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  1. I wonder who had that amazing ideia of giving the WB a ton of class specific loot but you have to loot it ASAP or you’re getting teleported out and can’t get back because the boss room wall is now the instance entrance. 🤣
  2. Just a quick reminder, people playing from day 1 resubbing for 30 days should be with 2 days left on their sub. Avoid troubles asking for refund... cya in 1.5
  3. lol, cant even embed a video on the forums anymore?
  4. Korean Gojira event began on March 10, 2021. 1.5 was released on January. Also, on this same March 10 event Korea got the Bakarma barrier, https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/KR_Classic_-_Update_March_10th_2021. So it’s up no NCWest to release 1.5. The patch is already in our client but disabled! @Kibbelz do something!!!
  5. Well time to get back to WoW. bye NCSoft, you wont see the color of my money untill you release 1.5.
  6. @Kibbelz are you waiting the server die before you launch 1.5? srly? this is a joke..
  7. Since we’re a having a population issue, I looking forward to solo grind lvl 28 elites @ Kaindan mine. As a cleric what manastones/gear would you advice me?
  8. I’m yet to understand why you guys care so much about this game pvp. If you want to pvp, go play a pvp focused mmo that the devs care for pvp. I started playing WoW on Shadowlands patch and it has a very descent pvp system and yet people are mass quitting for FFIV because they are not happy with the devs stupid ideas. What did blizzard do? They listened to the players and are releasing 9.1.5 with lots of things the playerbase wanted. When will this happen to any Korean game? NEVER! Why? Because Korean devs are not involved with western releases. All western patches are just copy and paste
  9. ye. it's down.. proably ddos cuz no 1.5 and bakarma fix
  10. This is always been the state of Aion’s pvp
  11. Boost the spawn/drop rate of them. I probably did some 50 runs, and didn’t see the nyerk shugo. It’s just skins!! Why is the spawn rate so low? Also there are 3 earrings, they are extremely rare, and when it drops you will be rolling with 2 to 3 people, since you removed the possibilty to get SR ones, boost the TL/Adma Earrings drop!
  12. Is using animation hacks allowable or can NCsoft just not detect it? It is not that they cant detect, they can, they just dont care as long as u keep paying subscription and buying things on cash shop. Is AP trading legal? It is not, but u wont get banned for the same reason above.
  13. A chinese bot bought trio gratsword for 100m to sell that character in the black market.. this is directly kinnah to $. BTW, people figured it out SM's has 20% loot buff, so every run now I have to share loot with one.. that is what it is... just play the game and have fun.
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