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Newish player, not sure how to handle keybindings..


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My "go to" setup is;

Bar 1: 1 through 8


Bar3: Shift 1 through 8

However this game is different than any other MMO I've played, in that Shift + A S D Q W E still register as "movement" even though the movement keys are set as W A S D Q E and not Shift + W A S D Q E...  With those 6 now off limits for some reason, it pretty much blows away my remaining 4.

So now I'm wondering, how am I expected to have my hotbars set up?  Obviously 1 through 8 is still fine, as is Shift 1 through 8, but there are a lot more skills in this game!


What is everyone else using for hotkey setups?..

Also, another question;

How do I use the autorun key without having to completely stop my character?  Right now if I press it while moving, it doesn't do anything.  I have to stop moving completely, then press it, and then it works.  Help!

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