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Aion 5.8 - Heart of Frost Patch Notes


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  • Daeva

Hi everyone!

Moving forward, we will be posting patch notes as forum threads. I had really hoped to get this one out this morning, but time constraints and some forum formatting trickery made it more convenient to publish the PDF like we have in the past. Enjoy!



Aion 5.8 – Heart of Frost Patch Notes



1. The Divine Fortress has returned.

fglh6jK.jpg     TKqBscr.jpg

After Ereshkigal disappeared from Drakenspire Depths, the Divine Fortress was sealed with a frozen barrier. As soon as the Incarna resurrected Ereshkigal, the area around the Divine Fortress began to change. Both Asmodians and Elyos prepared weapons to break through the ice seal and brought their frigates to attack the Divine Fortress.

- The Divine Fortress is located at the Abyss Core in the center of Reshanta. It can be reached by flying.

- The siege works the same as other fortresses. It occurs at 9PM on Saturdays.

- Rewards for the battle are Spinel Medals, Fragmented Spinel and equipment purification materials and are based on participation.

- Added assembly areas for each race at the entrance to the Core. These areas are the only places Coalition Kisks can be placed.



Redeemer’s Wing Advance Base

Omen’s Herald Advance Base

- Holding all three Upper Abyss forts will enable a siege cannon that can be used during the Divine Fortress siege.

- Holding all 5 artifacts in the Core will allow the gate to be destroyed faster.

- Other useful items and NPCs have been added to assist in gate destruction.

- Players cannot fly during the Divine Fortress siege.

Gliding is still possible.

2. The siege schedule has been changed slightly in order to make room for Evergale Canyon. The sieges highlighted in yellow have been changed.

Server Time

















Wealhtheow's Keep






Lower Abyss










Dredgion Defense

Lower Abyss

Lower Abyss

Lower Abyss

Lower Abyss

Lower Abyss











Upper Abyss










Krotan, Miren


Kysis, Miren


Divine Fortress









3. Fissure of Oblivion entries that are added with Landing reinforcement level 5 will now be reset every day at midnight

4. Improved the algorithm for participation during sieges so characters will gain participation even if they do not directly gain AP during the siege, as long as other members of their alliance are gaining AP. This primarily affects healers and lower damage classes.

5. Rather than reliably appearing after a certain number of sieges, the Protector Spirits in the Upper Abyss now have a random chance to appear after each siege.

6. Greatly decreased the HP of the Protector Spirits in the Upper Abyss as well as the monsters it summons.

7. Reduced the number of monsters protecting the Upper Abyss forts.

8. Removed capture limit information from fortress tooltips, as Balaur now recapture them before every siege.

9. Added an alert message in the center of the screen when a siege is won or lost.

10. Changed the buff effect granted to the weaker race if one race continuously occupies the fort.

11. Changed the number of Landing reinforcement points gained for killing the commanders of each fort in the Abyss.

12. All captured forts and artifacts, as well as Landing reinforcement levels, have been reset for this update.

13. Increased the duration of Summon: Battlefield Kisk and its cooldown.

14. The Balaur that attack the command tower and leader during the Upper Abyss sieges will no longer spawn.

15. Added a path that allows players to teleport from the Abyss Core to the Divine Fortress.

16. Fixed an issue where the occupying legion for Kaldor and lower Abyss fortresses were shown in the UI and as a message.

17. Fixed an issue where the Balaur commander sometimes did not spawn during the Upper Abyss sieges.



Frozen Monolith

1. Added the Frozen Monolith instance.

JgkJTmA.jpg     YFreMxr.jpg

The Frozen Monolith is a defensive fortification in the sky above Divine Fortress, guarded by Brigade General Nergal. Theorized to be a conduit for Ereshkigal’s influence, the Daevas are determined to destroy it.

- Can be entered via the Frigate Boarding Devices at Redemption Landing (Elyos) or Harbinger’s Landing (Asmodians) in the Upper Abyss.

Group Size


Entry Count Reset

Entry Count



Wednesday 9AM



Mirash Sanctum

2. Added the Mirash Sanctum instance.

1jpRLfc.jpg     nE7YDSX.jpg

Elyos and Asmodian scouts have discovered a series of secret chambers deep beneath the Divine Fortress. Within, they have found the Harvesters using a magic ritual to revive Ereshkigal’s fallen soldiers. Unless the ritual is stopped, Ereshkigal’s soldiers will return endlessly.

- The faction that controls Divine Fortress can enter from inside the fort.

- The faction that does not control Divine Fortress can enter from a secret door outside the fort.

Group Size


Entry Count Reset

Entry Count



Wednesday 9AM



Other Instance Changes

3. Fixed various issues with season ranking, and re-enabled season ranking.

- All seasons have been initialized to start on 1/10.

4. The Barracks and Hidden Barracks instances in the Upper Abyss can no longer be accessed.

5. Made some changes to Trials of Eternity.

- Decreased the potency of Ganesh’s damage reflection.

- Greatly decreased Boliag’s HP.

- Greatly decreased the HP of the Netherworld Parasite Ramphis that Boliag summons.

- Decreased the HP of Heart of Boliag.

- Changed the despawn time for some monster corpses.

- Fixed an issue where some debuffs from the Ganesh fight would not be removed after the battle ends.

- Fixed an issue where the Heart of Boliag would not respawn.

- Fixed an issue where Ganesh’s Obelisk sometimes does not use its reflection spell.

6. Made some changes and fixed some issues regarding Evergale Canyon.

- Added an altar inside the base where players can revive after dying in battle.

When a player is resurrected at the altar, they receive a barrier buff for 30 seconds.

From the altar, players can move to the back of the base, which is a neutral area where they cannot be attacked.

- If a player leaves before the end of the battle, they cannot re-enter for 60 minutes.

This waiting time does not apply to players who exit normally or those who exit by being kicked from their alliance.

- Rewards have been increased. Additional rewards are available for players with more than 4000 points.

- Lowered the stats of the monsters inside the instance.

- The amount of points attainable is now capped at 8000.

- Made changes to spawn requirements and other aspects of boss monsters.

Monster Name



Corrupt Bagatur

Appears 8 minutes after start

Respawns 8 minutes after defeating it

No longer drops items.

The faction that kills it receives a buff.

Furtive Kaisan

Appears if there are more than 37 players

Respawns 3 minutes after defeating it

Increased the amount of War Points received when defeated


Point reward now scales with number of captured core fragments.


Point reward now scales with number of captured core fragments.

- The sales NPC that could be summoned with War Points at the beginning is no longer available. The items have been moved elsewhere.

- Fixed an issue where the Guardian/Archon Detachment Leader did not appear in the cutscene.

- Fixed a client crash.

7. Made some changes in the Arena of Chaos, Chaos Training Grounds and Arena of Glory.

- Tripled the points gained for round 3 kills in the Arena of Chaos and Chaos Training Grounds.

- Quadrupled the points gained for round 3 kills in the Arena of Glory.

- Halved the points deducted when a high placed character dies in round 3.

Instanced Dungeons

Affected Places

Arena of Chaos / Training Grounds

1st or 2nd Place Characters

Arena of Glory

1st Place Characters

- Removed the mark above a higher ranking character during round 3 to prevent targeting/griefing.

8. Made some changes to Bastion of Souls.

- The Hideous Cold skill of the final boss will now activate instantly if a player leaves the party or logs out.

- Improved the reward for completing the side missions within 15 minutes.

9. Made some changes to Adma’s Fall, Theobomos Test Chamber, Drakenseer’s Lair and Fallen Poeta.

- Decreased party size to 3 (from 6) for all four instances.

- Changed the conditions for the boss monster to appear.

Three summoning stones appear in the boss room. Each character must stand at a different stone to summon the boss.

- Lowered the stats of monsters in the instance.

- Changed some of the combat patterns for the boss monsters and skill effects.

- Changed the entry level for Drakenseer’s Lair and Fallen Poeta.




Drakenseer's Lair



Fallen Poeta




10. Made some changes to Arena of Tenacity/Grand Arena of Tenacity so they cannot be abused.

- If a player leaves during a match, the character’s score is reset.

- If the whole group leaves the Grand Arena of Tenacity during a battle, that group’s score is reset.

12. Made some changes regarding Crucible Spire.

- Added the Victor’s Golden Wings as a season reward for the highest rank of each class.

- Added an exclusive life serum that restores 6000 HP, which can be obtained from a chest after entering.

- Added some regular monsters to floors 20, 24, and 28.

- Changed Modor’s visual skill effects and combat patterns on floor 40.

- Changed the casting time for regular monsters.

- Added new monsters, and changed the locations of some other monsters.

- Added confirmation steps when the Crucible Spire is reset and the player can select between the first and last floors.

- Changed some monster animations.

- Removed some monster titles.

- Positive buffs will now be removed when entering the Crucible Spire.

13. Fixed some bugs in Crucible Spire.

- Fixed an issue where Modor’s Vengeful Orb and Malicious Ice Storm skills could be avoided by staying in a safe zone.

- Fixed an issue where death visual effects were not shown when killing monsters.

- Fixed an issue where the Crucible Spire could not be completed correctly in some cases.

- Fixed an issue where an incorrect system message displayed after completing Crucible Spire.

- Fixed an issue where some items obtained in Crucible Spire did not show system messages.

- Fixed an issue where the transformation on floors 17 and 18 could be maintained by leaving the instance.

- Fixed an issue where the defense artifact explosion on floor 34 was not activated.

- Fixed an issue where characters could fall below the map when fighting certain monsters on floors 33, 34 and 35.

- Fixed an issue where some monsters would not use their skills in certain situations.

- Fixed an issue where some monsters’ CC effects would not activate the Remove Shock skill.

14. Increased the XP given by monsters in the Fissure of Oblivion by 50%.

15. [Friend Management – Search] can no longer be used in Arenas or Training Grounds.

16. The Grand Arena of Tenacity now uses 8 teams instead of 16 per instance. The tournament now has 3 rounds instead of 4.

17. Added a door to regroup when a player dies during an Arena of Tenacity match.

- Doors appear for both factions upon death and each faction can return to the fight after 5 seconds.

18. Fixed an issue where death visual effects were not shown when killing monsters in Fissure of Oblivion.

19. Fixed an issue where the Archdaeva skill UI did not show the cooldown time in the Fissure of Oblivion.

20. Reduced the group size for Padmarashka’s Cave from 48 to 12, and decreased Padmarashka’s stats to compensate.

21. Fixed an issue where the door inside the Eternal Bastion could sometimes not be destroyed.

22. Fixed an issue where rewards for battlefield-type instances were not given out correctly.



1. Added Stigma set effects. The Stigma UI has been changed to accommodate this.


- Added a tooltip that allows the player to check the set effect info below the Stigma window.


- Stigma Set Effects are activated when all equipped Stigmas are charged to at least a certain level. The effect is removed if the requirements are not met.

2. Changed the successful enchantment message that is shown in the current location if a Stigma charging is successful with +9 or more.

3. Modified the acquisition level for the Cleric’s Ripple of Purification level 2 skill from 59 to 49.

4. Fixed an issue where the Ranger’s Blazing Trap damage remained the same after a certain interval.



1. Fixed a bug where some invasion mobs in certain regions of Norsvold could not be attacked.

2. Modified some topography in the following areas:

Changed Topography

Crucible Spire

Bastion of Souls

Trials of Eternity



3. Increased the time the rift for Iluma/Norsvold invasions stays active.

4. Deleted structures and fences in Pandaemonium Plaza.

5. Fixed an issue where some windstreams in Cygnea and Enshar could not be used.

6. Fixed an issue where some merchant sound effects can be heard even after leaving the merchant.



1. Added 5 new minions.



Skill Name

Skill Effect

Summoning Effect



Splendor of Restoration

 - Recovers user's HP.

Physical - Increases HP, Attack, Accuracy, Crit Strike

Magical - Increases HP, Crit Spell, Magic Boost and Magical Accuracy

Transformation: Old Friend

 - Transforms and increases stats for 30 seconds



Shocking Repeat Fire

 - Single target damage. Deals additional damaged to stunned targets.

Miserable Struggle

 - Single target damage and stun. Empowers next skill.



Energy Discharge

 - Reduces target's MP and deals AOE magic damage.

Ide Aetheric Field

 - Recovers user's HP, removes status effects and grants defensive buff.



Cold Storm

 - Single target damage.

Physical - Increases HP, Attack, Crit Strike

Magical - Increases HP, Magic Boost and Magical Accuracy

Deep Wound

 - Single target damage, slow and damage over time.



Pulverizing Attack

 - Magic attack on target and targets around it

Furious Outburst

 - Magic attack on target and targets around it, chance to stumble.


2. Stat point boosts for minions have been increased, and minion stats will now go up when the Minion Point gauge reaches 50% and 100%, rather than just 100%.

3. Some minion skill effects have been changed.


Added skill effects


 Increased PvE/PvP damage 


 Increased PvE/PvP damage 

 [Tear Space] 

 Resistance against Silence, Bind, Sleep, Fear, Paralyze, and Shock increased by 700 for 8s.

 Increases Move/Flight Speed

 [Enhanced Tear Space] 

 Increases all resistances against abnormal states by 1,000, increases movement/flight speed.

4. Reduced the fee for each sacrificial minion when upgrading a minion.


Previous Cost

Changed fees

A Grade

1,800,000 Kinah

500,000 Kinah

B Grade

1,000,000 Kinah

300,000 Kinah

C Grade

500.000 Kinah

100,000 Kinah


5. Increased the chance of contracting a grade C or higher minion with the Cute Minion Contract.

6. Increased the Minium gained from Iluma and Norsvold invasions.

7. Minion skill effects are no longer affected by the casting character’s stats.

8. Fixed an issue where the Seiren minion’s harp was too large.

9. Fixed an issue where minion functions would not resume correctly when performing some actions while mounted.

10. Minions can now be summoned and dismissed while flying.

11. Characters can now use minions starting at level 10.

- Characters will receive minion skill points after the update starting at level 10.

- Minion contracts have had their level restrictions reduced to level 10 (from 66).

12. Greatly decreased the amount of Minium required to evolve B and C grade minions.

13. Added a Lesser Minion Contract reward to Fissure of Oblivion.

14. Fixed an issue where warning messages for some evolved minion growth materials were not shown.

15. Added sound effects for some minions.

16. Fixed an issue where item usage by minions was not reflected in real time.



1. Added Divine Soul Healing.


- Divine Soul Healing is the same as regular Soul Healing, but will also fully restore a character’s HP and MP for an additional Kinah cost.


- If XP cannot be restored, Divine Soul Healing cannot be used.

2. Decreased the XP needed to increase Aetherforging proficiency. This change is not retroactive to previously gained levels.

3. Leaving a windstream no longer extends flight cooldown time.

- Characters can fly again immediately if their cooldown recovers completely before leaving the windstream. If the cooldown is still in effect, no addition time will be added.

4. Fixed an issue where HP was reset when changing weapons through the button on the Profile panel.

5. Fixed an issue where Idian stats would be applied incorrectly under certain circumstances.

6. Fixed an issue where when a Gunslinger closes their private store, the Pistol equipped in their right hand slot takes longer than normal to display.

7. Made the resting/normal animations for the female [Motion Card] Skating item more natural.



1. Improved the Atreian Bestiary.


- Added a Bookmark tab that will automatically hide itself if empty. Add bookmarks by clicking the star icon in the upper right hand corner of the monster portrait.

- When a new entry is unlocked, a sparkly frame effect will show.

- The Elyos/Asmodian selector has been removed and all areas show on the same page.

- Added monsters for several Archdaeva instances to the Atreian Bestiary.

- Instance bookmarks are divided by region and have their own colors and pictures.

- Clicking [Show Location] will now show all habitats, rather than the nearest location.


2. Changed the look of the Atreian Passport.


3. Added colors to the chat menu.

- When entering a chat message, the player can select […] and change the color, which will then be reflected in dialog, alerts, orders and channel chatting.

- When the color is updated, the change will apply to past messages as well.

4. The group leader will now be highlighted in chat.

- A golden crown icon will be shown left of the character name.

- If leadership changes, the icon disappears.

Group Type

Highlighted Target

Highlighted Message Types



Alerts, all chats, whispering


Alliance Leader

Alerts, all chats, whispering


League Leader

Union alerts, alerts, all chats, whispering


Coalition Leader

Coalition alerts, Union alerts, alerts, all chats, whispering


5. Changed some the UI and messaging in the Arenas and Training Grounds.

- Character names are now shown as “Trainee?” on the rank information and the intermediate result pages for the Arena of Chaos/Training Grounds and the Arena of Glory, instead of that trainee’s number.

- Removed class icons from the intermediate results page. This page will now sort by ranking.

6. If a player joins a group (Party/Alliance/League/Coalition) or the group status changes, a message for that group will be shown.

7. Changed the artifact icon to be more visible on the map.





8. Fixed an issue where the character image in the reward window after completing a floor of the Crucible Spire was covered.

9. Fixed an issue where the skill icon for the Ancient Archdaeva after transforming in the Fissure of Oblivion was blinking every second for 30 seconds.

10. Each group’s number will now be shown when joining an Alliance/League/Coalition.

11. Added a “View Rank” button so players can check their season rankings and rewards for the Hall of Tenacity, Grand Hall of Tenacity and Arena of Discipline.

12. Fixed some text of the item tooltips that appear when an item link is clicked in the chat window.

13. Fixed an issue where minion icons assigned to the quickbar would sometimes disappear.

14. Changed the asterisk map icons for Iluma/Norsvold invasion so they will remain on the map rather than disappearing when the invasions are not active.



1. Added Spinel Coins and equipment that can be purchased with them.

- Spinel Coin merchants are located in Iluma and Norsvold at the Sanctuaries.

qxhYuef.jpg     Sfi7EdS.jpg

2. Added new exclusive Archdaeva equipment that is immune to destruction via enchantment failure.

- One set can be obtained by purifying Harvester gear from Bastion of Souls, and one can be obtained by purifying Spinel Coin gear to its highest form.

- This equipment cannot be traded. A single wrapping charge is added at enchantment level 25 (tempering level 10 for accessories), but cannot be re-added even if the equipment reaches that threshold a second time.

- When enchantment fails, it follows the following pattern:

Enchant Stage Attempt

Failure Penalty


- 1 stage


Back to stage 10


Back to stage 15

Above 20

Back to stage 20


3. Added new equipment, new item categories, and new recipes to Aetherforging.

4. Lowered some Aetherforging requirements.

- Decreased required quantities of some materials.

- Decreased the recrafting time for Diogenite and Magic Dimension Stones.

- Changed some requirements for the pet egg crafting list to automatic acquisition.

- Increased the critical chance for activation for some crafting lists.

5. Added recipes for Greater Supplements (Fabled/Eternal) to Alchemy and Greater Supplements (Mythic) to Aetherforging).

- The Alchemy recipes can be purchased from Alchemy merchants in the capital cities or housing zones.

6. Heroic grade (blue) and below items can no longer be used in the following functions:

Removed Functions for Heroic Grade Items


Omega Enchanting

Manastone Socketing/Removal

Godstone Socketing




Soul Binding Release

Armsfusion/Armsfusion Removal





7. Equipment chests from the Archives of Eternity and Cradle of Eternity now stack up to 100 per stack.

8. Fixed an issue where some Pistols would receive PvE defense instead of attack at enchantment level 17.

9. Fixed an issue where ranged Provenance weapons could not have their appearances changed.

10. Fixed an issue where the Modify/Enchant window would not open under rare circumstances.

11. Changed some of the rewards for Sky Island invasions.

12. Fixed an issue where Berdin’s Favor would be consumed even if players did not receive additional XP because they had reached a level limit – for example, maxing level 65 before becoming an Archdaeva.

13. Fixed an issue where Essence Cores could sometimes not be equipped.

14. Fixed an issue where the fees for item modification/enchanting were not actually deducted.

15. Fixed an issue where the appearance of items could not be changed under certain circumstances.

16. Fixed an issue where some items could not be dyed.

17. Premium Magic Suppression Scroll and Fine Crit Strike Scroll can now be used together and both scrolls’ effects will be applied.

18. Fixed an issue where some outfits had incorrect appearances in combat stance.

19. Increased the Healing Boost stat on some of the Holy Apollon and Harvester armor sets, and added Healing Boost to the mace weapons of both sets.

20. Skill skins can now be applied to Archdaeva versions of skills.

- Using a Skill Skin card will automatically unlock the Archdaeva version of the skin as well.

- Characters who had previously unlocked the skin will receive the Archdaeva version automatically.

21. Changed the items for the Atreian Passport.

22. Increased the drop chance for some crafting materials dropped by monsters.

23. Fixed the casting speed stat points for Harvester’s Orb/Spellbook/Harp.

24. Changed some rewards for Adma’s Fall, Theobomos Test Chamber, Drakenseer’s Lair and Fallen Poeta.

25. Some items in Evergale Canyon have been changed so they share a cooldown.



1. Added normal and campaign quests for Mirash Sanctum and Frozen Monolith.

2. Added missions for the Abyss Core and Divine Fortress.

3. Added minion quests that can be obtained at level 10.

4. Added quests that give Spinel Coins as rewards.

5. Added quests that give equipment purification materials as rewards.

6. Added daily quests for Iluma and Norsvold that give Minium as a reward.

7. Deleted quests for the Upper Abyss barracks instances, which were removed.

8. Modified some aspects of the Trials of Eternity so they correspond to the actual quests.

9. Greatly increased the XP for the daily quests “[Daily] Protect the Ancient Temple of Life” (Elyos) and “[Daily] Protect the Ruins” (Asmodian).

10. Changed the completion NPC of the quest “These Shoes are Made for Stalking” from Siaqua to Sulinia.

11. Changed the number of times the Evergale Canyon quest can be repeated, and the minimum level.

12. Deleted the previous large invasion Daeva quest, and added a new quest.

13. Fixed an issue where characters below level 45 could not do the Elyos quest “Kinah-Digging Daughter.”

14. Changed the grade of the quest item “Completed Records of Life” from common to fabled.

15. Fixed an issue where the daily quests for the Alabaster Order and Field Wardens that dealt with the Inggison and Gelkmaros fortresses did not disappear.

- If a player obtained the quest before this patch, they need to abandon it and obtain a new daily association quest.

16. Modified the regions and quest steps for some of the level 65 Daevanion quests.

17. Changed the quest steps of “Aiding General Giscours” and “Pontekane’s Plight” in the Upper Abyss.

18. Increased the XP for instanced dungeon repeat quests and changed the reward items.

Target Instanced Dungeons


Adma’s Fall
Theobomos Test Chamber
Drakenseer’s Lair
Fallen Poeta

Increased XP for repeatable quests
Changed recommended level
Changed quest rewards

Bastion of Souls
Archives of Eternity
Cradle of Eternity
Trials of Eternity
Fissure of Oblivion

Increased XP for repeatable quests


19. Increased some quest rewards and XP for quests in Iluma/Norsvold.

20. Changed some weekly repeated infiltration/protection quests in Iluma/Norsvold.

21. Decreased the difficulty of some hunting quests in Iluma/Norsvold.

22. Fixed an issue where players could not share League quests if they were in a League.

23. Changed the contents of the Asmodian mission “Caryatid of Abyss.” Once the character reaches the required level, they can carry out the quest.

24. Fixed an issue where the Elyos mission “Not Blinded by Vengeance” in Verteron could not be carried out.

25. Modified the sharing range for some quests at the Evergale Canyon to League Range.

Evergale Canyon Quests


[Instanced Dungeon/Group] Eliminating Mutated Ancient Creatures

[Instanced Dungeon/above 37 Players] A Fragment Fallen At The Anvil


[Instanced Dungeon/Group] Stopping The Mutated Ancient Creatures

[Instanced Dungeon/above 37 Players] A Fragment That Appeared At The Anvil



1. Changed the schedule for intermediate and large Sky Island invasions.

- Intermediate invasions occur every hour between 12PM (noon) and 1AM the next day in Iluma/Norsvold.

- Large invasions always happen Saturday and Sunday at 7PM. Intermediate invasions will not occur at these times.


Invasion Frigate

Infiltration Corridor

Saturday 7 PM



- Elyos combat frigate invasion

- Infiltration Corridor

Sunday at 7pm



- Asmodian combat frigate invasion

- Infiltration Corridor

The old random mechanics will no longer start intermediate or large invasions.

- Fixed an issue where the Kenovikan and Tetran bosses would not spawn.

- Reduced the stats of the Transport/Carrier and the invasion monsters.

- The 2 minute standby time now begins when the Transport/Carrier summons invasion monsters.

- Invasion monsters now disappear after 45 minutes.

2. Added Blessed Totem NPCs to Mirash Sanctum and Frozen Monolith for Prestige Pack users.

3. Changed the combat patterns for Lady Karemiwen in Adma’s Fall.

4. Fixed an issue where the afterimage of some killed monsters would be selectable.

5. Fixed an issue where some animation NPCs gossip was not shown in the Trials of Eternity.

6. Fixed an issue where some guard NPCs did not recognize Elyos characters.



1. Fixed an issue where some character names were displayed oddly in the Relationship Crystal.



1. Pets can now be summoned and dismissed while flying.

2. Changed some icons and colors of pets that can be obtained through Aetherforging.



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