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Hearts Reward Statistics - Post your results

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I got 300 hearts so far and opened them. Some are form my main and an alt which I did the Q, some are purchased from friends who needed the kinah and some are purchased from broker.

My problem is that reset stones stack only 100 per slot!!!
Those a-miniums couldn't be more useless. There is no way to get a-minions anymore, only a quest in Apsaranta, which is near the enemy base and there are npcs there that can 1-shot you all the way to 2030.
I personally do not need the Daevanion essences.
And if I could wish for Berdin's vs Abyssals, I think Berdin's are more useful (the only way to burn Abyssal Stars are from Herelym Mine which you nerfed as much as you could).

These are my statistics ( @The Secret Cow Level do your thing)

(The first column shows how many hearts gave me the said reward, for example 54 hearts gave me Berdin's Giant Lucky Star, but they give 5 stars per reward, so a total of 270 is earned)




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