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[Event] Stormwing's Loyal Event Boxes deletion with less than 24 hours notice

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The patch notes for August 22, 2023 were posted on Monday, August 21, at 7:10 PM. That gave us less than 24 hours notice to login to all our characters and open up the boxes. Most events delete the items of an event a week after the acquisition period of the event ends. I don't understand why Stormwing Event doesn't operate th

All my Stormwing boxes that I dilligently worked every day to login and obtain were deleted, with less than 24 hours notice, I wasn't able to read the patch notes on Monday night to figure out that I need to login on Tuesday before maintenance to open all the boxes.

This has happened in previous Stormwing events, where everyone's boxes are suddnelydeleted with very little notice to open them. 

Can we please have a week to open our deleted boxes after the end of the Stormwing event?

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Yes, in fact, it seems wrong to me because you earned it with your work and your time, sometimes you don't sleep so that on maintenance day you don't open the boxes and they just delete them and you send a ticker and it answers you, we have .. I don't know why in this event they decided to post that if the past years were not like that they do something well and erase it with their elbow

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