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Attention: Player of P2W were quit


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We can tell that most of eloys of p2w were quit here, the main reason is that they cannot find opponents who are truly competent(with full paragon gears).

I don't believe their departure benefits the game in any way, on the contrary, it may diminish the game company's performance. Without a source of income, who will pay the employees' salaries and be responsible for server maintenance and game development? If one day aion were to shut down, it wouldn't necessarily lead to the game company going bankrupt because they have other products, such as Lineage, Guild Wars, and Blade & Soul.

We can't attribute the problem solely to Paragon because it is just a part of the game.  So the question is how to make Paragon more easier, balancing the power between eloys and asmo, and avoiding overwhelming dominance.      

Is anyone still remembering this event? ===Additional Paragon Rewards Promotion  (   https://www.aiononline.com/en-us/news/yornunerk-promo  )

Players will receive a maximum of one +8 Paragon Equipment Selection Box for meeting the following criteria:

Consume over 100 Ultimate Paragon Enchantment Stones or Blessed Ultimate Paragon Stones.

Players can mix and match the consumed amount of Ultimate and Blessed stones to achieve the total 100 consumed requirements. (Example: you may use 50 Ultimate and 50 Blessed to be eligible.)

Not just paragon sales again and again, put paragon events and paragon sales together . please let more player get paragon gears, if we cannot remove paragon.


                                                                                                          We are looking forward to hearing from you

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It is obvious that Wissp is not allowed to communicate with us, Wissp it has nearly been a month, If they answer your question @Ultimoranger it means they ignored the rest of the community plea for an update on the luna situation.

We can assume they do not care or NCsoft wont let them talk about it.

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We leave because too many BOTs feed one main account

I quit because last SNOWBALL events
I spent $1300 for new ultimate transfom but got shit nothing happend

And I know WHO da hell trade snowballs from their bot accounts and got new ultimate xfom being lucky and post fake WTB on discord
they got new ulti FREE anyway , they always AFK druing event and came back with so many good things, HOW? got everything on AFK?

I AM A JELLY I AM JELLY yes I dont have hundred accounts OK no problem BYE AION tired fight with these cheaters and bot army
There is no any reason let me stay and spend money here again

Bye Dude Bye Aion

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