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Stuck in Sanctum

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I am playing as the new class Soldier and at lvl20 in Sanctum but if i try to teleport to next destination it says I can't until I complete quest but have no quests for Sanctum. I have a yellow quest to go to Eltnen but it wont let me. I have some blue quests but all for different places. Has anyone else got this ???

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9 hours ago, Zurl said:

So why is this not happening on the Nezekan server?

I can TP in and out of Sanctum on my Executor with no problem, tested it yesterday.


They might of fixed it with Nezekan because of it's later release but either forgot or having worked out a way to fix Siel. I have tried for days to get it too work. Luckily I have got out now but obliviously would prefer a fix as scrolls cost more. 

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