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I wanted to make a suggestion to help with balance. I suggested it mixed in with another subject, but this thread is specifically about Apostle transformations.

There is a massive imbalance now as Elyos have gotten over 500 Apostles since the Agents first came out to get crit dmg up and now crit defense with one of the rare 4 apostles. Asmo have gotten 2 agents in all these months I think. That was the only time we had equal numbers and was at like 6AM.

So that's the problem. The second problem that has caused massive imbalance (other is paragon gear).

Open to suggestions, but you have to make the Apostles now available to Asmo in some form and that is NOT Agent or Ardath. Selling them won't work. There is a deficit of 500+ Apostles since February when 8.1 came out. If you don't make that up, at least partially, there will not be good pvp or sieges or anything. The game is broken that way. Even our best and most hardcore PVPers just leave when the impossible to PVP Elyos show up. @EMpulseyou should see siege now - aside from some questionable decisions by shallnotbenamed Elyos take all the forts and its a miracle if Asmo take one - also Elyos DPS is insane on Agent, Ardath, Siege, Gates etc.

An event won't fix this - you have to sacrifice and make them obtainable - make money on other stuff. Otherwise people will soon stop going to siege and just PVE or something? Or quit. It isn't good for the community - much infighting etc..


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5 hours ago, Zappies-DN said:

Great ideas. Hopefully faster way if they did frags - like Azphel not Ariel (months).

Ariel was hard for us because getting renown in enemy map (Ingisson) was impossible, same to Silentera was hard. But now you can do it pretty fast so it takes less than 2 months to get all the fragments.

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