lvl 30 pvp gear playing 24/7 from day 1. If you plan to play asmo on siel, be prepared to face an army of twinks.
  7. For me it’s ok price, if admins do work. If the game gets filled with bots and no animation hackers, i’ll get back another game. I’ll be out anyways when WoW 9.1 is released.
  8. Another question, when will people get banned for abusing last Christmas event? I’m starting to believe @MechEagIe-DNis right.
  9. @Kibbelz nice work, now answer me, when will people get banned for using para’s vanilla tool? Not that I care anymore, been having a lot of fun in WoW, but I want to see what u can do to try saving this game from cheaters.
  10. GMs are already making the /give macro of the new sets fully enchanted.
  11. Lmao, the story reapeats... this reminds me of Benny Lava legion in 1.x era. Naruto got banned for being caught cheating while steaming, then he decided to denounce that his entire legion got a full +10 abyss set from GMs, then everybody got perma banned. This happens since 1.5... not going to end now, and before people saying Kibbels confirmed it’s not a GM issue, I don’t believe him.
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