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New Classes and Armor?


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Is there any chance that Aion Classic gets the Bard Class back?

I loved bards really. The designs of weapons were so awesome and i loved their playstyle ❤️


And is there any chance that we get the Kahrun update for the Kahrun Armor? The really best Armor for clerics >.<

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I do believe they have already stated that the 4.x+ classes (Bard/Gunner/Aethertech/Painter) will never be introduced to Aion Classic. However, we are seeing some brand new classes already on Korea and more planned to come! The newest class is Executioner, though it's a physical class and requires skill knowledge to play well. Kahrun armor may be in the future depending on what they do. They have currently confirmed some of the 3.0 maps but as of yet we don't have much details about that other than the fact that they're working on revamping Sarpan. 

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2 hours ago, Cyfur said:

There is a new class coming to KR and it's new, not a Bard more like a sin.


It's actually already out, as of late 2022~ It plays kind of like a mid-range assassin. You need to learn your skills and whatnot to play it effectively in PvP. I was actually surprised at how well-balanced it is. I leveled one over on KR.~ It didn't feel OP at all the way gunner and the other 4.x+ classes did when they were released. 

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