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Chanter : need advice to play as it's the first time I play this class


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I think my all time ingame time for aion is around 10k hours and I never played chanter.  
I finally ditched my SM as I find the class really unfun and suboptimal to gear (since at lvl 50 the best pvp weap would be Triroan book with AS combined with abyss book with cast speed, leaving taha out of the picture) and wanted to be ready with my new char for when Beshmundir drops. (And be a class that would be wanted to run it).

So I went for chanter. I'm lvl 42 right now and I need a bit of advice on "obtainable" gear, stigma build for solo pve and group pve and skill rotation.

I've read every skill I have and I feel like for solo pve, best mantra are physical attack + crit + whatever. The DPS rotation doesn't really seem to matter since I only have 2 main skills which triggers a lot of different chain skills  that all have a pdef malus (and more). I just make sure to have 1 autoattack between each skill.

For the gear, I don't really know what I should aim for. I'm not found of farming AP when my main concern for now is PVE, so I guess Anuhart set is my best bet. What manastones does a chanter need in solo and group PVE? In group PVE, my dps doesn't seem it's really needed so my instinct would lead me to believe HP is the way to go. In solo, reaching 50% critrate seems to be the logical thing to do.

As for the stigma build...I have no idea. The XP is so fast that I didn't even check the available stigmas yet. Any pointer would be cool.

Thank you!

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What type of chanter do you want to be?   DPS who sometimes supports  or support who is sometimes dps.   If you are doing solo play mostly go dps stigmas with attack crit socketed. If you are going to run in a static group go support stigmas.   DC is your entry level gear to do DP A and S runs.  Run Adma/theo labs until you get your staff, rings and necklace upgrade them with DP stuff.  Get cast speed gloves ( Gold coin in abyss) if you are going to solo heal instances.  Ap is easy enough to get now start with 40e set ( Min pvp set for 2.0) and get your 50e acc.  Think I got everything yay for downtime. 

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Never start with your ranged skill ( Soul Strike asmo and Inescapable justice(?) elyos)  its a bad habit in pvpve.  I base it on the mobs and the debuff I want to start off with but I probably overthink that. Make sure you weave ( single attack in between skills to break animations)  Stuns and knockdowns are our bread and butter use that time to heal/buff ect.    Our class does really well with the movement buffs, side to side for parry, forward for attack and backwards for defense.  I like to use the blue print of an Atom for how to move around your target.    As a full support chanter your job in group is keep word of inspiration up at all times and keep your cleric alive and recovery spell on tank to make clerics life easier.

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On 4/21/2022 at 9:30 AM, Already said:

Can you please tell, where the NPC selling these gloves is standing?

Next to the general in your Abyss town Gold coin lvl 45(?) Cloth gloves.

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