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About the Nezacan server

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The new server must supply the order form through the questionnaire. This is what operators should do in any game. How do you want me to play the game? In addition, if the number of relative clans is small, the occupation can be achieved only when benefits are given during the siege. Look at the current Nezacan server occupation. Also, like Korea, you have to give items to users through Devapass.


We can't take over at the siege of Gelk because we don't have people. In this case. Please always open the construction of the transition from the village of Gelk to Ingis. And, operator if you guys want to generate revenue, you guys can set it up so we can get pvp items through Devapath. And, if there are many fortresses occupied by the other clan. You should give pvp benefits to the weak relative race.


There are no orders and no people. Then we have to make and use it ourselves. We need to do an event so that we can quickly improve our proficiency in collecting or odors. We're having a very hard time growing up so that we can get a place in the game.
People give up the game if it's too hard.If you think about it a little bit, you can make a profit, and we can enjoy the game. If you feel marketing is difficult, just look at the current Korean server and copy it.Good luck.

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The trouble is that most of the Asmos stopped playing on Nezekan.

The Asmos were the first faction to take a fort in Gelk/Inggison. Aslmos have 29 officers that can xform the Elyos have 33.

For a month the Asmos had 10 more officers than the Elyos of 5 star or higher, that has now changed.

Where the Asmos went I don't know, I don't really care,  there is no problem getting into PvP instances.

If you want to take forts roll Elyos, they haven't stopped playing.

I have no idea what you mean by "orders" or "order form". I presume English isn't your first language, and you have a translation problem.

Nor do I know what you mean by a "clan" is that supposed to be a Faction or a Legion, or something else?




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