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Thank You!


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Hey friends,

It's the end of another week here with me having joined you all. I know I haven't been able to respond to everyone and we've had some...bumps, but I just wanted to say thank you for talking with me, walking me through the steps, and being honest with me. I've been looking at every comment and thread possible and detailing all of your feedback, and plan to continue doing so. It really helps that you all, despite frustrations, have worked with me to help discuss the topics at hand. That, along with your continued patience and kind words, critiques of items, and sharing your engagements and passions for this game really has been enlightening.

I know I only have the power and time to do so much, but I'm still hoping at the very least I can keep this pace up to keep documenting what is being said here and informing you of updates as fast as I can and as soon as I get them. It can be slow... but I'm really, really trying.

All of this—as the usually wordy person I am—is just to say, thank you. I appreciate you and your time. I appreciate your passion for this game. 

I hope you all have a good weekend. Be kind to one another, okay? 

Feel free to just chat off-topic things here with me if you'd like. Like, share more screenshots with me or tell me about your favorite music! If not, please keep general requests and other game related chitchat to the main forums topics so I can track them, okay? 

Take care, and thanks again! <3

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