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2nd anniversary survey glitch

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I hope a Game Admin or Game Master can read this. There are some players who are logged on right before today's Maintenance shutdown received two survey (Before and After Maintenance). One of my toon did in fact get two survey which i picked 55e shoes and gloves. 

I believe this is unfair for other players. Please fix or make everyone get 2 surveys. 



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When the first survey popped up and I clicked on it. I was disconnected from server and when I logged back in my survey was gone, how convenient.

I hope something is done about this. But knowing NC……guess those who missed it is SOL.

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Thank you for contacting Aion Support Team.

We are not aware of any announcement that the players will receive any survey rewards before maintenance, and it's possible that the other players you're referring to were only not claiming their old survey rewards on their characters that come from the previous events that have passed. Unfortunately, we are unable to grant your request in this case, and we can only ask for your kind understanding.

However, if you have other concerns or inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us again.


GM Treez
NCSOFT Support Team

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GM Treez still stands that players were just collecting old surveys from past events. We who were on when the survey popped 1hr before maintenance know it was the same survey that popped after maintenance. 

So those who got 2x rewards from 2x of the same survey, grats. Those who missed it your just SOL because it never happened I guess.

Moving on…… 

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