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An Old Newbies questions


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Having played Aion for 2 years I thought I would remember what to do but its been 7 years and my memory is very bad. I left Aion when they spoilt the game taking away quests and losing the PvE which is my favourite as I've got Asperger's and find PvP too difficult.

When Classic came out I was so pleased but I also didn't realise how much I had forgotten.

I have a couple of questions about Kromede's Trial and General ones:

1. I have managed to finish it twice but since then I.m a level higher but Kaliga keeps killing me now , any tips would be excellent.

2. To get the key from Kaliga at the end do I kill everyone or do I ignore the other two bosses.

3. I'm level 39 is it worth it killing everything in Kromede's trial for experience only ( after Key)

4. I'm really struggling with Lvl 35 quests and higher even though i'm level 39 and as for main quest lvl 29.

5. I'm really struggling to get enough Kinah as every way from old seems to not be worth it now. 


Any help with these questions I say a big thank you 

Hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a great New Year 

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You can skip Kromede's Trial pretty easily now. Just focus on campaigns until you hit 50. 

Save your kinah for getting skills while leveling, and only take the skills you need. You don't need every rank of every skill.

You can use Teleport to quest NPC in most zones to save on travel fees as well

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hi hi, im so late in this but im still gonna post some info :P.

First of all, you only need campaign quests to lvl up, there is a kind of block while leveling becouse u cant do the quests while u are 22-23 and sometimes there is no more to do, in that case, there are in elnen and morheim, some blue quests, those are easy quests to reach lvl 25, and then continue with campaigns.

Stop at lvl 44 and go to steel rake, don even think on FT or krom trial, those are totally useless now, but steel rake is actually great, go there and kill only what is on ur way, advance asap, you dont need sr for lvl, you need it for gears, so make sure u do all the quests rewarding you with gears and keep going campaigns until lvl 51.

Once you can run Taloc, go there and skip all mobs, head only for bosses, and multy run that to get accesories and lvl, keep on it unti you reach lvl 58, i have an example here:



Make sure you unlock tempus which is going to be your weapon source, after 7 rank S runs, you can get tahabata's weapon selection box, which is amazing.

tempus example video here:


Paralelly, do your weeklies, camps and forts in inggison and gelkmaros, there is a permanent rift in gelk and inggi main fortresses to go to the oposite map, those weeklies pay platinum medals and red tokens to get lvl 55 fabled gear cheaper.

Also,  go dailie to dredgion, tiak, and apheta beluslan dailies (for the new medal).

About the medals, you can transform new medal (black gold) into platinum, and platinum (eternal gear and accs med) into sapphire (fabled gear  and accs med), and thre is a morph method to transform 3 sapphire medals into 2 sapphire medal tradeable (it becomes a tradeable box), thats how u can make extra kinah, or just gear up using alts help.

A last tip for the pvp, go to reshanta or centain places at ingi - gelk, and talk to the npc which recruits you for daily work, fortuners, crusaders, i dont remember the name xD, ask for it to the faction mates, thats a way to get tokens that help with ap or even godstones, remember this last one can also be gotten through pvp quests that you can take in reshanta, and its about killing all ranks oposite faction players.

About pve, there are 3 popular gears to farm, Beshmundir, Padmarashka, Veile/Mastarius.

Beshmundir: is the BTHM or beshmundir temple hard mode gear, low drop rate but kinda easy content depending on the team you have.

Padmarasha: you can get gear and weapon here, but its kinda restricted to 1 entry per day, this is probably the most recomended weapon you can get at the moment but the drop rate is really low, also, the gear is almost impossible to farm or complete unless there is an event, this place requires high dps to have a smoth experience, otherwise, you could be there for a long time, and btw, its a 6 man dungeon now.

Veile/Mastarius: every friday, one week in gelk and the next one at inggi, there is a kind of pvpve war between those guardians Veile and Mastarius, by participating there, you have the chance to get extendable weapons from the boss and the belt or shash with pve + dmg stat, but, if you dont kill the guardian, there is still reward based on your contribution, if you dont kill the boss, i think you will get evaluated by the ap you could get inside the contribution area and according to it, you will get a mail, it can give you eternal armor or weapon, which is tradeable through a system called integrated world trade.

Thats last is probably the hardest way to gear up, so i'd say, go bt to then get access to the latest content.

Aditionally, there is a dungeon called Telos of the forgoten, it kinda replaces Upper abbyss ap dungeons, the old barracks, but not just that, Telos drops also unique stigmas for lvl 55 and some of them are really expensive, the place is easy so dont be afraid to apply to the teams you see in LFG.

Once u have finished homework and u get a decent gear, you can try the latest and hardest dungeons, Telos of the dragon lord (tiamat dungeon, dont remember exactly the name) and Phaistos Disk, those have long and hard mechanics so make sure to go prepared when u decide to try, recomended to get a static team for it. Tiamat drops lvl 55 unique stigma (different from telos of the forgoten one) while phaistos drops skillbook for glide, which is totally necesary as it enables a system for a new skill (also skillbook).

thats just a summary but thats what you need to focus on and what you need to know to be kinda updated with the game, maybe im missing a couple of things but anything u need just ask players, most of the ppl in the server is really helpful, there is toxic ppl also but i think they are not too many fortunately :P.

About the money, Apheta beluslan pays kinah in all the daily quests, and there is a shugo system where you buy items with a different currency (which u get by doing apheta dailies) and then you can exchange those items in specific bases (which the items you buy to the shugo, define) for money or other items.


I hope it helps, have fun :P 

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