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  1. If I understand it correctly they are trying to discourage botting by changing the drop rate for high value items in those areas.
  2. Title says it all if @Kibbelz Or anyone can run it up the flagpole.
  3. Structured pvp and ap trading are two different things. Make sure you record everything.
  4. The guys shown in the series of 5 videos never got banned and I believe all still have their AP gear.
  5. Who is your friends character in game? If you want this to go to the court of public opinion then let us know who it is
  6. 3rd broken event? At this point you have to wonder if it is on purpose.
  7. So you're saying the 5 videos that show the same people AP trading wasn't enough prof for an insta ban then WTF is enough proof. EVERY SINGLE AP TRADER AND ANIMATION HACKER I KNOW OF ARE STILL IN GAME, EVERY SINGLE ONE. God I hope the petition goes through and NCsoft sees how bad you guys are nyerking NA up.
  8. I am going to assume you just read what I wrote and replied without actually thinking about it. Just in case I will point out the obvious, why weren't the people shown in multiple videos AP trading banned in the "first banwave".
  9. As far as I can tell the real AP traders were not banned. All the people in those posted videos are still in game on that character. Is this NCwest proving how stupid its NA community is or was anyone actually banned?
  10. Boy are some of you going to be mad when you find out <AP trading> and <Structured PVP> are 2 different things in NC's logs
  11. This should be its own thread ON EVERY FORM OF INFORMATION SHARING CONNECTED TO AION CLASSIC. Thank you I signed.
  12. Vote with your wallet not a bad idea but apparent NCwest does not care.
  13. Man some of you are really gonna be angry when you find out <AP trading> AND < Structed PVP> are two different things in NC's eyes.
  14. 32 runs it dropped once (templar was mad he died and won it) and I had to buy it for 10m.
  15. I rolled Sel asmo this run but have been debating the switch all morning. I tried to get ahold of as many PimpS as I had contact for but only managed to get you and Tres a message. Glad all is well with you homie these last 10 years have been interesting to say the least. Either way I will find you on discord at some point and catch up.
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