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@Rin Thanks for the survey, it is great to know we are being asked for things we like. I think we should have more of these for future events and I know you can't always bring to us what we want but knowing what players need is a good indication for your next step.

I voted for transformation myself BUT that is an umbrella term, it obviously won't be the 6-month-period ultimate we get because we already got that one. But if we get it I hope it is one that we can get those impossible transforms nobody can get ingame, Apostles and the ancient transforms that are very important for collections (2xCat Doctor, 2xAncient Hanbok, 2x Winter Fox)

If we do get an event like this I personally won't have a problem you putting BCM sales too, it is what it is and the game needs money, but it shouldn't be BCM-exclusive event-sales.

At some point we need to be able to progress by playing the game.

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And sorry for double post, I couldn't edit the top post anymore.

This goes for all other options, whatever event people chose and you bring it has to be a playable one, not one that players can't participate almost at all and people can buy the progress 100% on BCM.

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  • Aion Team

Oh shoot I almost missed this one as well!

Thanks Arhangelos! The survey was definitely by the team as another way to collect your voices other than just on the forums here with me! I will deliver the message that this was liked, and your feedback around it as well! 

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