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Cradle of Eternity BuG?

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3 hours ago, XYZX-TM said:

If you touch the campaign quest elyos/asmo npc on the way to typhon it will not give you double loot also doing the malachite/sun quartz box may also bug it so skip these 3 things and you will get double loot.

You can do malachite/sun quartz box, just don't touch the elyos/asmo NPC. That's how me and my legionmates did and we still get double loot.

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Another quirk with the asmo/elyos mobs is they do fight each other, and can kill each other over time. So you're kind of on a timer for the boss fight (like 50 mins before they finish fighting or something). You can taunt and reset them if you end up wiping and/or taking to long on the boss fight.

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