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Change Siege and Dregion, tiak time


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In the regions of Canada where daylight saving time is used, it begins on the second Sunday of March at 2 a.m. and ends on the first Sunday in November at 2 a.m.

So now because of the time change i cannot do Tiak and abyss siege.

Am in Eastern time zone UTC-4

I was able to do Tiak  like 21h and Diedge at 19h, Ingg and Gelk Siege 20h ,not Siege at 22h. In weekend i was able to do Divine 23h.

Now am able to do Dredge 20h and Ingg Gelk siege 20h, but won't be able to do Tiak 22h and abyss siege 23h.

I would like to see time schedule change in a way that i can take part of siege and pvp instances.

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The way sieges are now, like a PvE event without any reward for the legion conquering/holding/defending the fortress, sieges might as well happen differently.
Something like:

  • Every siege now happens again n hours before or after the current one
  • Remove all abyss points gained from any siege mob
  • Remove all medals rewarded from siege
  • Implement new daily quests rewarding abyss points and medals
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Siege and ddg/tiak times make no sense at all, with most of players in Europe and Asia. The current times cater only to Americans, which are a very small minority in the pool of active players in this server.

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