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Classic Server Maintenance - November 21


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  • Aion Team

Classic Server - 11/21/2023 Maintenance

3:00 PM PST. See your time zone here: https://everytimezone.com/s/58b25693

Estimated Downtime:
~3 hours


  • Unlearn Master Knowledge and Unlearn Expert Knowledge will be Added
    • Postponed to November 28
  • Store Update: BEST Motion Card Promotion Begins
    • Duration: November 21 – December 5
  • Black Friday Sale Begins
    • Duration: November 21 – December 5
  • Daeva Pass Season 31 Begins
    • Duration: Duration: November 21 – December 19
      • Season Ends: December 17
  • Daeva Pass Season 30 Ends
  • Classic Winter Bundle Ends
  • Empyrean Lord's Gift Event Ends
  • Item Deletion: [Event] Mysterious Gem
    • November 21
  • Reward Distribution: [Event] Elite Primus Pilus Weapon Selection Box
    • November 21 → November 28

Thank you!
The Aion Team

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Don't act surprised when your game  tanks.

Your subscribers have been warning you about the state of the game for months, which has fallen on deaf ears.

The more people that leave the game, the more you add p2w avenues in order to recoup some of those losses, which in turn makes more people leave.

This is not sustainable.

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I never expected anything from this game and even so, they managed to disappoint everyone. 

Black Friday skins are just the same skins that were already provided on discount a few weeks ago and no one wants them, the motion card is just 4, and even for cosmetics now we need to RNG, this Daeva pass is the worst so far but this is not new the Daeva pass is just getting worse every month and they delay another week the PVP weapon because YOLO. 


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