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doubt of missions

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I'm not the least bit familiar with this quest, however, I was able to find some info on it.~ It seems to be part of a chain quest, so it has quite a few pre-requisite quests you will need to do first. The names of the quests are links to pages that will give you information about each quest.~

The first quest is: [Group] To Catch a Dragon given by Anusis. 

Followed by: [Group] Destruction and Rebirth given by Anusis again as far as I can tell.

Third: [Group] Fire and Ice Anusis again~

And then finally the quest you inquired about completes the chain: [Group] To Master The Dragon Also seems to come from (and hand in to) Anusis. 
 I hope this helps!~ 

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You have to gather all the instance fragments starting with lower chambers. If you managed to outlevel that one, the quest is impossible to complete. After you proceed to upper outer which again has a level restriction in classic. Next upper inner chambers. The last part was in Indratu fortress.

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