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derd and tiak

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derd and tiak too

I think if you don't enter like Arena of discipline, Arena of glory, Arena of harmony, the number of times should be eliminated

What do you all think?

There are so many cases where no one comes in

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I find that when I do Quick Entry for Drege or Tiak, on my Nezekan character, that most of the group is from Siel and AFK.

I usually just quit and do something else, this happens day after day.

Of course on Nezekan you don't see pre-made groups forming,  they only occur in the legion enclaves, not publicly. LFG is dead.

I also play on the EU servers, and it's rare to  find someone afk in Dredge and Tiak, it's obviously an attitude thing, I don't think there is a fix for that.

The EU servers go to patch 2.0 tomorrow, so that will be how I get to do those instances.

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