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Any update on fixing the missing quest markers?


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  • Aion Team

This is a tale... a tale of one monstrous beast that continues to strike, hatred sewn deep within his heart to rise time and time again. No matter how often the Daevas would cast him down, the bloodied terror would somehow find motion to rear his ugly head once more!

His mission: To dismantle his foes slowly, by way of terror and confusion!

His target: Quest markers on the map!  *Dramatic Sound Effects*  

Will the tired, coffee driven immortals find way to defeat this madness? Somehow, someway, they will prevail! Calling upon more and more allies, they will fight hard and true to  push back the darkness and win again!


It's Friday. Please forgive me. I wanted to have some fun.

Anyways, hi! This was all to say: We're working on it, but some bugs are quite the beast! Sorry for the delay, but thanks for your patience!


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