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@Haniya-DNHope you don't mind I put your post here so the Devs can see it because it was so immaculate:

On 12/15/2021 at 7:43 PM, Haniya-DN said:

I have my suspicions that Loki and Kibbelz might just have really skewed perspectives since they've only been with us since, what, 6.0 ish? And that was like, genuinely the worst Aion has ever been- maybe these rather crummy events seem pretty good to them compared to literally no events at all? 

I think it would help if they did some research, browsed some archives and such, and saw not only other region's current events, but NA's history and saw that in previous patches, there really were a variety of highly rewarding events for all sorts of playstyles. It's also good to observe trends in feedback- my personal observations


  • Faction in-fighting (world bosses/event bosses, limited event mobs, KS-ing)
  • Exclusively P2W/P2P (people want to at least participate in events, even if they can't get max rewards without spending- think free dice rolls on Shugo Sweep)
  • Outdated or out of touch rewards (Ancient enchants/manastones/transformations in a patch where you are expected to be full Ulti, AP relics in a patch where nothing costs AP)
  • Full AFK
  • Excessively grindy (kill count quests that were created for regions with auto-hunt, low drop rates)
  • Timed rewards (7 day enchantment stones of any kind are the worst)


  • Proactive events (running instances, PVP, group content)
  • Cosmetics (skins, motions, mounts, furniture)
  • Legendary transformations (complete collections, combine for Ulti or apostles, daily usage)
  • Account-locked alt utilization (more goodies for your main, without having to no life on alt accounts and without getting thrashed by people who do no life it)
  • Patch-relevant gear enhancement (high grade enchantment stones, gem, and runestones, runes, skin skills)
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