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NC Launcher 2 can't log in


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Please help, for 3 days now I can't manage to log in. It always says: Failed to log in (0) Please try again later.

I just don't know what to do! Nothing seems to work. It's not a problem with my ISP, using exitlag or WTFast doesn't help either. I tried another account and zero, nada, nothing.


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I have the same issue from time to time, in fact thats why Im here now. I used hit the SCAN button down in the right corner and some times that will fix it, but it doesnt seem to be working today. Not sure why this happens, on other games its because the server is over loaded with people trying to log in.

My method: Try logging if that doesnt work, then scan game files. Try logging in again. If that doesnt work exit the launcher immediately scan files then log in again. Other than I have never found a work around for this issue, but know you arent the only one who has the issue.


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