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After shutting down game, still says logged in?

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I'm a new player to Aion Classic and I've looked online to see if there was a resolution to the issue I'm having, with no results.  When I log off the game, the next time I go to log back in, the launcher still says "running".  The time between logins could be a few days or a few hours, it doesn't let me log back in.  The only work around I've found is to reboot the computer or log out of my windows login, then log back in.   

Has anyone else had this issue and is there a fix?

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13 minutes ago, Zahreena said:

I have the same issue.  I guess it's been a bug for a while now and there's not a fix I know of.  I reboot my computer as well. 🙄  It's rather annoying.

It's a bug introduced with the 2.8 patch. Prior to that I never had the problem even once.

As noted in other threads, it happens on multiple PCs, even after a clean install.


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There is a semi easy fix that I found for myself.  I'm on Win 11.  Set the launcher to minimize to tray while game is running.  When I exit the launcher stays minimized showing me it's still running.  Right click on the task bar down bottom and open the task manager.  You'll see Aion.bin still running.  Just end that task and game will work again.  No need to restart.

Edit:  As long as the launcher is up on the screen you can't see the Aion.bin in task manager.  Why I have it set to minimize to tray instead of always having to close and re-open the launcher.

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