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Amateur Essencetapping skill

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So, i'm a lvl 81 Elyos who hasn't played in years, - I almost forgot how to play - and came back a few weeks ago. I'm stuck in You Need Faith quest 'cause my Amateur Essencetapping skill is lvl 1. I have no idea how to level up this skill, 'cause I couldn't find anything my level to harvest. Not in Poeta, Heroin or Oriel. I tried to follow some tutorials, but they're all for lvls 40+. And the maps I found showing where to find lvl 1 gatherables (Aria) don't seem to work since Verteron was deleted years ago. I even bought the Novice Essencetapping Hat, but it shows me nothing. Do you have any idea how I can level this skill up so I can finally complete the You Need Faith quest?

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Method One:

  • Start in Iggison.
  • Purchase as many Premium Essencetappers as you can from Esdio <Aetherforging Quartermaster>
  • Starting just outside the fortress gather [Raz] until level 20.
  • Move to Soteria Sanctuary and gather [Hasia] until level 40.
  • Head to Undirborg Observation Post and gather [Ferilla].
  • Reaching Angrief you will find [Magic Crystal] 60 and [Titania] 80.


Method Two:

  • Purchase as many Premium Essencetappers as you can from Esdio in Iggison.
  • Check that you have enough time on your Dimensional Hourglass. If not refill it with an hourglass. (2 freebies on the Deava Pass)
  • Use the portal to travel to Lakrum.
  • Gather [Shining Raz] outside the main area. This is a safe zone (marked in purple on your map) and you cannot be attacked by other players while you’re trying to level your Essencetapping.
  • Follow the path north to Lebu Forest Scout Post for [Shining Hasia].
  • Continue to Hymn of Aion Legion Garrison for [Shining Ferilla].
  • Now South through the center of Endorim for [Shining Titania].
  • Finish at the Devastated Coast with [Shining Magic Crystal].


Regular nodes are 1 pull = 1 material. Shining nodes are 1 pull = 1 shining material which can be opened for 2-3 regular materials.

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