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Schedule for Crimson Katalam-Crimson Danaria corridor spawns, please?


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I tried to find it on the forum and on Google, but I didn't. A recent mentioning of it, like it spawns every 3 hours like 00:00, 03:00, 06:00 etc, is far not complete. The corridor DOESN'I spawn every 3 hours the whole day! I caught the time today (Sunday) at 9:00 CT when Crimson Katalam gate and Demaha gate in gelkmaros appeared together, hoped to do the teleport quest on several toons but no, the Corridor didn't appear!  I'm kinda confused,  which character I need to log in at which time to do this quest, cause accounts load slowly, the corridor only works for 20 min, and some of my toons still have the coffin buff remaining from the past event, I  wanna spend it usefully. 

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