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Weekly Maintenance - February 27, 2024


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Weekly Maintenance - February 27, 2024

3:00 PM PST. See your time zone here: https://everytimezone.com/s/9077938b

Estimated Downtime
2 hours 30 minutes


  • Hanbok Pixel Bundle Promotion
    • Transformation Combination Bonus Rewards Distribution (Delayed)
      • February 27
  • Shugo Event Pass Item Deletion
  • Apsaranta Season 5 will end on March 5 (Extended by 1 week)
    • New Asparanta Season 5-1 will begin March 5 - September 17
    • Empyrean Lord
      • No changes – Ariel/Azphel
      • No changes to Agent Battle
    • Legion Renown
      • *Legion Renown will be reset on March 5
    • Items
      • Ariel/Azphel Empyrean Lord’s Relic
      • *Ariel/Azphel Empyrean Lord’s Relic level will be reset on March 5
    • No changes to Empyrean Lord's Holy Water (No Deletion)
    • No changes to Empyrean Lord Amulet (No Reset/No Deletion)
    • No changes to Sharkel (No Deletion)
  • Quests
    • No changes to Legion Quest
    • No changes to Epic Quests
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Great, so lets reset everyones progress anyway so they have to grind all over again or have a reason to pay "us" for premium pass because "we" cant be bothered to create new content, amazing. "New season" usually suggest new content, but NCPurple have reinvented the meaning of words again.

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There is so much wrong with this posting its not even funny.

Welcome to Patch 8.whogivesa!@#$.  By NCSOFT.  Run out of Lords and Ladies to stretch out for 3 years?   So your just simply going to reset.... 


Your going to start the Rotation all over again, giving players who only joined in the last year + a chance to get the First Agents Transformation Scrolls. 

Oh wait, that means actually having to delete current items which sucks cause of all the promo's you've got going on like the BCM New Year's Fairy's you['l have to reprogram them to give the proper Waters.  And your to lazy for that.  Fact. 

Make all Holy Waters good for All Relics. Period. And Start the Rotation over again and lets shorten it about how about every 3 months since there's a total of 6 different pairs.

Its the very least you can do since you hvaen't spent any money on the future of this game as far as new content goes.  At least be good at rotating though current content. Don't suck at everything.


Rowen - I'm sorry, this anger isn't directed at you.  Your just the messenger.  Send it up asap.


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