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Minimum stat requirement for BTHM


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Hi, I need some advice on Aion Classic endgame. I want to progress into BTHM as Templar, but I am not very clear as what are the minimum required HP, stigma and strategies.


I tried asking around in game, but most of the answer I get is like "Well, it is up to your playstyle". For example, BTHM first boss usually requires kiting which is fine, but I am also playing from Oceania region which probably screws with a lot of the timing due to high ping. Even when I do try to kite, I feel like I can't survive the subsequent auto-attack from the boss after his Conqueror's Blade.

Hence, I ask:

1. What is the absolute MINIMUM HP (UNBUFF'ed) do I need to tackle BTHM?

2. Is the full support tree of Greater Stigma required for minimum gear?

3. Is it possible to simply face-tank the first boss in BTHM?


Thanks in advance

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My templar hit 55 two weeks ago. To get ready for besh I have been getting wrecked in arena of discipline and have the full Tac NCO plate set, shield, and sword. I have fully socketed this with white Hp Stones. I have with chanter buffs about 15,000hp, and slightly less without. I am almost full Empyrean Providence (Need like 50k more AP for EP).

Laksyaka hits like a truck when you are base geared so face tanking is sometimes not possible. There are parts of the fight you cannot facetank. He debuffs you so that healing skills are less effective. You will also want a cleric and a chanter and will want to let them know you are very baseline geared. During the fight he will raise his arms, signaling a coming attack. He will hit you with 3 normal swings, then a powerful forward attack. After that you will want to run out to avoid his doom lure and 3 powerful aoes. Keep up this rhythm until he falls beneath 25% and says "You're pretty good". At this point he will begin using Certain Doom. Without Ironskin this skill WILL KILL YOU. Save your ironskin for this point. If you have good DPS in your group they'll burn him before you die, if not he will cycle through your party Certain Dooming everyone until you wipe. A good cleric can rez chain through this, but don't expect it.

So my takeaway:
Tac gear is fine.
White hp stones are fine.
Both of the above hangs on being full defense spec.
Find a good cleric/chanter combo.

Alternatively, my gladiator is a full anuhart set with no HP slotted. about 12,000 hp with buffs and he can survive up until Certain Doom. Past that it's a DPS race.

I would say shoot for about 13,000 Hp as a safe point because ironskin really does the heavy lifting.

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hi hi.

the most important stats for pve in aion, for physical, accuracy and crit, for magical magical accuracy and magic boost, now if we talk about the minimun we would have something like this:

Physical, at least 2200 accuracy, at least 500 crit, those stats by yourself, are going to be good, that means you can get there using food and scrolls, now in a more advanced moment, after you get the gears, you should probably be over 2300 accuracy and over 600 crit but aditionally you will be able to add a lot of attack power, and also as physical class, you should use power shards, i normally use the greater, blue ones, becouse the others are too expensive and money is almost luxury at the moment.

Magical, at least 1500 magic accuracy and if possible, 2700 magic boost with chanter mantras and buffs, also food and scrolls, in the case of sorc, if at the time you get gears you can also increase magic crit, its gonna be a nice boost, in my case, ive been getting udas and lower udas temple accesories, rings, earrings and necklace give crit spell, when you are geared as cloth, for pve, you could socket extra hp and you would be a bit more tanky, which eventually in case of emergency, could save you, also some sorc for example, replaces the robe of flame to get extra magic boost for a different buff to get extra elemental defense, still assuring 2700 magic boost thanks to chanter.

about BT bosses there are tricks, for example, if you tank Captain Lakhara standing, at a really specific distance (as i normally say, keep one of your character foot slighly inside the red circle of target around the boss), that will cause that the boss cant pull you, you will get the damage but not the pull effect and thanks to that you will be able to move aside and avoid all those 3 spins he does, giving healers time to keep you hp up and avoiding the debuff he gives on those, then you can move back into the fight right when he is doing the animation of the third spin.

Manadar, your teammates can time aoe damage to destroy the traps, that will make the fight easier and faster as everyone will be able to stay close to the boss and dps all out.

Isbarilla 50 %, use aether armor (this can resist a lot of damage from the orbs) and your hp buffs to survive the light orbs, also move if you see the orbs are chasing you.

Isbarilla 25 %, move at least 8 metters away to avoid fear or use extendable to fight relaxed at 6 - 7 metters distance all the time, you wont get feared, also if you cant do any those, tank the boss facing the wall, if you get fear, you wont be able to advance far away and you will be able to get the dispell.

Stormwing, use hp self hp increase buffs after 50 %, and use group hp increase buffs at enrage, around 30 - 25 %, also, at that last phase, you can use aether armor, after that you can use iron skin, and keep always a jelly ready to get dp, you could use 2 k shield and in case of emergency, recover 100 % hp, sometimes after 50 % you get really high dmg becouse there are random hits from lightning skills, so be prepared to take your hp up with potions, ap potions or dp if necesary, not all the deads are cleric's fault. If you want to play safe there, dissable auto aproach, you can get 1 shotted by twisters that spawn after certain skills.

about the gears required to tank bt, my first time there was with my old templar Catnoir, i used to tank using my dark poeta set socketed with critical but my healers were excelent, gladys can also tank that but when healers are excelent, to make it safer, use support stigmas, at least tac gear, a couple of pieces socketed with hp, and first of all, get a tahabata greasword, you will hardly ever need to use shield, becouse shields are only good when you can guarantee you will block a skill, thats only possible with skills like cry of ridicule and shield of fate, 2 k dp if you are elyos, only in those moments is good to use shield, so as templar, assure your accuracy first, get the taha sword, mace and shield you can get anything to start, learn the tricks, learn the mechanics, and thats it.

i will share a couple of vids about bt as tank:

this was long ago, anuhar lvl 50 dark poeta gear i think

 This one is a tactic to increase agro, switching to sword shield to taunt and dps with gs

and this is a more updated video full run on elyos templar, full bt

i hope it helps :P, have fun

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