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Why are chanters left out for Extendables before 50?


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This was a issue way back when original aion was released and is still.Every class like glads,sins and even clerics get a extendable weapon yet chanters get nothing until level 50 why is it like this?

Why cant chanters either get a drop from Fire temple like glads or sins or a craftable /gold drop one?

What logic goes into leaving out 1 class and making them be at a disadvantage until level 50.I know this is unlikely to change since game devs dont use logic with design but its really dissapointing that this wasnt changed for the classic release.

@Rin it would be really nice to know why you guys think chanters dont also deserve a extendable and the logic to leave out a class from obtaining one before 50.Thanks.

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You say youve played the original game back when, but your response suggests otherwise. NA isn't changing and updating items that KR doesn't create/implement. 

Chanter isn't the only class gated from extendable weapons pre-50. Pre-50 you shouldnt even be worried about extendables either. Chanter doesn't start to become the class it is until 42-45. Aint no sense at staying 42-45. Just spend a couple hours and get 50 and enjoy the fact that you don't need any gear for people to want you in group, just that you press 3-5 skills at most.

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Coming from a chanter who has played since launch of retail. I think back in those days they overlooked the chanter class. In retail 1.0/1.5 chanter was very underpowered compared to all the classes . Skills like  stamina restoration/binding word had a ridiculous cast time to it and protective ward decreased healing and many other things and recovery spell took longer to cast if I remember . I think since the game now has some age they aren't going to be adding in a lot of weapons for beginner content.  As the previous poster stated its best to just level to 50 and get triroan /lannok staff.  

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