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Make Siel Aura giftable

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tried to gift couple friends siel aura so they can give a chance into classic NA but nope is not allowed, also aura isnt  tradeable via broker so there is no way to bring new ppl at least for 1 month.  if there is one smart guy in NCSFOT HQ should make it giftable  its a win win for ncsoft, i repeat not asking to make it able to purcharse with other methods, just asking to make it giftable via website just like dota2 and many games in 2023.  literally im asking you to milk my money.  kRqwOSM.png

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The truth is that a few months ago some friends came to the aion classic and they really liked it but the 2 hours of siel aura were not enough and they couldn't buy the aura due to problems with the bank. I wanted to give away Siel's aura and I couldn't because they don't have that option. I would like them to take this into account since this way more people would come to the server and it would be beneficial for everyone.

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