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Classic Server Maintenance - November 7, 2023


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  • Aion Team

Classic Server - 11/07/2023 Maintenance

3:00 PM PST. See your time zone here: https://everytimezone.com/s/11d62be3

Estimated Downtime:
~2 hours 45 minutes


  • Classic Winter Bundle Promotion Begins
    • Duration: November 7 – November 21
  • Harvest Revel Transformation Candies Ends
  • Store Update: Luminarie Masquerade Ends
  • Beginner Special Bundle Ends
  • Mysterious/Brilliant Lockbox Season 1 Item Deletion
    • Mysterious Lockbox
    • Brilliant Lockbox
    • Mysterious Lockbox Key
    • Brilliant Lockbox Key

Thank you!
The Aion Team

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30 minutes ago, JBLD said:

@Roseae When are the brilliant lockbox keys that we have purchased going to be replaced with the v2 lockbox keys? (since we spent money on them).

LOL, I saved my keys just in case, but who we kidding they aren't going to replace them. Maybe if enough ppl complain they might provide some meager compensation or survey, so i would just move past that now before you have your hopes crushed.

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10 hours ago, Shirene-DN said:

So we get 7 manastones for $45, nice deal. We just need around $5-6000 to socket 1 set of gear, if lucky.

6000/45 is is ~133.

It took 133 Attack 5s to end up with 0 socketed on both my sin and glad on a single piece of gear. (142 on my Sin's 50e pants, ~160 on my glad's gloves). 

$6000 gets you 1 piece of a 5 armor set not including weapons to socket. We at $30,000 for a full set of gear. 


Granted some pieces go in relatively nicely, sub 50 stones, but yeah, this screams Korean business, and we all know Koreans don't know how to make money. 

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lmfao quit the game, anything Korean is bad.
AION has one of the worst community's ever, its either you play with toxic asians or bad brazilians you cant really pick one. '' I HAVE CLIPS OF DISCORD RAGE LOL ''
every regular working NA person is playing either WoW or CS2, nobody will waste time on a game that has zero account progression but character only. I value my time sorry im not gonna run around the new area 400 times for full set of gear that i have to enchant and socket again. and then i cant even trade my OLD gear to my alts because NCsoft is like that.
Milking aion for profits hard af 


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