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Disconnections every 5 min!!!


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(Is this the right subforum? I don't see Technical Discussion) I've been suffering severe disconnections since the night of Wednesday Dec 13, 2017 - not right after maintenance but later.  They never stop since that. I called a master from my provider yesterday - he said the router works fine, everything is OK. Maybe it's on my computers, on my wires, in the game? I play on 2 computers. The provider is called MGTS, I live in Moscow Russia. The connection is fiber optic, 200 MBit/sec, rather good, but such thing began to happen with Aion recently :( 2 long 8-thread wires go from the router to my computers, together, along the walls. I didn't move my furniture on that night when the bad connection began. What should I do? Try another provider? Try other wires? Is it in Aion?

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