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  1. Another question, when will people get banned for abusing last Christmas event? I’m starting to believe @MechEagIe-DNis right.
  2. @Kibbelz nice work, now answer me, when will people get banned for using para’s vanilla tool? Not that I care anymore, been having a lot of fun in WoW, but I want to see what u can do to try saving this game from cheaters.
  3. GMs are already making the /give macro of the new sets fully enchanted.
  4. Lmao, the story reapeats... this reminds me of Benny Lava legion in 1.x era. Naruto got banned for being caught cheating while steaming, then he decided to denounce that his entire legion got a full +10 abyss set from GMs, then everybody got perma banned. This happens since 1.5... not going to end now, and before people saying Kibbels confirmed it’s not a GM issue, I don’t believe him.
  5. This thread has all the reasons I went to WoW Shadowlands. Leveling was so entertaining , lots of cinematics and different mechanics. The most important thing is once you hit 60 the game doesn’t feel like you have to “work” instead of have fun with it. To gear up you can do WHATEVER content you like WHENEVER you want and there’s NO RNG for upgrading gear. But hey, WoW is not f2p... yeah, it’s not, but +10 gems/runes aren’t either and subscription is half of the price of a prestige. I’ll still log on Aion to do dailies and Siege because I still hope classic will come and the
  6. You forgot to mention "lack of pvp content with reasonable rewards"
  7. F2P p2w is a dead business.. for just 7$ you’ll have 30 days of whatever content you like in WoW. Just saying, You can do pvp, mythic + dungeons, ALL DAY LONG if you want it to.. 40x40 10x10 3x3 2x2, world pvp... every content I like is available ALL DAY LONG... But don’t get me wrong, I love Aion since day 1, but now I’m just loggin to do daily/weekly quests, sieges and events. This game is awesome, but this “distance” we have with Korea is too much to handle.
  8. Exactly, and besides that, there are a plenty of mmos, mobas and fps out there that u can log in and have fun. Me too, only pain in the as* part was pants, and you could farm elites all day long and do Dark Poeta whenever you wanted, instance CD was some hours insted of X entries /week. That why i’m In WoW and I suggest everyone to try it, you can do whatever instance you like whenever you want.
  9. Nahhh, I’d rather have fun on WoW than having to create, level up 11 chars and make it instance doable... PvP In this game is dead, today a solo cleric killed me and 2 fully geared people, ulti transform won’t solve the pvp problem, even if I pay thousands of dollars to get it, vandals will still one shot me. With this same thousand dollars I can pay 10 years of WoW subscription and do balanced pvp all day long.
  10. Is it fun to do all this sh*t on 12 chars? For me it’s not, that’s why I’m only logging to do things I think that is fun, than going back to other games.
  11. Wow, I killed 11, I consider that a win. Real 40x40 is in Alterac Valley in WoW, if you’re not there, you a missing, and you can do it all day long....
  12. We could at least try, if there's enough people maybe we can make it. What about 6pm every day? Spam on LFG, people will join I think.
  13. We know Luna instance causes server crash if a lot of users enter at the same time. What if we agree to enter at same time every day at a certain time?
  14. @Kibbelz궁극적 인 변신 이벤트가 필요합니다. 당신이 커뮤니티의 말을 듣지 않기 때문에 우리는 플레이어들에게 많은 것을 잃고 있습니다. — We need an ultimate transformation event. We are losing a lot for players because you are not listening to the community.
  15. I just love Tuesday nights. @Kibbelz 궁극적 인 변신 촉진
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