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Tahabata no longer dropping 6 marks.


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I know I've seen people in game talk about this but nothin on the forums. Tahabata is apparently no longer dropping 6 marks. I know this change wasn't really announced,  aside from a single sentence in a maintenance notice, but there's been no notice from 6 back to 1. I was under the impression that the 6 mark drop was going to be permanent going forward. There was no announcement of this change and I'm wondering if it's bug?

To be clear, I have not run DP myself. With 2 confirmations from people that taha is only dropping 1, I'm not bothering with it.

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14 hours ago, Fumoffu-KT said:

I always thought they meant 6 per party, aka 1 per person. Was that not the case? Did they bug it so that you can actually get 6 per person? If you were able to exploit this I don't think it's by design...

They increased it in some patch since it's "old content" now although still pretty solid weapons.

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